Habs show heart

If you Habs fans watched the game the other night you probably witnessed what I did, a team that was put at a disadvantage by a terrible call by a veteran referree Don Koharski, when Armstrong dropped his gloves, punched Sheldon Souray twice, and then after being pummeled, got away without even a minor penalty, while Souray ended up kicked out of the game and left his team shorthanded for much of the second period. The Habs who cannot comment on the refereeing for fear of being fined or suffering the wrath of the referees on the following games cannot say anything, I however, can say whatever I want!.
The call was one of the worst of the entire season and will hopefully keep Kowharski from refereeing any of the Habs games in the postseason. I have noticed that a lot of referees in the N.H.L. seem to have a hatred of this team, are they all born in the Toronto area ? why is it whenever we are ahead by a couple of goals against Toronto they seem to get powerplays like 5 on 3’s until they are ahead, or back in the game. Well I am about to tell you the obvious, now listen to this. The League does not want this team to keep winning, most of the refs hate this team, and we are playing at a disadvantage from the drop of the puck nearly every single game that we play. Believe what you wish, but I say, the N.H.L. has a long way to ga to achieve a level playing field. HabsFan67