Halak and the supposed Montreal/SanJose talks.

Rumors have it that Jaroslav Halak has threatened to leave Hamilton and play in Russia if Montreal does not trade him. I can see Halak fitting in on the San Jose roster just fine, but what would we get in return?

I say, for the interest of both teams, Ryder and Halak for Cheechoo and a pick. Both Ryder and Cheechoo have been off to slow starts and I think a change of scenery would bode well for both players and teams. Cheechoo would work quite well in Montreal with Koivu and Higgins. I still think we need to look at trading Grabovski as well…He has potential and there’s no place for him long term on the Habs roster.

Anyway, Just thought I’d put it out there.

Enjoy the season peoples, I know I am.

Go Habs Go!

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  1. LaFlanelle says:

    Wishful thinking!

    I will agree that Ryder needs to go this year. Let's face it: arbitration last year, arbitration this year (although settled before it went too far), Ryder is just biding his time until he becomes a UFA. So I believe that Gainey will move him sooner rather than later. But Ryder, even combined with Halak, is not worth Cheechoo… and certtainly not Cheechoo and a pick!

    What is your source about the "supposed Mtl/SJ talks" anyway? This is the first I hear of them since the beginning of the season…

  2. MtlHabs09 says:

    If you haven't heard of any Montreal Sanjose talks I don't know where you've been…
    But there's a erason why this article wasn't put on the main page, its ridiculous… Ryder and a 3rd string goalie for a Top 20-25 NHL forward?

  3. Drifter says:

    Oh I know that Cheechoo is much better than Ryder, but just look at his start this year. He's off to a horrible start. Also, there is no way Cheechoo is top 20-25 in the league. Not even close.

  4. justmisterp says:

    HAHA…. CHEECHOO TOP 20-25 forward!!!!ARE U CRAZY!!!!!!!!U *****IN IDIOT U KNOW NOTHIN ABOUT HOCKEY SUCK MY DICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. passionch says:

    If we look at their stats right now, this trade could go minus the pick IMO.  However, I think the Sharks will be patient with Cheechoo but he better be get some points up or something might actually happen come trade deadline.  I have him in my pool so he better not suck by the end of the year!

    Concerning the top 20-25, I'd say more top 60 because of his inconsistency like so many other players.

  6. MtlHabs09 says:

    Yeah, Ryder's off to a brilliant start guys, 6 points, take a look at that! Wooahhhh that trade's looking better and better. When was the last time a Habs player came close to the amount of goals scored by Cheechoo?

  7. AlainR says:

    The name was Stephane Richer…  Pls don't laugh.


  8. AlainR says:

    The name was Stephane Richer.

    Pls don't laugh!!!!!1


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