Habs Slump

Due to the fact of a nonstopping slump, me being a montreal fan and will continue and never give up on my habs….I think the best descision for our situation would be for us to drop the rest or atleast a few of our upcoming games. This will cause our place in the race for the cup to drop and we will have a better draft choice! This may not seem to be the best for the player with their point totals but it may be the best for the team, im open to hear opinions and like I say I am a habs fan and will stand to be through any situation.

2 Responses to Habs Slump

  1. the_purolator_guy says:

    yeah i’m sure the people who spend there hard earned money to fill the bell center every night will love to see there team sand bag for a better draft pick. I’m a hugh fan also but come on, really? Especially with the leafs coming next saturay. These guys should be playing like there jobs depend on it cause for some of them it probably does.

  2. bigscoup says:

    Were not out yet…..call me a diehard…..but its about pride to wear the jersey… as a fan i want to see my team work hard every night i no they may not win..but to throw in the towel IS NOT in this fab fans vocb

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