Has Montreal been a playoff team at any point this season?

I’m not gonna say that Montreal didn’t have a good start, butI don’t think any great teams have 2+ month slumps. Now I know your gonna compare that to the record at the start of the season, but who hasn’t had a 6+ or 7+ game streak this year? I’m not saying Montreal’ was only 6 or 7 games, and just saying they got off to a quick startthen played like a normal team and now there playing like the team most people expected to see at the begining of the year. The team is honestly not very skilled.

They have two average goalies in Huet, and Aebi. I’m not saying there like Jose Theodore average (he’s actually just bad), but there not top 10 or even maybe not top 15 in the NHL (yeah probaly not). There offense is just bad. Like terrible. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing if you can’t score, it might even be better being a team like Dallas or Vancouver (I don’t think so, but some people think that), but if you aren’t gonna score you better have a great goalie. Dallas has Turco, Vancouver has Luongo, New Jersey has Broduer, and Montreal has Huet/Aebischer. It’s not comparable. Saku has never been really a star, but consistant (consistant for him is different then Crosby, because if Crosby goes 1 game without a point people in Pittsburgh worry, but Saku can go maybe 3 games, and not make it a distraction). Ryder is more of a Knuble type player, and will always be a 3rd wheel on any 1st line. Kovalev, and Samsonov have underachieved alot this year, ecspecialy Samsonov who is arguably the biggest bust of the year. Higgins is never going to be an allstar, and by his play this year you can tell. He is a good player, and just like Koivu isn’t a star. Johnson hasn’t been good, and same with Bonk, but they need offensive players. Sadly Pleknac the guy who everyone wanted to be traded at the begining of the year (everyone on this website), but he’s been one of there best players. The defense has surprise me, but Souray, and Markov aren’t like Chris Pronger and Niedermayer, and can carry a team. A team like Atlanta (not them though) would be a good team for Souray. Not the star, but can still get the same PP time, and be a #1 d man. Okay i’m getting a bit off topic so let’s get back to why there not a great team, or even a playoff team. They don’t score, they don’t always stop the puck, and the special teams has been worse. By far the three most important things in hockey. There not winning, and there out of the playoffs right now (but not even by a point, so yeah). A good start doesn’t mean you’ll make the playoffs, and the Montreal Canadians will prove that.

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  1. EasternHockey says:

    Does anyone actually check these posts?  What a shitty article.  Here are the "three most important things" in not sounding like a jackass.  1) Learn to spell.  2) Learn proper sentence structure.  3) Don't kick someone when they're down.  Do you raise a single valid point in this article?  We're all aware that they can't *****ing score, we're all aware that the goaltending situation is pitiful (hopefully Halak can help with that). 

    Has Montreal ever been a playoff team this season?  Yes they have, considering they were 4th in the East for a very long time this season, and had the best PP and PK in the league.  Not to mention Huet was doing well in the first half.  Are they a playoff team now?  No.  But considering they were playing MUCH better than Vancouver in the first half, to dismiss them as ever being a playoff team this entire season just makes you an idiot, and a jackass who's seen maybe two Habs games and figures he's seen enough to criticize an entire team.

    Oh, and a few bad games, and Vancouver can be in the same situation as the Habs.

  2. GoalieT says:

    I like Rule # 1. I was getting messed up with all the "there's" instead of "they're". Was giving me a slight headache, to tell the truth.

    I'd also have to agree that, aside from a select few teams, there are a lot of teams right now that could lose even just 4 games in a row and find themselves in a different and ugly position.

    So, if it's okay, I'd like to add Rule # 4:

    4.) Avoid throwing stones. You just never know when the rink will shift.

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