Habs/Lightning Clinch

It is official, the Habs and the Lighting are in the playoffs. Hartley and the Thrashers lost a heart breaker tonight to the Caps who were completely out played but due to poor goaltending by Dunham were beat where it counts.

Now all that is left is to see positioning as almost every spot in the east is up for grabs, the Sens and Canes are fighting for first, Jersey is fighting for first with Philly and the Rangers, Montreal and TB are fighting for 7th. Should make for an interesting night tomorrow. I for one, even though i am a Habs fan, don’t believe montreal can pull a win off tomorrow unless they come out and play a full 60 mins of deciplined hockey. Spending the majority of the game in the box is not going to help. The first minute of the game will probably tell the outcome. I feel that the Sens will beat NYR and Buffalo will sneak one by the ‘Canes making Ottawa 1st in the east.

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  1. jocool_88 says:

    Oh and just want to send congrats out to Crosby for getting his 100th tonight. Hats off to a fellow NS.

  2. 92-93 says:

    good for crosby.

    i am hoping that the Habs and Sens don’t meet in the first round so that the two canadian teams can face off against other teams instead of eliminating one another.

    as for the Kilger resigning – already addressed in the latest leaf post – a solid signing for under 900K per year average for 3 years (for a 17-goal guy, 3rd or 4th liner who can hit and go the net, not a bad signing at all). not many positives for the leafs right now, but signing Aubin and Kilger is a very small, small, but important first step.

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