Habs Standings???

Ok, this is purely one man’s opinion, some may agree, most won’t, but it’s an opinion. Now, I’ve heard it all. Sens will net 120 points. Leafs will run away with the division and win the President’s Trophy. The Rangers will break the Habs single season point record of 132 points. The Pens will be a dynasty for the next 5-10 years. Do I buy any of it? No, i think it’s all a load of crap because their are just too many arguments against all of that. Sens usually do have great seasons but they also do go through many stretches where they just can’t buy a game. Leafs have never won a President’s Trophy and haven’t won a division title in God knows how long. Rangers just tried to buy their play off birth, much like they did from 1997-2004, and we all know the results of that. Pens shot themselves in the foot by signing Crosby for 9 million because it’ just gonna make Malkin want more because we all know how greedy Russian hockey players are. But seriously, do i know what’s gonna happen? NO. No one does. You can’t predict a season at anytime before March because ANYTHING can happen. Now, do i think the teams mentioned above will do good. YES. But that’s it, they’ll do good. The rest lies on injuries, slumps, one-year wonders, etc. Hell, for all we, as fans know, those teams may miss the play offs! Everyone predicted Philly last year to win or challenge for the division and look what happend their. Just thought I’d get that out of the way.

Now onto my main point, and since I’m a Habs fan, my main point’s the Habs because frankly, I don’t watch other teams games very often, like I’ll turn it to the odd TSN game featuring Nashville or San Jose or I’ll tune into the Leafs when the intermission starts on Habs games, because, I hate intermission and i like Don Cherry. Anyhow, the point I’d like to address is the Habs and their placement come March. I know i went on a rant to start off this article but hear me out, this isn’t, i repeat, this ISN’T a prediction.

Now, I hate hearing how everyone predicts the Habs to finish 4th or 5th in the North East and 13th or lower in the East. Well, go ahead, say whatever tickle’s your fancy because you and I both know, that we don’t know how the year will unfold. But you know what, the Habs HAVE the talent to challenge for the division, they proved it last year by going win for win with Buffalo through the first half. Yeah losing Souray will hurt a lot but you know what, losing him opens a door for another to take his place. Hockey is all about opportunities, and it’s those who take advantage of those oppurtunities, that succeed. Souray took advantage of Montreal’s weak PP in 2003 and made himself an elite PP specialist. Now, I’m not 100% sure if Montreal really was weak on the PP in 03, but I’m saying he took advantage of an opening Montreal had. Montreal also has the talent to fall to the depths everyone predicts them to fall. Do I want that to happen? HELLS NO. Am I optimistic? Yes. Am I also fairly realistic? Yes. Where do I see Montreal finishing this year? I have no clue and neither does anyone else. I’m not gonna tell anyone what to do because frankly, I have no control over anyone but my own self-being. So go ahead, predict Montreal to finish 30th for all I care. We’ll see who’s right come April and the standings are final. We’ll see if Montreal finishes in a play off spot. We’ll see if Montreal wins a high draft pick for the Draft. Hell, we’ll see if Toskala guides Toronto to the finals.