Havlat and Hasek to return before playoffs?

Source: tsn.ca

According to Bob McKenzie, Martin Havlat needs only medical clearance to be back on the ice with the Northeast leading Senators. McKenzie reports that Havlat practised on a line with Danny Heatley and Daniel Alfredsson on Wednesday (March 15) and could be back before April 10th, his original return date.

As for Dominik Hasek, McKenzie reports that Hasek will join the team in Boston tonight, and that he will partake in an equipment-free skate today (March 16).

As a Sens fan, this is awesome news for me. We look to be getting a solid RW back and our #1 goalie should be back by the time we need him most in the playoffs. So, what does this mean for the team? Well, the lineup will have to change. Here’s what I’d love to see come playoff time:

Heatley – Spezza – Alfredsson

Smolinsky – Arnason – Havlat

Schaefer – Fisher – Neil

Varada – Kelly – Vermette

Extras: Eaves, McGrattan

Redden – Meszaros

Chara – Phillips

Pothier – Volchenkov

Extra: Schubert




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  1. Tweek says:

    I would chose Eaves over Kelly anyday but that is just my opinion. The addition of Havlat will make the sens a dominate 3 line team which can only mean more dominance. If I were them id even take more time with Hasek and maybe only bring him back 2 weeks before the season ends.

  2. muckies says:

    Havlat is going to add alot to the 2nd power play unit, and the penalty-kill for the Sens.

    Havlat looked so dangerous on the PK before he was injured. he’s also going into an arbitration year, so look fro him to light it up in the playoffs.

    Havalt will give the team so many options on any line, its going to be hard to stop the Sens.

    Its starting to look real good in Ottawa.

  3. Colasurdo says:

    Eaves has got to play regardless of Havlat coming back or not. Very good young player.

    13g in 41gms up to now..imagine this guy playing alongside havlat and arnason on that 2nd line..

    i’d say 30g in 82games wouldn’t be too far fetched.

    only prob. is u cant demote smolinksy to the 4th line..cuz the third line is pretty solid as well.

  4. UWSensFan says:

    Exactly the problem. I was hoping that Muckler would have traded Smokes for a (better) center for the second line (imagine what might have been available had Smokes AND Bochenski gone). With that, you’re darned right. Can’t put either Eaves or Smokes on the 4th line, so what do you do? Alternate their play? That’s the only other option I can think of…it’s still gonna be awesome come playoff time 🙂

  5. UWSensFan says:

    Definitely agree on giving Hasek all the time he needs. Emery’s been holding down the fort quite well, and they’ve got Morrison playing backup when Emery needs a night off.

    As I haven’t seen all that many games, my arguments for Eaves over Kelly (or vice versa) are somewhat flawed. From what I saw the other night, the chemistry on the current 4th line was great, as was Eaves with Smokes and Arnason (when they played). The thing I saw with Eaves that I liked is his willingness to drive to the net. I mean, the kid was on the top line and drawing penalties; what more can you ask for?

    There’s definitely a nice angle to look at here: if someone goes down in the playoffs (here’s hoping not!), Ottawa’s got some good talent that’s got some experience already that they can bring in to fill the void.

  6. dcz28 says:

    Smolinski should be the one sitting out since he only has a good game once every 5 games…Eaves is already better then him and Kelly is one of the best pk guy for the Sens along with Vermette…hell i would play Schubert as a foward before Smolinski since Schubert can create as much offense as him but plays physical unlike Smolinski

    For those who will say Smolinski is experienced…yeah right he’s just old and has won nothing add the fact his playoff numbers are crap and a minus in (+/-) for his career and you have a bunch of reason why he should be watching the games not playing in them unless the Sens get hit with injuries

  7. dcz28 says:

    Meant to say Smolinski is a minus in the playoffs for his career not during the regular season

  8. muckies says:

    Smolinsky has a spot on the playoff roster for sure. Even if it is on a 4th line with Kelly and Vermette.

    Smoke is a good player in all zones, and can move to any line during the playoffs and not unbalance things.

    And he doesn’t take bad penalties like the rookies do.

  9. muckies says:

    If anybody sits it should be Arnason. He is the least physical of all the players, hasn’t been part of the core group, and seems the least playoff ready.

    Eaves, Kelly, Smolinsky, Vermette, Varada all deserve to play in the playoffs.





    I like what Varada brings in terms of big time Hits in the playoffs. He was a bright lite in a few games against Toronto last year, especially in Game 1, and the game when he nailed Sundin and blew out his knee. (Game 5 I think?) Varada could really get under the skin of a player like Staal who has a bad temper, and takes bad penalties.

  10. dcz28 says:

    I’d put Eaves, Kelly or Schubert (at forward) in the lineup anyday before Smolinski…Smolinski should only play if Sens get some injuries…all the rookies are as good or better than him playing in their own zone ( Eaves and Kelly have as good or better +/-) and they bring as much offense if not more along with being more physical (something Smolinski doesn’t know anything about)

    What should tip you off about Smolinski is that Muckler tried to trade him and nobody wanted him because he sucks now and doesn’t bring nowhere near the offense he use to even with the talent on Ottawa

  11. dcz28 says:

    Arnason has more talent now then Smolinski ever had…i don’t know what games your watching because Arnason creates things while Smolinski just skates around waiting for someone to set him up with an open net (like the pass Arnason gave him for his last goal)

  12. muckies says:

    O.K., you hate Smoke, that’s great.

    Your right, Smolinski is the thrid player who stays high to stop odd man rushes.

    But you need solid vets who don’t screw up and can get body position on guys along the boards to have sucess in the playoffs.

    Smoke isn’t a 40 goal scorer. He’s just a solid vet in your lineup whp doesn’t make mistakes.

    to say Arnason is better is stupid, at least smolinski will go into a corner with somebody and battle for a puck.

    Arnasson seems to take the easy way out.

    The Sens don’t need Arnasons offence to win, they need a player who won’t make mistakes or quit on his team.

  13. dcz28 says:

    Arnason was a +5 with Chicago!! how can you say he’s not as good as Smolinski in his own zone…Arnason is not a physical guy by any means but neither is Smolinski

    Sens dont need Arnason’s offense?…why did they go and get him then because i thought they were looking for a playmaking centre (which Arnason is) to boost the offense from the second line with Havlat…Sens have better checking forwards with Kelly, Fisher, Varada, Eaves, Neil and others and don’t need Smolinski’s non offense and average defense

    Your right about one thing i do hate Smolinski since he is just a 2.2 million$ depth player for this team and should only play if the Sens lose enough players and have to play him…what playoff success has Smolinski had? look at his numbers…he stinks in the playoffs especially defensively

  14. thatleafsguy says:

    every team needs a good soccer player why not have martin ‘kicker’ havlat back, and dominik ‘ma groins’ hasek.

  15. Cards85 says:

    Yay! Now were back to this? Now lets bring up the past, how about when Tucker tried to jump the whole bench? That man is the smartest in the world. Geez why does eveything have to go to shit when something is posted about a team you don’t like. Why can’t this place just discuss hockey and not get into a ***** fight for once.

  16. thatleafsguy says:

    you are the one “going to shit”, it was merely a joke, chill out woman.

  17. Flyer_Dman says:

    Eaves is a MUST play for multiple reasons.

  18. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    shows how much credability you have. with arnason they now have a center to go with havlat. if anyone sits it out it should be smolinsky. the guy disappeared since he was traded to ottawa.

  19. Flyers70 says:

    For Ottawa, it’s like a trade where you don’t have to dump any players. They are well set up for a run. The only thing I consider in doubt is Hasek’s health and Bryan Murray’s ability to coach a team with this much talent.

  20. wayne2 says:

    Personnaly i`d put Smolinski as a spare.












    Of course the`re will be injuries so some players will get replaced or moved to other lines.I would also not exclude switching Neil with Eaves as Eaves is more talented.I would also adjust if we play a dirty physical team and put Mcgrattan at Eaves spot.Smolinski brings good experience but seems to have a hard time following the speed of the game.If he plays it should be on the 4th line.Vermette is a great player that deserves to be higher than the 4th line.

  21. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    or Ed “the back break kid” belfour?

  22. TheCoach says:

    I think we’ll see:

    Heatley – Spezza – Alfredsson

    Smolinski – Arnason – Havlat

    Schaefer – Fisher – Neil

    Eaves – Kelly – Vermette

    Scratches: Varada and McGrattan

    Chara – Phillips

    Redden – Meszaros

    Volchenkov – Pothier

    Scratch: Schubert



    Solid line-up. You have two offensive lines, one energy line that can score, and a defensively responsible line that can also score.

  23. TheCoach says:

    By the way, check out my blog at senatorfan.blogspot.com

  24. leafs_r_a_joke says:

    anyone know how long fisher will be out for?

  25. Cards85 says:

    I am so impressed by your comment. Calling me the oposite gender, I feel like I am back in grade five again. Yay! for stupid people.

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