Hartley Named Thrashers Head Coach


TFP was right all along about this, and they were the first. Not reliable? Think again…., these guys are more right than wrong.

(Jan. 14th) –- The Atlanta Thrashers have hired Bob Hartley as their new head coach Tuesday. Hartley, who replaces Curt Fraser, was fired less than a month ago by the Colorado Avalanche after a disappointing 10-8-9-4 start.

In just over 4 seasons with Colorado, the Thrashers new bench boss went 193-109-48 and he was the first NHL coach in 35 years to take a team to the conference final in his first four seasons

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  1. Islesfreak says:

    Let’s not go crazy about http://www.Fourthfabrication.com. I’ll be more impressed when they call something I didn’t already expect, like this Hartley hiring. What were there two candidates? Good guess!

  2. Tradedude says:

    ya okay, thx for posting it AGAIN!

  3. mikster says:

    Ok…they were first to report that it was either Hartley or Terry Murray before ANYONE else reported so. Why, did you expect Hartley would become Thrasher’s coach when TFP first reported it?

    Again, TFP reported first about many other things.

  4. mikster says:

    Well, now it’s official. And, i posted it because foolish and stupid comments were made about TFP.

    They deserve credit. They first reported it before anyone even thought of it. Respect that….

  5. Devilspector says:

    first who cares about the TFP junk. Second who replaceses the assistant coach.(why dosent Uwe Krupp retire and take over? And last do any of you think major moves are in the near future of the atlanta thrashers?

  6. cwhockey says:

    From what’s been told, Hartley will keep Steve Weeks behind the bench with him and no other assistant will be named for the remainder of the season. That is something that could possibly change in the near future, depending on Hartley’s assessment of the team and what they need.

    Doubtful that major moves will happen. Maybe quite a few minor ones, but nothing blockbuster I would think. Moves like McEachern and/or Kozlov being traded at the deadline are probably still a possibility. I guess some of this depends on what Hartley can do with the players he has now. Give him a little time, and you’ll get a better picture on some possible player movement.

  7. mikster says:

    Your comment is junk, TFP first reported it and their source was exactly right. What is so junk about that?

  8. cwhockey says:

    Everyone is just naturally leary of rumors they hear because many do turn out to be false. The story out of Quebec came out at pretty much the same time, possibly from the same set of sources. With his comments, Waddell kind of debunked the story and it was made to look a bit bad, something that tends to stick in people’s minds. I followed the story pretty close because it was my Thrashers, and I got the sense before any announcement that he was playing a game of smoke and mirrors. Hindsight says that he was playing that game. Whether he did or didn’t, he covered the angle’s well enough to cause doubt.

    True or not, these comments about TFP are somewhat annoying, but nothing to get worked up over.

  9. MantaRay says:

    I think Hartley is the right coach right now for such an undisciplined young team.

    But, he is not going to work miracles. Like Colorado (post Bourque) he has no defense to speak of and will not have Roy saving his team every night.

    Waddell should work the waiver wires and look for some good stay at home defensemen to back up Kaberle and devise a system that will allow them to stay in games and take advantage of their strong powerplay.

    Dafoe is not playing well enough, and not having a training camp has hurt him.

  10. Tradedude says:

    that’s what i said. ppl r saying TFP just posts imminent stuff. ppl don’t realize, that that’s a rumor site too.

  11. mikster says:

    “Dafoe is not playing well enough, and not having a training camp has hurt him.”

    Agent’s responsibility.

  12. Devilspector says:

    sorry mikster but what i meant was that i dont care either way or the other who is right and who is wrong. i just wanted people quit bickering about some website i have never heard of. And cwhockey i just wanted to tell you that i think you are cool for sticking with the thrashers. I am a big thrash fan myself, and i think hartley will be a good fit in atlanta. However i still wish mclaren could somehow become a thrasher,but i guess we will have to hope DW signs a big defenceman(Hatcher) this offseason.

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