Has Clarkey lost his mind?!?! Still looking to add defensemen?!?!

Tim Panaccio of the Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting Flyers General Manager Bob Clarke “conceded” he was unable to pry defenceman Mathieu Schneider from the LA Kings, instead settling for adding depth by obtaining Dmitri Yushkevich yesterday. Clarke stated if another deal for a defenceman can be made by the deadline, he’ll do it.

Another defenseman? Whaaa?? Desjardins, Ragnarsson, Therrien, Weinrich, Yushkevich, Johnsson, Vandermeer and Seidenberg. Let’s see: that equals eight good, solid defensemen. Hell most teams in the league don’t have three good solid D-men. Why do we need another when the Flyers obvious problem is lack of goal scoring? Is Phil Housley really gonna help a poweplay (regardless of a few good games lately) that can’t put the puck in net?

Why not target a Miroslav Satan or an Owen Nolan (if he’s not too seriously injured) or one of a plethora of available forwards available? To me this seems like madness. With Gagne and LeClair out, and no idea when they’ll come back or if they’ll be able to contribute once they do (anyone remember Gagne’s play before he was injured?) wouldn’t a high scoring forward make sence.

I realize defense and goaltending win games in the playoffs, but as evidenced by last years playoff debacle if you can’t score goals it doesn’t matter how well your defense plays. Sorry but Sammi Kappanen obviously isn’t the answer! Can someone, anyone please explain to me whats going on in Clarkey’s mind?