Hatcher back in Dallas?

TSN Reports that Hatcher, who was recently bought out by the Red Wings, may be coming back to Dallas.Derian Hatcher’s agent isn’t ruling out a possible return of his client to the Dallas Stars. Hatcher was placed on waivers by the Detroit Red Wings yesterday in preparation for buying out his contract, while there are apparently sources in Dallas suggesting the Stars might be interested in reacquiring their former captain.

Another possibility for the Stars is Adam foote, who was bought out by the Avalanche. Both would help the Stars but Hatcher would probably come at a cheaper price.

Well no surprise here. The Dallas Stars bought out the rest of Pierre Turgeon’s contract to free up $4.56 million.

“The Stars will owe Turgeon two-thirds of the $4.56 million, which is about $3.04 million. That buyout money will not count against the Stars cap since Dallas exercised the buyout before Friday’s compliance buyout deadline.

Turgeon, who was in the final year of a six-year, $32.5 million contract, was placed on waivers Wednesday morning. If he clears waivers the Stars will then buy him out.

The Stars Wednesday also decided to exercise the club option on forward Jaroslav Svoboda, who is due $456,000 this season.”

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  1. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    The Stars would be idiots to bring the big dope back. He is washed up, and often injured, why didn’t he stay in Detroit?

  2. Desertdog17 says:

    I think Hatcher is a better fit for Dallas, he will be cheaper then Foote, and is a former star, so he knows the terrotpry, he would be a veteran to the younger players on the team. But they need room for him as well. Maybe this is a way of saying goodbye to Modano?

  3. STARS_FAN9 says:

    I would love to see big d back in big d. Though i think foote would be better, with the idiots in stars management i dont think it will happen.

  4. STARS_FAN9 says:

    No modano will stay, even if we re-sign all the free agents that the stars are expected to sign they will need 2 or 3 more, some of those being the new prospects like miettinen and tjarnqvist.

  5. JeffBurnz09 says:

    As as Stars fan, I will be pissed if they let Modano walk and bring back Hatcher. Isn’t this the same guy who didn’t want to be in Dallas anymore? Who left the Stars for the money in Detroit? The guy was the team captain, and he left them…now they’re falling all over themselves to bring him back, while not showing a lot of interest in keeping Modano?

    If they sign who the need to sign, and can fit Hatcher in there under the cap, fine, take him…but I wouldn’t make him my top priority right now.

    Even during his best days, Hatcher was slow, and not exactly gifted with hockey skill. He was a top d-man in the old NHL, but with the new, open ice, faster game, he won’t be able to keep up.

  6. brewstar03 says:

    I’d like to see the Hatch back, but not if it meant we couldn’t re-sign Modano. Morrow deserves to be paid, and we still gotta get Zubov.

    We will probably sign Belle too.

  7. Coyotes4life says:

    Can’t wait to have the loser back in a Dallas uniform…Hey Hatcher, watch your back when you play Phoenix. (Remember the ole hit Roenick in the face bit, which costed them the playoffs that year.) And bring in Modano.

    Game On..

  8. Coyotes4life says:

    Can’t wait to have the loser back in a Dallas uniform…Hey Hatcher, watch your back when you play Phoenix. (Remember the ole hit Roenick in the face bit, which costed them the playoffs that year.) And bring in Modano.

    Game On..

  9. STARS_FAN9 says:

    Well of course if it means modano not staying then no way would i want hatcher. If they do sign hatcher he will probably be the only person we sign. of course me, i would like to see the stars sign a bunch of big names like every other team. But the great tom hicks, paired with armstrong would rather turn this team into the atlanta thrashers rather than a team like the avalanche or red wings

  10. nordiques100 says:

    and arnott needs a contract as well

  11. wingerxxx says:

    Dallas needs to make some kind of effort to get Hatcher back. Their defense just wasn’t the same without him. Plus, if they can bring back Modano, it would take a lot of pressure off of him, to have the old captain back in town.

  12. RangerSteve says:

    Washed Up? Are you nuts? Leafy, he is the type of defenseman that many teams lack in the NHL. He is a very big physical presence and not to mention that he is very RESPONSIBLE in his own end. If he ends up back in Dallas, Sergei Zubov should be doing cartwheels after being pounded for a year without the big guy.

  13. RangerSteve says:

    Not to mention that Sergei Zubov struggled way too much on the power play. Also it would move Phillipe Boucher back to his normal PP duties instead of having to run it along side Zubov.

  14. mikeribeiro says:

    I think Montreal is looking to bring Hatcher. After all, Gainey was his former coach and G.M. But I don’t like him. He’s big but he’s to slow !

  15. WLFHCommishJava says:

    as a fellow stars fan, and a fan of hatch and appreciate his service during the 99 cup run however his best days are behind him and we don’t need him. i rather go with one of our prospects maybe Nickerson, assuming he is nhl ready?

    as for hicks and armstrong, they had 2 years before the cap to field a serious team and but gave us an unusual collection of mediocre players. gone were the heart and souls of the team-nieuwendyk, langenbrunner and added were mediocre jokesters-turgeon, young, audette, kamensky. i however do hail the addition of barnes who was a better addition than guerin in my opinion who like the other usual suspects disappeared in the playoffs.

    apparantly, armstrong fell in to the same trap everyother team falls in to and that is bringing in some high priced player that does well in the regular season and disappears in the playoffs. when things get a little heated, gms assume adding a selanne and/or a guering will help you out of your problems. im not even going to go in to the stupidity of a salary cap. tampa, anaheim and calgary all reached the finals in the last 2 years with combined budgets that equal the budgets of annual flops like the rangers and leafs. who need a line up of use-to-be all stars. a salary cap will not help teams that have junk gms, see: bengals, lions, and cardinals.

  16. JeffBurnz09 says:

    I thought Hicks/Armstrong did well in 2003 when it came to bringing guys in. Guerin was a great signing that year, and brining in Scott Young I think was more to try to get something out of Turgeon. Young was pretty good himself in 2003, and the addition of Boucher on the blue line was a smart move. I loved bringing in Stu Barnes for the playoffs to. They made some bad moves, like bringing in Claude Lemieux just because Amrstrong liked him, but over all, I think they made the right moves at the time…they just choked in the playoffs..

    Last year, however, they did everything wrong. They let good guys like Ulf Dahlen and Kirk Muller leave…Muller might not be much during the season, but he plays harder than anyone on the team in the playoffs. They traded Sydor, for Numinemum, which I still don’t understand. I don’t want Hatcher back now, but they didn’t give him what he wanted and they lost him…Their big trade deadline pick up was Bure, a guy who’s never made it past the first round of the playoffs…they just made terrible move after terrible move, and their playoff run was a joke. I really don’t like the direction of this team at all. Dallas used to be a Western Powerhouse, up there with Detroit and Colorado, but they’ve really fallen in recent years. Hicks suddenly decided to get cheap, and Armstrong doesn’t know what he’s doing.

    I want Modano to finish his career in Dallas…but at the same time, I know he’ll be finishing his career on a poor team and he’ll never get close to winning again.

  17. Tops04 says:

    Big but not too slow.

    Don’t forget, not all goals will come from “two” line passes. There will still be powerplays, with the need to clear the front of the net. Hatcher would be an asset to any team, they may just have to use him in the right situations. With a speedy guy like Markov, he would make up half of a fine pairing.

  18. STARS_FAN9 says:

    Well the stars signed both Shawn Belle and BJ Crombeen to 3 year deals.

  19. Flyer_Fan says:

    We all think the same way about you regarding the people who post your crap.

    except substitute Stars for “HTR” and “often wrong” and “why didn’t he just stay quiet”

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