Hasek officially back in Motown

According to Hockeybuzz, Dominik Hasek has signed a new deal with the Detroit Red Wings.

details to come.

9 Responses to Hasek officially back in Motown

  1. ipwnu says:

    go hasek!

  2. Genejoke says:

    Although I'm sure it will happen, I don't think that you can use the term "Officially" when the source is hockeybuzz.

  3. leafscrazy says:

    yah hocey buzz isnt that good of a source.. it has just alot of rumors sometimes!

  4. Leaf_Expert says:

    We all knew this was coming..

    However, it should be interesting to see whether eklund is just stating the “obvious” by reporting this and this deal ends up being announced days later as if this report was premature/false as it stands…

    eklunds reports rumors as if he’s throwing a handful of darts at once with eventually one hitting a bulls-eye…

  5. dcz28 says:

    Where are those Leaf fans that told me Detroit did have interest in Raycroft and i was an idiot for saying the Wings had no interest in him because they were going with Hasek and Osgood?

    I knew it along since Holland kept saying since the playoffs ended that if Hasek wanted to play he was going to play with the Wings this season. The deal of 2 million plus another possible 2 million more in bonuses is about what i expected…since the bonuses won't count on this years cap it still leaves the Wings a little over 5 million to add a top 6 forward and/or a gritty stay at home defenseman. Wings are in good position salary cap wise and should be as good if not better then last season.

  6. loco42 says:

    Dude, leaf fans are suffering from something called “Postseasonless Syndrome”. 😉

    Seriously, Raycroft to Detroit did not make sense. Maybe Raycroft will end in Los Angeles, which to me makes sense.

  7. leafscrazy says:

    Leaf fans are not in syndrom what ever,, we had a pretty god offseason so far.. we just hate detroit …. and now that we got a better goalie then raycroft we just would like to see him go somewhere crappy! like detroit!!!!!

  8. loco42 says:

    You hate everyone, you “center of the universe” leafs fans. But, I will admit, the leafs got better. They’ll be a force to watch. But there is still a ? on Toskala. He will have to carry that team. Anyway, Hasek is a great signing, and to my opinion, his last one. Can’t wait for the new season.

  9. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    Thank god!

    I will be bringing back Brodeur and Hasek in goal for my fantasy team – albeit at a high price (we use an auction system with keepers who get raises and bonunes)

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