Havlat for Toskala?

According to The Score, the San Jose Sharks are expected to deal goaltender Vesa Toskala to the Ottawa Senators for right winger Martin Havlat.

San Jose faces a situation where they have two marquee goaltenders in Evgeni Nabokov and Toskala.

Martin Havlat is looking to sign a one-year contract in order to test out free agency in the following off-season.

The Senators are looking to bolster their goaltending without having to sign the injury-prone Dominik Hasek, and they feel as though Ray Emery is not quite yet a qualified NHL starting goaltender.

The move makes sense for both teams. We will see if this trade happens, or it is just more hopeful speculation.

35 Responses to Havlat for Toskala?

  1. WhamBamCam says:

    makes sense for sure. Havlat could play with Cheechoo & Thornton, or on a secondary line. Go with a 1-2 of Toskala & Emery in net. Great deal for both team

  2. Gretzkin says:

    I think that I heard this was offered by Muckler at the Draft and it was promptly shot down.

    I don’t know Toskala’s contract at all, but having usurped Nabakov of the #1 spot, why would they want to deal their cheaper #1 goalie for Havlat, who is looking for a 1 year deal, then Free Agent exploration?

    Especially when San Jose has Thornton and Cheechoo already, oh yeah, and Alyn Fuc*king McCauley…

    I think San Jose would be better off dealing Nabakov for someone or more that can help them out in the longer run than a 1 year rental of Havlat, who’s amazing.

    If they could sign him long term, that would be another story, but what are the guarantees of that?

    I don’t see the logic in this move, and San Jose isn’t the sort of team that makes any drastic moves. Not counting the Thornton trade, which was more like a gift from Allah.

  3. Guinsfan87 says:

    Toskala would be a steal with his talent and price. The only way i see the sharks trading him is if Havlat is signed for 3+ years

  4. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    That would be a risky move on behalf of Muckler, giving up probably the most talented player on the Sens for a goalie that IMO still has not completely proven to be a number one, much like a Crysto Huet or Ilya Bryzgalov. Toskala looked good down the stretch, and was kind of shaky in the playoffs.A deal of this nature would be putting alot of faith in a goalie that has not even had a a pressure filled full season under his belt as a true number one starter.

  5. leafsmarlies says:

    This is an amazing trade for both teams. It would put both teams over the top, exactly what both teams needed.

    For San Jose 2 very solid lines; and the one two punch of Havlat and Marleau, could very well be comparable to that of Cheechoo and Thornton. Just hopefully for San Jose Nabokov can be a consistent goalie and not let in the softies.

    For Ottawa it gives them a solid net minder. Toskala, with only limited regular season experience, has an over .500 record in the 3 years he has gotten starts, with a save percentage of over .900 all 3 years.

  6. AfroCon says:

    Someone mind explaining to me how Toskala is a sure bet upgrade over Emery?

  7. muckies says:

    Muckler isn’t getting enough. Havlat could win the Maurice Richard and Art Ross next year, the Sens should get more for Havlat, especially with all the free-agent goalies like Rolly and Gerber.

    I say sign Havlat for 1 year and keep him, he could be the difference. I don’t want to see him leave Ottawa, he’s THAT DAMN GOOD Start Emery all season, and make a move for a goalie at the deadline.

  8. Marky2Fresh says:

    He would score 50 easy on Joe’s wing.

  9. Ottawasenfan3 says:

    Does everybody forget that Ottawa has Brian Elliott (Wisconsin Badgers Hobey Baker Contending Goalie) in their system. It might not be a bad time to check him out seeing as they DID just win the NCAA Championship.

    ps. Emery is still very good and I STILL like him a lot and can see him being around a long time

  10. Senatorsfan78 says:

    Hey everyone I would like to see Vesa Toskala in a Ottawa Senators uniform but not to trade Martin Havlat for Vesa Toskala I would rather see a prosect and a draft picks or they should trade for Jean- Sebastion Giguere or try to sign Martin Gerber or Dawne Rolston.

    I think that the Ottawa Senators should trade Martin Havlat and Bryan Smolinski and a draft pick to the Carolina Huricanes for Eric Cole.

    Last sumer the Carolina Huricanes were going to trade Eric Cole for Martin Havlat maybe since they got to the cup final without Eric Cole and kinow what like to play with out Eric Cole maybe they would do they be willing to trade Eric Cole for Havlat this sumer.

    I have a gut feeling that the Ottawa Senators get Eric Cole sumer for Martin Havlat.

    Here is what the Eric Cole and Martin Havlat trade.

    To: Ottawa Senators

    Eric Cole

    To:Carolina Huricanes

    Martin Havlat

    Bryan Smolinski

    draft pick

  11. zdeno_duchesne says:

    take the draft pick and put it on the other side of the deal maybe..

    havlat + smokes for cole + pick

    otherwise this trade is ridiculous. i dont think the canes wants smokes to begin with. they’re so deep at centre

  12. flyerjim says:

    OMG!! That’s too much for Eric Cole. Just Havlat for Cole is too much. Havlat coiuld quite possibly be their best forward next season (barring any injuries or stupid suspensions) Havlat is way better than Cole….maybe if they were to upgrade a pick in return.

    But honestly, Keep Havlat- move the captain!

  13. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    I think you answered your own question, Gretzkin. I think SJ realizes that Nabby’s contract is an albatross and it makes him a lot less attractive than Toskala. While they certainly would much rather deal Nabby, it might not be all that easy.

  14. Sharks06 says:

    This trade wouldve been great at the trade deadline last year. But nonethess this trade would be a little too beneficial to the Senators, the Sharks need a Defenseman or two, not another Right-Winger (they already have Bernier, Cheechoo, Michalek, Parker, all right wingers), especially if they decide to bring Owen Nolan back.

    I wouldnt be suprised if Toskala goes to Ottawa in a 3-team trade with San Jose landing a marquee defenseman they need so badly.

  15. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    I read that this deal only takes place if Havlat agrees to sign for atleast 3 more years in San Jose. Havlat insists on testing the market next year, therefore, this deal will not happen.

  16. CrosbyMalkin66 says:

    Why would Havlat sign a deal to go to San Jose when he could just wait for free agency and sign with whatever team he pleases… could even later be san jose but atleast field your offers

  17. TheDugg1er says:

    wow man brutal trade. Where do u get these rumors? Havlat AND smolinski AND a pick? Just for Cole? Ottawa’s GM would have to be smoking some dam good shit to make a trade like that. And besides, Ottawa is looking for a goalie remember? I’m guessing ur a Carolina fan or something?? Or do u just like making up random rumors?????

  18. SabresFan220 says:

    That deal would screw the Sharks hard. Toskala makes next to nothing for a goalie of his talent, that is why Nabokov is the guy they wanted to trade. Havlat wants a 1 year deal so he can waltz away as a UFA in a year. Ottawa would be getting an inexpensive #1 goalie for an albeit talented player, with an ego the size of the city and disciplinary issues. And unless they can afford to pay 5 players $5 million plus they will lose their star power in time. Nabokov, Thornton, Cheechoo, Marleau, and Havlat together would chew up 30- 35% or more of the entire cap in future years. I hope the Sharks aren’t that dumb.

  19. goose says:


    awsome line. This line would make other first liners scared and go cry for help. This line will for sure be a top line. With these three players alone I think they will lead the San Jose Sharks to a stanley cup final and heck maybe even win the lord stanley cup. One day if I make it 2 the nhl, I wish 2 play with havlat, and cheechoo, btu i think that thornton would be retired by then because im still young.

  20. Hoondog2 says:

    Havlat is a baby and poison to any team.

    Alfreddsson is an even bigger baby and is the worst captain in the history of the game.

    If the Sens dont trade Alfie they will never win a cup.

    While we’re on the subject of Havlat, anyone who would kick another player for being roughed up is not a player who could garner much respect in this league!

  21. GoalJudge says:

    This would be huge in the production department.

    However, with the addition of Havlat I think we would see Cheechoo’s production drop somewhat.

    He’d still be a 40+ goal scorer though.

    Conversely, I think we would see Thorntons numbers increase, with over 100 assists, maybe crack the 140pts mark.

    I believe that Havlat would better serve the team playing with Marleau. As it would give the team two very strong lines that are hard to pair up against. This way Thornton and Cheecho can keep rolling, and Marleau and Havlat can get going, if they can find the Chemistry.

    San Jose is hesitant though because Havlat wants the FA big bucks as he has gone underpaid for his skill for a while. His proneness to injury has played a part, but in the current era his injuries should be minimal, and he will really do damage.

    Remember the playoffs, the guy was a one man show most nights, and was carrying the team some games.

    I think he is undervalued by far and will prove his worth this year. He will not sign an extension this year. Thats not to say he won’t be happy in San Jose, its just that he won’t continue to play for 3 million when his production is deserving of close to 5 million.

    Thats my thoughts.

  22. Aetherial says:


    Carolina will not trade Cole for Havlat.

    The deal being sweetened the way you have described will not work. Carolina has no need whatsoever of Smolinski.

  23. Aetherial says:

    agreed. I have read the same thing.

    Then again, we all read stuff that turns out to be untrue, so who knows.

  24. Aetherial says:

    It is already established that Havlat is not well-respected in the league.

    Alfredsson is not a good captain. History offers up zero evidence that he is. He is a good player though and he has largely cleaned up the whining, childishness.

    Ottawa would be foolish to trade him, at his price and talent level… bet the farm that he is with Ottawa next year.

  25. GoalJudge says:

    Ottawa is obvoiusly trying to free up cap space, and they don’t want to sign him so that they may resign Chara and Redden.

    Havlat will crowd the line up and will be held back again this year, as they don’t want to lose him for nothing next summer. His value will not be as good once they hold him back.

    As big a Chara is, he is not deserving of what he is seeking. He has good production, and was a good net crasher/obstructor in 2003-04, but now he is left wanting. He looked like a pylon in the playoffs as he could not keep up with the speed of the younger talented teams. I like him, but not at 6 million+. Any team that pays that is in for a rude awaikening.

    Ottawa is better suited, in my opinion, to keep Havlat, and sign another free agent defencemen with some speed and passing. Kubina is good. He has nowhere near the size of Chara but is faster, has a good shot for the PP like Chara, and is a good breakout passer. Ottawa can have both Havlat and Kubina for Chara’s asking price.

    The Sens make take a slight dip in the reg. season but will be better off come April.

    Havlat is a top line winger, and will not get any higher than 2nd line in Ottawa.

    The only way he’ll get a shot on top line is to showcase him for a trade. Personally I think letting Havlat go is a mistake, and I don’t like seeing him leave a Canadian team.

    That being said, Ottawa will look to deal him in the west only, as they REALLY, don’t want Havlat to bite them in the ass next season.

    And for Leafs fans, its a nice thought, somewhat of a three year personal dream for me, but it will NOT happen.

    End of story.

  26. beleafer89 says:

    being a leaf fan i would be glad to see Havlat leave the North-East division(unless he was going to Toronto…but i doubt it) and i would love it even more to see him leave the Eastern Conference and as far as Ottawa getting Toskala it doesn’t really bother me as i’ve never really seen him as a stand out goalie, so i’ll cross my fingers and cheer for the Senators for once…LETS GO SENS MAKE THIS TRADE!!!!!!!!

  27. Aetherial says:

    I agree about Chara. Pre-lockout, I felt he was the best D-man in the league.

    Now, of the two, I would strongly prefer Redden.

    better still, I like the idea of picking up 2 decent D-men for the price the top guys are asking, and develop your young D prospects. This doesn’t just apply to the Leafs. I applies to every team.

    Carolina had no “stud” D-men.

  28. ThomasHawks says:

    San jose would dumb to trade Toskala cuz hes cheap for a goalie of his talent.Get rid of Nabokov with is 5 millons a year.Go Cheech Go Rocket Richard winner.Native pride

  29. Nevyn says:

    For those saying Ottawa would not be getting enough – OF COURSE they would.

    Havlat may blossom into a full fledged scoring star, but that doesnt change the fact that it is only one year of Havlat that they have to barter with because he wants the UFA payday. And the sharks won’t give him that payday because they already have a lot of money to tie up in the many star forwards they already have.

    So it isn’t a straight player comparison, and this would make sense for Ottawa, particularly since Toskala is cheap and only a fool would assume that Emery is definitely the answer.

    From San Jose’s perspective it makes a lot less sense. Which goalie will they want to keep, the multi-million dollar one, or the much cheaper one who played him out of a job? Clearly they would rather trade Nabakov. Also clearly I think they’d rather acquire a solid D-man than another winger. I could see giving up Nabakov for Havlat. I could see giving up Toskala instead for a really good defenseman. I can’t see the sharks giving up the better of their two goalies and adding 4-5 million in salary without addressing their biggest area of need.

  30. muckies says:

    Excellent point, 2 Cup winners in a row that didn’t have a ‘stud’ defencemen or two on their bluline. look at the past winners with Neidermayer and Stevens, Blake and Bourque, Lidstrom and Chelly and a bunch of other greats, Dallas had Zubov-Sydor, Hatcher combo, if you think thats an elite class???

  31. Kraut182 says:

    Nabakov’s contract may make him less attactive than Toskala, but he is still a high level goalie in the NHL. And there are a lot of teams in desperate need of goaltending. If they wait, I’m sure they’ll find a good offer for Nabakov, and he’s who they should be getting rid of.

    They shoudl definitely not trade Toskala, a good NHL goalie, for a 1 year rental in Havlat. I don’t even think they should do the trade if they can lock Havlat up longterm. He’s still going to want more than Toskala is making and has never shown any ability to perform in the playoffs or maturity whatsoever.

  32. Doctor says:

    my question is would havlat put up 50 goals? yes. he would.

  33. Doctor says:

    he’s not a “sure bet upgrade,” but he’s fundamentally better than emery.

  34. Toonces99 says:

    I could score 50 goals playing with Joe Thornton…

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