Hamhuis decision looms for Preds

Will they or won’t they?

Pre­da­tors gene­ral mana­ger David Poile says the big­gest deci­sion the team will make lea­ding up to the NHL’s March 3 tra­ding dead­line will be whether or not to move defen­se­man Dan Hamhuis.

Hamhuis’ con­tract expi­res at the end of June and the Preds’ chan­ces of re-signing him don’t look too good. So the team has to decide whether to try to get something for him at the dead­line, or whether to hold onto a key defen­se­man as the Preds make a run for the playoffs.

“We’ve had some dis­cus­sions in trying to sign Dan Hamhuis and also some over­tu­res into whether we’d trade Dan Hamhuis. So I think that kee­ping him or tra­ding him would be the most sig­ni­fi­cant thing we do at the dead­line,’’ Poile said from Van­cou­ver, where he’s ser­ving as Team USA’s asso­ciate gene­ral manager.

If the Preds do choose to move Hamhuis before the dead­line, Poile belie­ves the team would need to add a defen­se­man to the roster.

“Yeah, for sure,’’ Poile said. “I still feel that way.’’

That would see­mingly require a second trade, since it’s unli­kely a team acqui­ring Hamhuis would be dea­ling an expe­rien­ced defen­se­man at the same time.

As for the goa­lies, it doesn’t sound as if the Preds will be dea­ling either prior to the dead­line. Dan Ellis and Pekka Rinne could both become unres­tric­ted free agents at the end of June, and it’s likely the Preds would only re-sign one of the netminders.


4 Responses to Hamhuis decision looms for Preds

  1. dumbassdoorman says:

    They could very quietly be one of the busiest teams at the deadline if they decide to trade Hamhuis. It could cause a small domino affect with them. Leading to a few extra trades.

  2. reinjosh says:

    Ohhh. Ellis and Hamhuis now.
    Rinne just sighed a two year 6.8 million dollar deal which effectively chooses Rinne over Ellis. Although it's possible that Ellis is kept, I say the two get traded together for a scoring forward.

    I wonder if Washington jumps on this. They have the scoring and they need the goaltending and defenseive help. Maybe a Laich/Fleishcmann/Ferh plus a prospect and pick for the two?

    Or maybe a blockbuster deal with Philly to get Carter?

    I know I am just tossing stuff out there but with the Predators looking to get scoring, these two teams make the most sense. Washington could offer a sweet package and they have the chance to win now which would be the reason to get Ellis and Hamhuis (and Hamhuis could be resigned) or Philly could use the goaltender for next season and Hamhuis for now.

  3. reinjosh says:

    Oh and the two years makes a whole lot of sense for this team. They can't afford to pay a ton of money for people so while they give Rinne a chance to grow and get better, they also save time to allow Pickard, Dekanich or Lindback to become the next goalie to take over (most likely Pickard too). They need to look at not only the now but the future for this team.

    Look for a highly talented forward prospect or young scoring forward to be the asking price.

  4. dumbassdoorman says:

    BANG, I think you are right on. The preds have the goaltending and defence to make trades. Like I said earlier as well, one could cause a domino affect. They could also do seperate deals, as they have the necessary assets to do so.

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