Havlat has to be SUSPENDED.

TSN.ca is reporting

Sources say the NHL is reviewing a kicking incident last night in the Ottawa-Boston game at the Corel Centre. Havlat, after being knocked into the back of the net, kicked Boston defenceman Hal Gill. A suspension is expected.

In my opinion Havlat should be suspended atleast 10 games, this is his second time kicking a player(previously McCairns) plus this was an obvious attempt to injure and maybe even take away his manhood. I like rough play and heavy hitting but there is absolutely no room in any sport much less one that has sharp blades on the feet for this kind of action.

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  1. dcz28 says:

    Havlat was not on the bench by choice…it was Martin who did not want to play him because he knew they would try to injure him and it might have turned out like the Bertuzzi incident if he had played the rest of the game…Philly fans should be the last one to talk about cheap shots when they had a team built around stuff like that with “The Broad Street Bullies” and Bobby Clarke leading the charge trying to break ankles, fight and intimidate their way to the cup

  2. SabresFan220 says:

    Yes, I agree Havlat needs to be suspended for a considerable time period especially as a repeat offender. 5-10 games should be ok, but a 3rd offense should see around 30 games.

    As far as Hasek being the league’s best actor, he may be good but I think Mark Recchi is the league’s best diver. He earned that trophy from Bobby Clarke. But anyway, I do think that intent to injure incidents should be dealt with harshly (depending on the incident). Repeat offenses should have stiffer penalties and fines beyond forfeiting the games’ salary.

  3. shuffleonin says:

    I’m a Sens fan and I was the first one in the room saying he was going to be suspended. I have him in my pool and still hope to see him gone.

    Fans of their team have to have common sense (excepting all Leaf fans, where the lack of sense is the norm) and Havlat should be punished fairly hard for what he did. 25 games is a insane statement. Consider the past and he will probably see 4-5 games and this is all he deserved. It’s not like he lined up Gill’s gonads corner kick style. He flicked his leg out and I’m pretty sure Gill would tell you he was hit on the inside of his thigh.

    When Chris Neil came in and started a minor tussle with Gill, I found myself thinking…Why couldn’t Havlat just let Neil do the thing he does and move on. He is a loser and I hope to see him jettisoned a-la-Hossa trade style. He is insane and insanely skilled. Just hate little kicking girlies like him.

  4. 92-93 says:

    wow, i can’t believe i am responding to this but here we go (and i am going to make it quick because i can’t waste time with opinions like this):

    Belfour is a tough goalie that defends his space. Hasek dives ALL THE TIME. you cannot sit there and say he doesn’t. throwing a stick into the crowd by accident is not ‘dirty’ – hitting someone from behind (and scoring moments later) as Alfredsson did IS dirty. obviously the Leafs beat the Sens anyway, but I’ve I’d rather have the tough, solid guys like Sundin and Belfour then what Alfie and Hasek.

  5. 92-93 says:

    again, why do you have to base suspensions JUST on consequences? doesn’t the act itself warrant consideration. your post is by far the dumbest one yet on this issue.

  6. 92-93 says:

    generalizing leaf fans displays your level of maturity. your post has added very little to this thread and reflects your own biases.

  7. Veggetto19 says:

    If the NHL lets guys who end other guys careers still play why would you think they will care what Havlat does he is a young flashy player and a straight up punk but I doubt any harsh suspension will be dealt his way. I mean as long as Bertuzzi is still playing I have lost a great deal of respect fot the NHL and how choose to suspend and not suspend. They dont hesitate to suspend the “Goon’s” But a flashy scorer or a big name player can get away with murder.

    Also another thing they need to do is make a rule where if a players say like Daurcy Tucker Fakes that he is hurt and draws a penalty that it should be manditory that he miss 2 shifts. I hate him as much as Havlat and Bertuzzi put together.

  8. rojoke says:

    The toe of his skate may have hit the cup, but the blade of his skate could have tore through the inside of the pant leg, where there is no hard or soft padding. It’s been a while since I’ve been to a biology class, but there is a major artery in the leg, the femoral artery. If you remember the grisly scene that happened to Clint Malarchuk when took an accidental skate blade to his jugular vein, severing the femoral artery would have been just as lethal. Kicking anyone, and this was a kick, while wearing a sharpened piece of steel on your foot is reprehensible, and repeat offenders, as Havlat is, should be suspended, minimum, of 10 games.

  9. quick_stick says:

    Nice… get a clue. Defending a guy for a cheap shot just because he’s on the team you cheer for? Man, you take bias stupidity to a new level.

  10. quick_stick says:

    Havlat is known for cheap shots. And I can only assume you’ve never actually watched the Leafs play (or are suffering from some tragic mental deficiency), if you think they go and actually try and injury players. I watch a lot of hockey, and it’s rare someone does that kind of crap period.

    You can always provide some examples of them “righting the book” on it.

  11. sensin0506 says:

    Cool. You guys keep Eddie and Sundin and we’ll keep Alfie and Dom. No argument this year.

    For the record, I think Coach Murray needs to pull Havlat aside and straighten him out. I think it was an impulse thing to do, but that’s no excuse, he can’t be kicking people with skates on. I guess my only other point is that it always seems Ottawa’s style of play is “cheap and dirty” but Toronto’s style is “gritty and tough.”

  12. dcz28 says:

    First off i’m a Wings fan so your bias comment is wrong…you Leaf fans shouldn’t talk about being bias as most of you are the worst among all fans at being bias

    Most of the time i dont read comments made by Leaf fans as most are not worth the time to read them so say what you will about my comments i dont care

  13. Marky2Fresh says:

    Gill would have been pissed if little Hal was flopping around the ice after Havlat kicked him.

  14. Marky2Fresh says:

    I hope Hasek is in net for the goalie fight. If Hasek even makes it down to centre ice, and the way he flops around I doubt he’d have the energy left to make it. All it will take is one shove from Eddie and Dom will sell it like he’s been struck by an atomic bomb.

  15. Marky2Fresh says:

    I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to kick him it was an accident. I hope you guys can forgive me.

  16. quick_stick says:

    All the Leafs are as bad as Havlat? Interesting…

    Just what are you refering too? Any players in particular or is the whole team that way?

    If you leave your bias behind, you’ll see there’s no way the Leafs are collectively worse than the Sens… but it’s also a real possibility that you can’t see things unbias. And there’s not a Leafs as bad as Havlat, Domi included. Havlat doesn’t seem to respect ANY players.

  17. dcz28 says:

    lol you forget that Hasek did go down the ice to fight Patrick Roy in 2002 when he was with the Wings and he took out Roy with a mean slide lol

  18. quick_stick says:

    I’m a Leaf fan, but I don’t think Ottawa is cheap and dirty. Alfredson crosses the line from time to time (as do many competitive players), but I don’t think he’s a cheap player. Havlat in particular, well… I happen to think he qualifies. The difference between “cheap and dirty” and “gritty and tough” are either a careless regard for someone’s health, or worse, intent to injure. The Sens mostly are not dirty players.

    Havlat has shown in the past a severe lack of respect for other players safety. I’m not talking about his play merely against the Leafs. He’s taken cheap shots at a lot of players.

    I like Ottawa as a team. I’d be more than happy if Redden, Heatly, Alfredson and a number of other Sens played for the Leafs. I do think Hasek dives a bit, but that’s fine if it gives him an edge. As a Leaf fan, I always enjoyed watching players who were masters at it.

    Doug Gilmour springs to mind as a master of the half dive, embellishing enough to get the refs attention, but not so much to take him out of the play. 🙂

  19. dcz28 says:

    I should also add the roller hockey incident…don’t mess with the Dominator lol

  20. quick_stick says:

    Sorry, I mistook your stupidity for bias….my mistake. Perhaps you should concern yourself with writing something intelligent yourself, before saying something as generic and retarded as “i dont read comments made by Leaf fans as most are not worth the time to read them”

    And point of fact, this was not against the Leafs, so I have no idea of why you’d bring them into it, (except for some bias you have).

    Also, thanks for you allowing me to say what I want about your asinine comments… If I didn’t have your approval, I don’t know what I would have written here.

  21. quick_stick says:

    Leaf fans? You must have some huge chip on your shoulder about the Leafs to bring them up when it’s not even about them…lol… Maybe once (if?) the Sens actually manage to beat them when it counts, bitter dejected Sens fans can concentrate on their own team and stop whining about the Leafs.

  22. GreatWhiteNorth says:

    Havlat is a little punk. No one in the league respects him, and this type of thing makes me understand why the Sens thought about trading him this summer. Who does this kid think he is? Does he have no respect for his fellow players at all?

    Someone needs to step up and put this kid in his place, in the NHL office and on the ice. It’s gotta be tough for the guys in his locker room playing with a guy that has no respect for anyone but himself.

  23. poulin20 says:

    That’s my point. EVEN HIS OWN COACH knows (knew) he has no heart. And, even if he had stepped on the ice after the bulk of the fracas, who would he have had to deal with? The only Flyers left were Kim Johnson, Sami Kapanen, Eric Desjardins, Sean Burke?… I highly doubt they would have run him.

    One thing you did not see from Havlat on the bench is any desire to get out there, whether the coach would have let him on not. He looked scared.

    I would have been embarrassed to be him. He doesn’t have to be a fighter or a tough guy to get respect, he just has to knock off the cheap shots.

  24. poulin20 says:

    Recchi is good…Tucker is better!

  25. nonhl2005 says:

    True but that was the old NHL, when the NHLPA had more weight with the league. Hopefully this type of sh!t won’t be acceptable and will be handled properly. We will see soon enough.

  26. 92-93 says:

    If anyone wants to read a really ridiculous piece of ‘journalism’ – check this one out: http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Columnists/Brennan/2005/10/17/1266170-sun.html

    The reportere excuses Havlat’s attempt at kicking Gill in the family jewels with a sharp skate blade because of the size difference and follows it up with comments like: “Personally, I like that he has an edge that makes his responses unpredictable. “

    are you kidding me?

  27. Aetherial says:

    Havlat has a history of this and a pretty well-established reputation for cheap shots…

    and cowering like a ***** away from any legitimate physical play.

    The one I would like to the suspension for was the INTENTIONAL knee on knee that he did on Domi in the second Ott/Tor game. That was flagrant, it was Bryan Marchment-ish play at its best.

    Just like the ***** Sens, whose idea of physical play is to high-stick people in the face or cross-check someone from behind when one of their players gets legitimately hit. (Chris Neil).

    They still have no idea what toughness it. They’re having a real fun old time with the tea-party rules the NHL is enforcing now… as soon as some real ad versity hits though… they have a lot to prove this year. Havlat’s BS isn’t proving anything.

  28. 92-93 says:

    lol. yeah i see your point. toronto does have gritty and tough players but then there’s guys like Belak who brings the whole team down. Domi is a fighter and did a dirty act against Niedermeyer while Tucker made a questionable hit on Peca. But other than getting under people’s skins or defending their teammates they are not dirty players.

  29. Aetherial says:

    Where does the Leafs have anything to do with this.

    If it was a LEAF player who did this, you can bet that every person on this board would be screaming for a life-time ban.

    As long as we are going to bring up Leaf incidents from a couple years ago… why not criticize the Flyers for the Broad Street Bully teams of the 70’s?

    The League and the Ref’s watched Tucker’s hit on Peca… no penalty, no action taken. The geniuses here though have decided it is STILL worthy of bringing up. How about we go back to debating Alfredsson hitting Tucker from behind and breaking his scapula? We don’t because the Leafs fans rean’t bringing it up, because it is old news.

    Havlat’s history is recent and consistent and he got away with an attempt to injure already this year. He is a chicken-shit ***** and someone, someday is gonna take him out of this league because of it.

  30. capouel says:

    I can’t say that this was a very bright move.. But for me it seems like a desperate try to get this big Gill off him. Let’s face it, when your arms are blocked what is your first reflexes…

    I think he must be suspended and I agree that dangerous plays should be judged in terms of intention not just the results but 25 games is too much. Come on, we’ve seen worst moves with no suspension at all.

  31. 92-93 says:

    now senators fans, notice that aetherial didn’t mention anything about ‘sens fans’ and what ‘sens fans are like.’ all he did was make a comment/characterization about the Sens hockey club and their style of play. but do you realize that numerous Sens fans make their posts and not only criticize the Leafs but their fans as well? why is that? its amazing. the Leafs just might (i said ‘MIGHT’) have the most fans of any NHL franchise – perhaps millions. and many of the posts by Sens fans on HTR seem to generalize Leaf fans in one simple little, narrow-minded comment.

    i’ve written elsewhere (ottawa Sens season preview thread i believe) that it always seems that the Leafs are in the back of the minds of some Sens fans and reporters (I said ‘SOME’ fans). which is quite sad.

    readings some of the posts by Sens fans (and reporters – refer to my last post) is quite remarkable. then reading responses to Leaf-fan posts that say that ALL Leaf fans are biased is remarkable still.

  32. 92-93 says:

    actually i brought it up earlier lol. but like you i did it to prove a point.

  33. GreatWhiteNorth says:

    The Leafs have nothing to do with this. Anyone who brings them up is simply using misdirection to try to avoid the point that Havlat is a little wuss who will kick you like little kid when things don’t go his way.

  34. SabresFan220 says:

    I’m surprised it took until me saying it now to draw the Havlat/Ribiero cowardly comparison. Ribiero lost any respect anyone had for him last season with that pathetic display of cowardice in the playoffs. I hope Montreal fans were embarrassed by his actions to draw that penalty. I can’t recall Havlat doing something like that yet, but he is bad enough to.

  35. JeffBurnz09 says:

    Tucker went low on Peca, put him out of the series.

    Domi tried to take Neidermyers head off.

    The countless number of times they’ve started trouble with Ottawa.

    More specifically, a game against Ottawa last season played…can’t remember when, but Ottawa pretty much owned the Leafs and the 3rd period was a collection of Leaf cheap shots, dirty hits, and attempts to start fights. I think it was Domi who tried roughed up and tried to fight either Hossa or Havlat.

    If the Leafs arn’t like that, why does anyone who isn’t a Leaf fan think they are?

  36. JeffBurnz09 says:

    Alfredsson’s hit on Tucker was dirty…but considering it was Tucker, there’s no sympathy there. Tucker made a career doing just that kind of thing, and to see a guy dump Tucker from behind and score the winning goal at the same time is poetic justice. It would be like Steven Moore comming back to the NHL and blindsiding Bertuzzi. It’d be dirty, but who would say it was wrong?

  37. DomiforPrimeMinister says:

    Hey, now here’s the pot calling the kettle black. Whine, Whine, Whine, that’s all we heard from you in this case…. Ha ha ha!

  38. DomiforPrimeMinister says:

    It would be quite funny to see Emery skate the lenght of the ice, and be tackled by Domi or Tucker or Belak or anybody else. No one would let anybody touch Belfour! Emery would look retarded!!

  39. DomiforPrimeMinister says:

    Ha ha ha, that’s too funny!

  40. nonhl2005 says:

    You doing exactlly what your crtizing others for doing earlier. Get your facts straight. Recchi did not turtle, he just got smacked in the face by a cheap shot. Recchi has never turtled and to say he deserved the shot to face for hooking is as a$$inine as Havlat’s actions ( this week and since he came into the league ).
    What brawl are you referring to? Martin sent out Simpson, Ray and Van Allen who all proceeded to get smacked around by Brashear ( that’s ok everyone get’s smacked around by Brash ), Radivojevic and Markov. The only fight the Sens won was the Neil vs. Somik fight. That’s a big win, Somik who doesn’t fight and is 195 lbs soaking wet against a heavyweight. They need some class on that team, before Speeza becomes another panzie a$$ sissy. They hid Havenot in the box for the final 2 minutes and made other’s fight his battles.
    Until the NHL wises up and either sends a message to the Havlat’s and Tucker’s of the league this BS will continue. Either stop this sh!t right now or let the Bertuzzi’s and Brashear’s of the league settle it and keep that black eye the league doesn’t seem to want to get rid of.

  41. Aetherial says:

    Please provide me with the game misconduct penalties, and suspension history that Tucker has for cheap shots.

    You see, everyone throws this out there like it is *fact*, but I am finding precious little to support it.

    At most, I can find the Peca incident, which was borderline although it was nothing that 1) Rob Blake didn’t do all year and YES, he injured someone that year and 2) The League looked at and took no action whatsoever.

    I will admit that Tucker is a pain in the ass. He was pretty much a side-show Bob with is antics although that has LARGELY been cleaned up. He also is willing to drop them if he has to, right Mr. Roenick 🙂

    You won’t see Tucker cross-checking players in the face, knee-on-kneeing them, kicking them… and then running away and hiding.

    So, I get that people hate him and I get why. I just don’t see the history that everyone refers to. He is not Samuellson or Marchment or even Havlat. There is just no evidence to support that.

  42. mojo19 says:

    Wasn’t it Shannahan that took out Roy in that goalie fight. Hasek came in afterwards. I have it the whole game on my red wings box set dvd’s.

  43. muckies says:

    don’t be sad,

    the leafs suck and there fans whine constantly,

    you are proof of that

  44. Aetherial says:

    If you were to become any more stupid, I would lose my 6 times tables just from reading your idiocy.

  45. poulin20 says:

    True. Almost forgot that myself.

  46. 92-93 says:

    thanks for providing a good example of what i just send in response to aetherial’s comments.

  47. 92-93 says:

    where is this history that Tucker has? supensions etc.?

    one hit on peca and one that not everyone agrees is a dirty one. other than being a pest, has he intentionally tried to injure someone like marchment or havlat? show me some research here instead of just going but what everyone else says.

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