Has Naslund given up on the current Canucks season?

Has Markus Naslund of the Vancouver Canucks given up on the current Canucks season? Furtermore, has he given up on the team and the NHL as well???Speaking out in an interview conducted for the swedish newspaper “Ornskioldsviks Allehanda”, Naslund had the following to say:

“No, I’m not sure I’ll be doing any further season either here or in Sweden” (saying with a sigh)

“It feels like the family needs to get their due soon, I will listen a lot to Lotta and my kids”

“Now, all I long for is for this season to be over. I’m incredibly worn out after all that has transpired. I’m sick of answering questions even if it’s part of my job as a captain. Here in Vancouver I’m almost shy of people.”

All this is my translation from swedish to english taken from Naslunds comments in this article:


So, what do you make of this? Really, when reading the article I get the impression that the comment regarding his wish for the season to be over I really think that he meant the regular season from what I could read.

What do you think?

best, Swedoman.

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  1. TC_4 says:

    Oh my god here we go with the Sweedish media again! No offense to all our Sweedish members to this website and the phenominal job they do of contributing and not stirring the pot, but it really bugs me how all these stories get started in Sweeden about there own players. Yes it’s true a lot of the Swedes in the NHL choose to do what Mats Naslund did and that’s establish themselves as good-great-hall of fame NHL players, but finish out there careers in Sweeden. But…..the Sweedish media is just begging for it to happen tomorrow and seem to look for ANYTHING, or ANY REASON as to say they’re comming back tomorrow. The Canucks are slumping right now, and Naslund is frustrated. Of course he’s thinking poorly of the team and the city right now. He’s slumping, the team is in a lot of turmoil I would imagine, and without Bertuzzi they’re no better then a playoff qualifier. It’s hard for him to think positive right now. But don’t blow this out of proportion. I just wish the Sweedish media would wait until the end of the season for these guys to make up there minds rather then give them more problems with the North American media. That’s all Markus needs right now.

  2. dave1979 says:

    i am a huge canuck fan and im really disappointed with whats going on with the team and our city right now. the guys are trying their best (i hope anyway) but it has to be hard with the aftermath of “the incident” with the media ( jay leno mentioned a reference on his show: “that hockey player who broke the guys neck” i mean come on for ***** sake), a lot of fans and the nhl all coming down on them. i do realize these guys get paid a lot of money and should deal with the stress, but most of that stress seems to be falling on Naslunds shoulders as team captain (and yes i do realize that the MOST stress is on Moore and his family and then Bertuzzi but thats not the issue here) it seems Nazzys spirits are crushed and its taking his toll. hope he can just find his game and end his slump. that will hopefully re-energize our team and we will have to wait and see what happens……..Nazzy, us loyal fans are behind you and the guys….game on!

  3. Petr89 says:

    Don’t you know that Forsberg quit the NHL 4 years ago cause he missed the fjords back home?

  4. JeffBurnz09 says:

    you can’t trust those papers…they always print a story about an NHL player wanting to return home and leave the NHL…so, its probably 99.9% BS…

    as for the Canucks…its March, and after a good year they’re fading…why is this news?

  5. Kyleton says:

    I read on TSN that Naslund hyper-extended his elbow when he fell after the Moore hit. He has been playing injured and has not been able to play and shoot the puck the way he did before hand. He was thinking about taking some more time off to heal from it, but then all this other stuff happened with the Canucks and they needed him, so he has been playing.

  6. EmptyNetter says:

    Mark Messier said that since Brian Leetch was traded to Toronto there’s no reason for him to come back to the Rangers this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if Naslund felt the same way about not being able to play with Bertuzzi for the rest of the year. Plus, I’m sure he’s been beseiged by reporters — his linemate is the poster boy for violence in hockey, and misguided as Bertuzzi was it was on Naslund’s behalf. I can’t say as I blame him for feeling that way, but as the captain of a playoff-bound team the timing of his statement (if true) is horrible.

  7. hockeyhead says:

    agree with the lot. forgberg was done this year too. they need to create these stories b/c the worlds strongest man comp. is losing rankings. don’t believe it and if it’s true…..you don’t need a guy that has lost heart.

  8. The_Conductor says:

    If… and that is if… this is true! then retire you stupid bum. If I am Crawford… he is benched. Why play a player that doesn’t want to play? Captain or no captain.

  9. matteo says:

    Maybe Naslund and Betuzzi and Messier and Leetch can all take a trip to Connecticut and have a double wedding.

    If those reports are true then Crawford needs to strip the C off of Naslund and send him right back to sweeden with the rest of the meatballs. As for Messier, the SS Retirement has been waiting to set sail with him for about 3 years. Let them all quit.

  10. matteo says:

    I just read in that same paper that Elvis, the Bat Boy, and an Alien named Bob discovered the body of Jimmy Hoffa outside of the Continental Airlines arena. Apparently Elvis had just left the building and the others followed. It was in the Sweedish news….it must be true.

  11. RangerSteve says:

    After reading a few of the responses above, I completely agree with TC except one thing. Not only is it the Swedish media that does this type of crap, but it is the majority of Candian and American papers as well. A lot of writers now only care about catching a reader’s eye or getting that big headline. The credibility of these guys is shot to you know what. But as far as waht Naslund is saying, you can take it and go down different avenues. Like the quote: “No, I’m not sure I’ll be doing any further season either here or in Sweden” (saying with a sigh)”. So does that mean he’ll retire? Will he leave Vancouver to go back home to Sweden? Will he stay in Vancouver til the end of his career? I know the media links many of us to get even closer to the game, our favorite players and teams, but the line of being a credible source and filling a story with hot air has been crossed way too many times.

  12. KUBLI-KAHN says:

    Canucks = cooked like goose

  13. Primis says:


    Why is it that Swedes are the only Europeans who have this all-consuming sense of inferiority or something, and therefore feel the need to give even the glimpse of a possibility that a Swedish NHL player might return to play in Sweden?

    And why do they have to do this with practically EVERY SINGLE SWEDISH NHL PLAYER? Lidstrom’s quitting to go back to Sweden… Forsberg’s quitting ot go back to Sweden… Naslund’s quitting to go back to Sweden… it papears the Swedish media is going to play this for all it is worth, and with every player they can, on the off chance that it eventually happens so they can go “SEE ! We TOLD you so!! We knew it, Sweden is better than North America!!”. Sad.

    Finland, Czech Republic, Russia, and other don’t have this weird phenomenon.

    It’s sad, people. It really is. It makes us in North America laugh at Sweden and completely unable to take it or anythign from its media seriously.

    — Primis.

  14. mattf says:

    with the current situation of the nhl, with an impending lockout, and all of theses uncertaincies for the future i don’t blame him nor anyone else who’s contemplating moving overseas.

    there’s no question that bettman has done an absolute SHHIT job of rekindling things between the nhlpa and the league.

    82 games a year with all the travelling to 30something cities multiple times a week takes its toll on players..we’ve heard this from gm’s around the league all the time.

    cut down on the amout of games or limit the amount of travel between cities and cater to the players’ needs. it isn’t always about the money..

  15. mattf says:

    you’d bench your captain? if he commited multiple murder and rape charges i wouldn’t bench him.

  16. EmptyNetter says:

    But they make great meatballs!

  17. The_Conductor says:

    So want to have your captain who has no desire of playing for this team to continue playing. If he may go half a s s or no want to be the player in a captains role.

    Naslund suck it up you spoiled b i t c h!

  18. bruinexpert says:

    All of that aside..look on the bright side, there’s a potential Naslund Forsberg Hoglung line….watch out sweedish elite

  19. bruinexpert says:

    All of that aside..look on the bright side, there’s a potential Naslund Forsberg Hoglund line….watch out sweedish elite

  20. Viller says:

    This is exactly why you dont want tons of Europeens on your team. Bunch of whinning quitters. Not all are like that, but the ones that know are needed will do that.

    Forsberg did the same to get a bigger pay check, Naslund would probably do the same.

  21. bruinexpert says:

    Elvis will also be joining Forsberg and Naslund on the same line…move over Hoglund!

  22. knobygobbler says:

    Give the guy a break….

    I would anything I could to get back to the sultry blonde viking pusssy. It is like mining for gold in that country.

    I have actually seen sedish vaginas that have shot out sparks, fireworks and oone actually shot out a canonball.

    Who wouldn’t want to go back there?

  23. d_only_Flames_Fan says:

    i made a bet with a friend at the start of the season that naslund would get 30-35 goals, and it looks like im about dead on. makes me happy, whatnot.

  24. comrie44 says:

    These are trying times for Naslund.

    He hyper-extended his elbow after the Moore hit which has been understandably hampering his shot.

    I’m not surprised if Naslund misses Sweden where hes just a nobody. In Vancouver, a big town for just 1 sports team, he’s Allen Iverson, Jeremy Roenick and Donovan McNabb combined. Nobody needs that kind of attention and pressure, especially now with Bertuzzi out.

    Who knows whats going through his head right now regarding that whole incident, his best friend disgraced himself trying to protect him, yet he can’t condone his actions being the chivalrous guy that he is.

    That said, Markus will honour his contract and will do everything in his power to bring a Stanley Cup to Vancouver, just as he’s been doing for the past 5 years.

    It won’t be easy with Todd Bertuzzi out for the playoffs, but I wouldn’t write the Canucks off completely. They always seem to play their best when they’re underdogs, and right now, you can’t find a bigger underdog in pro sports.

    When there’s a Naslund there’s a way…

  25. kidhenry1 says:

    What do you make of this? Absolutely nothing. If I was in his shoes I’d be frustrated too–this team is dead in the water without Todd Bertuzzi. He doesn’t think that any of his work over the season is going to amount to anything, which is a hell of a rotten feeling. But every athelete gives the whole “spending time with the family” bit, and most of them don’t end up doing it (case in point: Roger Clemens for the last 5 years.)

  26. LondonK says:

    You can’t argue with the way he is playing though. He looks worn out on the ice. The past few years he has been flying much like St. Louis is this year. But he just has not looked the same this season. Even when he was scoring, he didn’t look as sharp. Now it is really aparent in his play. He does look disinterested. Perhaps he will turn it around for the playoffs, but he will need to pick up his play if Vancouver wants to have even a remote shot of getting out of the first round. They would not beat Dallas right now in a playoff series with Cloutier in the net. They need to outscore the Stars, and that is not going to happen without Naslund firing on all cylinders.

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