Has Clarkey lost his mind?!?! Still looking to add defensemen?!?!

Tim Panaccio of the Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting Flyers General Manager Bob Clarke “conceded” he was unable to pry defenceman Mathieu Schneider from the LA Kings, instead settling for adding depth by obtaining Dmitri Yushkevich yesterday. Clarke stated if another deal for a defenceman can be made by the deadline, he’ll do it.

Another defenseman? Whaaa?? Desjardins, Ragnarsson, Therrien, Weinrich, Yushkevich, Johnsson, Vandermeer and Seidenberg. Let’s see: that equals eight good, solid defensemen. Hell most teams in the league don’t have three good solid D-men. Why do we need another when the Flyers obvious problem is lack of goal scoring? Is Phil Housley really gonna help a poweplay (regardless of a few good games lately) that can’t put the puck in net?

Why not target a Miroslav Satan or an Owen Nolan (if he’s not too seriously injured) or one of a plethora of available forwards available? To me this seems like madness. With Gagne and LeClair out, and no idea when they’ll come back or if they’ll be able to contribute once they do (anyone remember Gagne’s play before he was injured?) wouldn’t a high scoring forward make sence.

I realize defense and goaltending win games in the playoffs, but as evidenced by last years playoff debacle if you can’t score goals it doesn’t matter how well your defense plays. Sorry but Sammi Kappanen obviously isn’t the answer! Can someone, anyone please explain to me whats going on in Clarkey’s mind?

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  2. titans says:

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  4. titans says:

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  5. Pokecheck89 says:

    unless they use the defensemen they get from trades to use in other trades to get high scoring, philly is gonna have a hard time picking there 6 guys to play d

  6. Leaf_Expert says:

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  7. titans says:

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  11. mikster says:

    They’ll get a forward, Clarkey isn’t stupid. I say Devs and Flyers will fight to get Amonte.

  12. titans says:

    Making me look stupid? Good lord son every time you start typing away you make yourself look like a fool. Have you read half the uninteligable crap you’ve written?

  13. titans says:

    Amonte?? No way!

    1. Clarke isn’t gonna take on his salary

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  14. Leaf_Expert says:

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  15. titans says:

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  16. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    well you’re wrong about two things, one “clarkey” is stupid, two phoenix will not trade amonte, and even if they do which they are not, “clarkey” won’t trade for him!

  17. Leaf_Expert says:

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  18. HOTROD17 says:

    I dont think they need another defenceman,i would like to see them maybe get another back up goalie. I dont have much confidence in Esche. Carolina sent Irbe to the minors,he would make a good backup for the playoffs and we seem to make alot of trades with Carolina. Not to go without saying that we need another scorer since we dont know whats going on with LeClair & Gagne. I thought LeClair was supposed to be playing by the end of February and have heard nothing lately of his return. im tired of seeing the money he gets every year and he dont play. Hope he goes at seasons end

  19. mikster says:

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  20. UsedandAbused says:

    Their lack of scoring wasn’t from a lack of talent. They have the scorers, they just have to produce. I think that if their is a better defenseman on the market, then they should go for it. By better I mean offensive. With LeClair and Gagne coming back I think Flyers have a real good chance at making it to the finals, its just a matter of them not choking in the playoffs. So far I think Clarkie has been doing the right thing. I don’t want to see anymore guys who are going to demand a high salary. The important thing is not to trade Gagne or Williams and to maintain our draft picks.

  21. NHL_expert says:

    its easy to forget that when this team was healthy, back in the first quater of the season, they were one of the best offensive teams, at some points they were even #1 in goals for, however injurys have taken their toll, and fortunatly for the flyers they play excellent D and their goaltending has been sound, so they have’nt slipped too much. If the flyers do add a top scorer and Leclair and Gagne can contribute the Flyers are a pretty scary good team, time will tell. I think the Devils will make a move and establish themselves as the team to beat in the east, their D is also outstanding and D wins cups in this day and age in the NHL, those glory days in Edmonton are long since gone, when will the NHL get rid of the 2 line pass? how great were those Olympic games!

  22. CrackerZack says:

    Irbe is one hell of an expensive backup tender. He’ll make more than cecko but a sizable margin no way clarke makes this move. Esche knows his role, and thats all you can ask from a backup.

  23. wieds says:

    There is a problem with getting rid of the two line pass in the NHL. The quality of players is far below that of the Olympics so the guys receiveing and making those passes will be far below those doing it in the olympics. Meaning that they won’t connect as often, meaning that this will result in alot more icing and will greatly slow down the tempo of the game.

  24. titans says:

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  25. aaron says:

    Mikster, can you ban LeafExpert just for being an unbelievable idiot? Those were the stupidest comments I have ever read, at least since the last time he posted something. Seriously kid, shut up. You’re really frickin’ stupid.

  26. NemiNA says:


  27. dirtycash says:

    Leaf Expert, i dont know if you know this but you sound like a dildo..flapping your gums with some bullshit reggae song..bro if you want to argue with people then do it in aol chat rooms..jerkoff

  28. dirtycash says:

    leaf expert, i dont know if you know this but you sound like a dildo..flapping your gums with some bullshit reggae song..if you want to argue with people you should do it in aol chat rooms…jerkoff

  29. Rico71 says:


    He’s too stupid to notice it man…

  30. orlandomac says:

    I would rather see the icings than the trap.

    The neutral zone congestion makes for a choppy hockey game, I also believe the passing won’t be that bad.

    Even players I play with in Shinny can tape to tape, I don’t think the level goes down in the NHL. I think the coverage gets better.

  31. allenbo says:

    I heard on an interview yesterday with the big #10 that he is returning to the ice for game action this Saturday night against Colorado. Gagne is also to return on that date but he may have to wait until mid next week. That was the latest.

  32. Enchilada says:

    Maybe Clarke is trying to corner the market on Defensemen? And if you really look at it he really has ten d-men if you add in Woywitka and Pitkanen so he will probally end up dealing out one of his veteran’s like Weinrich, Ragnarsson or therien in some kind of package to get a forward from someone.

  33. nocuphere says:

    Of course he is still looking for a D-man….As you can see from the stats, the flyers still need a PP anchor….Yusky is a good reliable defenseman, but isn’t going to pad the pp stats…The flyers need a mobile D-man….They should have left Yusky alone and went after Schneider or Zhitnik, someone that can work the point on the pp.

  34. matteo says:

    This deal was a stroke of genius. Clarkie stol Yuskevic from LA without taking a player away from the Flyers Roster. What that does is free up a defenseman to be included in another deal…please let it be Therien.

    Clarkie was quoted in the Philly papers today as saying that he tried to go after Schneider, but couldn’t get him. So, he went for what was available and got a solid, hard hitting defenseman to fill the void left by Richardson and McGillis. It makes perfect sense. Now he can package another defenseman in a deal…..especially since everyone is looking for veteran defenseman this year before the deadline.

    Great move Clarkie…..

  35. DG says:

    What does Sean Paul have to do with this article?


  36. DG says:

    You’re treading water now.



  37. DG says:

    Careful with your word use.



  38. DG says:

    Oh, and Leaf_Expert, please stay on topic with the articles. You’re creating a flamefest that isn’t necessary.



  39. bender says:

    I heard rumors that Ragnarsson was just trade bait, when they traded him for (tear)McGillis and Seidenberg can play forward or Defense so that gives Hitchcock an option.

    Although stocking up on D men is really strange for Bobby, also considering the Flyers have Pitkanen and Woywitka, though Woywitka is great trade bait.

    I think the Flyers have a pretty good team and I’m not really worried about what Clarke’s doing, as long as he doesn’t start trading away our Top Guns for guys like Domi and Laraque. I would like another big scorer or a great quarterback defenseman but we gotta think about the present and future, which means not trading away all our youngster(Williams, Gagne, SomaK) and our prospects and keeping most of our good players. Unless we get a guy like Iginla or Nolan for the right price.

    Honestly I think the weakness to the Flyers game is they are not a playoff team(YET). As we’ve seen the last decade or so, there is a mold that brings playoff success. The flyers have too many big slow guys like Leclair, Brashear, Fedoruk, Therien, Handzus, and Primeau(though he is the last guy I would trade). Not that these guys are bad players its just that we have too many of them.

    The Flyers have sold their souls finally and bought into the full time trap system and it’s only a matter of time before they get it completely working.

    So I can’t wait for the playoffs to start. Loose out like last year and the Flyers are gonna have a fire sale on BIg and SLow guys. Win and we’ll show everyone who has been dissing us the last couple of years that anyone can win when they play the trap.

  40. bender says:

    I like your comment, but I think you should put Pitkanen’s name before Woywitka. If I was Clarke I would dump Woywitka on a drooling(foolish) GM.

    The guys not gonna develop into a great defenseman like Joni will.

  41. Leaf_Expert says:

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  42. amazing_jesse says:

    Cory Cross equals Cup!

  43. titans says:

    D.G.??? I thought you were dead? Where ya been?

  44. FlyersGoCupCrazy says:

    First of all, I don’t think getting another D-man is that bad of an idea. We still need somebody to quaterback this power play. Who’s playing the points on the PP right nw? Johnsson, Desjardins, and who else? Recchi?!?!?! As deep as this team is at D, picking up somebody like HOusley isn;t that bad of an idea, since he won’t have to play too much, and he can be utilized on the PP. Also, Experience wins in the playoffs (experience and D). I don’t think Clarkey wants the likes of Vandermeer (I apologoze if I spelled it wrong) playing come playoff time, and I don’t blame him. Housley would be a great playoff rental. Also, he may be loading up on quality inexpensive (not sure how much Yushky makes, or even Housley for that matter, so please let me know if what I’m about to say is way off), veteran D-men so that he can trade away a more expensive one (maybe Desjardins? (again, I don’t know the salary) to free up money to land a big scorer (like Amonte or Nolen). While we’re talking about money, isn;t Housley hurt? that means that Chicago will have to keep paying him till he’s healthy, right? That also means that the young guys (namely Vandermeer) will still get to play, but we have the vet ready for the playoffs. Anyway, this article is getting a little more winded than I at first intended, so I’ll yet you guys think about this for now.

  45. DG says:

    Schoolwork’s been getting tougher, so I’ve had to spend more time away from HockeyTradeRumors.com. That said, I hope to finally get back into the swing of things…I feel a little “out of the loop”.

    Plus, it’s not like I haven’t been completely gone…I’ve still posted others’ articles (including this one): I just haven’t had the time to write an article myself.


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