Havlat On His Way Out?

Spectorshockey.net and hockeyleaks.com are both reporting that Martin Havlat could be dealt by Ottawa when he returns from his suspension. Hockeyleaks listed Carolina and St.Louis as two teams that are interested. Erik Cole and Barrett Jackman are two player names mentioned

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  1. GretzNYR99 says:

    Havlat couldn’t hold Zherdev’s water. Havlat is a 2nd line scorer with a bit of potential while Zherdev is young and has the potential to be an elite player. His rookie year was fantastic, given he played about half of the games the average rookie played, and scored almost as many points as the top rookie producers on a shitty team. I have center ice, and I watch the BJ’s… Zherdev has amazing skills, vision, hands, and can skate like the wind, he’s going to be an elite talent one day.

  2. leafs_r_a_joke says:

    What about Havlat to Edmonton, they desperately need scoring?

  3. TheCoach says:

    I think a point per game average overvalues a couple of dirty incidents.

  4. TheCoach says:

    He scored 68 points in 68 games as a 22 year old.

  5. TheCoach says:

    Once again, Havlat scored at a point per game pace as a 22 year old playing 3rd line minutes. A little potential? The guy is young, and is one of the most talented players in the game.

    Ya, Zherdev is a great talent too, but nobody can say that he’s far above Havlat. At this point, he isn’t. Maybe in a few years.

  6. TheCoach says:

    Frankly, the Zherdev for Havlat trade doesn’t make sense for either team.

    Ottawa wants to win now. They have no time to wait around for Zherdev to develop like they did with Havlat.

    Columbus is building for the future. They won’t give up a great young player for another great, but older player who makes quite a bit more money.

  7. habs79 says:

    I agree with you about both points, especially the one about the Toronto media. Did you know that one program called “Leafs Lunch” starts of by calling itself the “one program that every one in the hockey world from GMs to coachs to players to fans listens to”. Yeah like all the important people in hockey really give a shit what Bill Watters and his dumbass sidekick what’s his name, says. Although if you are having a bad day, their stupidity does bring good humour to your day.

  8. poulin20 says:

    Yeah, and you will covet our sack of sh*t once Hasek blows out his groin/knee/back and/or when the Alzeimer’s sets into the old man.

  9. thatleafsguy says:

    exactly and if i’m carolina i keep the value i already have in erik cole. havlet has to much trouble behind him.

  10. thatleafsguy says:


    wheres the 50 goal 100 point season?

    thats greatness and superstardom.

  11. Marky2Fresh says:

    “who’s potential couldn’t Zherdev’s water.”

    Loving the English.

  12. 92-93 says:

    are you listening to yourself?!

    your are saying that if a player has talent they can get away with dirty actions?! its amazing what some people can get away with on this site.

  13. dcz28 says:

    I dont think Phillips is a UFA next year but Chara and Redden are unless they get signed in january…i’m pretty sure they wont let both go if not any if they can do it

  14. dcz28 says:

    Sorry if i mis-read…dont get me wrong i like Morrow and his style of play is needed on every team but i think Havlat has the potential of being a top offensive player in the NHL and players with skill like he has are not easy to find…the Sens have grit with Varada, Neil, McGrattan, Fisher, Chara, Phillips, Volchenkov and i would add Scheiffer too but only because he is great along the boards fighting for pucks and comming out with them (no he doesn’t fight or level guys) but being able to go in the corners and come out with the puck is a good thing for a player to be able to do…the Sens could use a guy like Morrow but personally i would trade Havlat to get him but thats my opinion

    PS…I like grinders since i’m a Wings fan i know how important they can be but you also need guys that their game is skill and finess on the team

  15. dcz28 says:

    I never said Havlat was a great player as it stands now but he has the potential to be as he is still young and learning…add the fact that Havlat was getting his points on the 3rd line with the Sens since he’s been here i think he has done pretty good…all i meant is he has the potential to be great but is very good as it stands right now and will only get better skill wise…and if they trade him it will probably be for a player that either is great right now but older or a young superstar in the making like they got for Hossa

  16. GretzNYR99 says:

    “…Couldn’t hold,” is what it should have read. Sorry.

    “Loving the english,” you mean? If you’re going to bash my english, at least use complete sentences, not a sentence fragment, you tool. Haha, nice attempt to save face, kiddo. The only thing you forgot is to cover your own mistake, and in the process, you made yourself look stupid.

    As the saying goes… “thanks, come again.”

  17. dcz28 says:

    lol I didn’t say Phoenix would do this trade and i don’t think they would because Doan is their captain but i just meant they should get a player of his style (powerforward) to get them over the hump just like the Wings did by getting Shanahan for Primeau and an aging Paul Coffey which paid off since they won back to back cups with Shanahan

    I see a lot of the 90’s Wings in the Sens since before the Wings won the cup in 97 they had a reputation of not being able to get it done in the playoffs after having great seasons and just like the Wings the Sens play a skill game of puck control and might be a “Shanahan” type player away from the cup…that is all i meant by the Doan comment and it was not an attempt to start a rumour

  18. dcz28 says:

    The way Esch is playing he wouldn’t be much of an upgrade over Emery if Hasek did get injured

  19. GretzNYR99 says:

    It’s pretty obvious that you’re a Sens fan. 3rd line minutes? Ok, but most of his points are come from the POWER PLAY, where he’s been on the first unit before. I have center ice, and have had it for the last few years…

  20. habs79 says:

    That is true, I’m pretty sure Niittymaki will take the starting job from Esche at some point this season.

  21. dcz28 says:

    I’m pretty sure Havlat is RFA next season so they wouldn’t lose him for nothing but his contract is for one year…as for Chara and Redden i think they will keep atleast one of them if not both plus they have some young players ready on defence so i dont see them going for Jackman but anything is possible i guess

  22. dcz28 says:

    Zerdev i think gets first line playing time and also is on the first pp unit so i’m not sure but i think he gets more ice time then Havlat but he does have a lot of skills since i watched him get blown away by my Wings last nite but he did make some good plays aside from running into one of his teamates twice…he will be a very good to great player in the future but as it stands i wouldn’t put him above Havlat

  23. dcz28 says:

    I agree with you and i think they would try to add Smolinski and his 2 million plus salary in a deal if they made one just like they did with DeVries to clear some cap space since Smolinski has been playing like a fourth line centre so far in this young season

  24. dcz28 says:

    Havlat is making 2.6 million for one year and is a RFA next year if i’m not mistaken…if that is who you meant

  25. dcz28 says:

    “maybe a package of guys like Fedorov, Taffe, a 1st rounder, and something else”

    The something else would have to be something extremely good since Federov (does not want to play in the minors) and Taffe are busts as it stands now and would have to clear waivers to get sent down since they wouldn’t bring much to the club or even come close to replace Havlat’s loss…i think thats one of your pipe dreams if you think a deal like that would go down unless like i said the something else is great

  26. dcz28 says:

    What could Edmonton give to get Havlat though? The only player that could interest the Sens would be Ryan Smith and even then i think Smiths salary is too expensive for the Sens right now since they will have to negotiate contracts for Chara, Redden, Spezza next year

    I said only Ryan Smith would interest them because they want the cup now and younger player like Pouliot or Schremp may not give them the replacement for Havlat this year thus not help them achieve their goal of a cup this year… but who knows anything could happen

  27. Veggetto19 says:

    Yea thanks for lettin mr know wats going on with him.

  28. GretzNYR99 says:

    It’ll be good of course, but you’re overrating Havlat. This guy isn’t as good as you’re cracking him out to be. Personally, I really don’t want him, I just think Sather will do something stupid and make a move for him if things go wrong.

  29. nanuuq says:

    There is no way they will trade Havlat unless they

    can get a point a game player in return.

    Just like the Hossa/Heatly trade.

  30. TheCoach says:

    So guys like Kovalchuk, Lecavalier, Sundin, Nash , etc aren’t superstars?

  31. TheCoach says:

    No, I’m saying that even if an extremely talented player does some dirty things, it doesn’t take away from their trade value.

  32. TheCoach says:

    He’s a 24 year old point per game player. What more would you want?

  33. Veggetto19 says:

    u guys are a bunch of asswipes so what esche had a couple of bad games youll be all over his nuts when he is carrying the team.

  34. dcz28 says:

    sorry i meant i would not trade Havlat straight up for Morrow

  35. TheCoach says:

    In 03/04, Havlat was ranked 139th out of all NHL forwards averaging 16:43 per game. That same year, he placed 22nd out of all forwards with 68 points in 68 games, and 12th averaging 1.00 PPG.

    He was 40th in the league in PP time on ice, averaging 3:40.

    From this, we can determine that Martin Havlat played a total of 1137:45 minutes during the season. Therefore, he averaged 0.060 points per minute played.

    In comparison:

    Ilya Kovalchuk – 0.045 points/minute played

    Martin St. Louis – 0.056 points/minute played

    Jason Spezza – 0.048 points/minute played

    Jarome Iginla – 0.042 points/minute played

    Therefore, one can assume that had Havlat played as many minutes as Ilya Kovalchuk (who led all forwards) he would have scored a total of 115 points, to lead the league.

    Don’t you just love stats?

  36. dcz28 says:

    I don’t think i’m overrating him but last i read (on spector’s trade rumours) is that the Ducks will try to unload Sergei Federov once he comes back from his groin injury and that the Rangers would be interested in him and that would sound more like a Sather move then dealing for Havlat…Federov and Jagr would make a great duo but only when Sergei feels like playing

  37. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    Don’t the ‘Gades need a punter?

  38. SensfanVone says:

    You no what i do love is how half the dicks on this site cant argue with the awesome post you just made big ups!!!

  39. G0LEAFSG0 says:


  40. Neely4Life says:

    Right now, Havlat’s value isnt worth much, so they will wait. My guess is he will be dealt at the draft, if not then, a trade deadline deal. But he isnt going n e where right now, and im really not too sure what u can get for him then. Depends on the season he has. No one saw the Heatly/Hossa tade. Maybe Hossa for Havlat, ahahaha.

  41. GretzNYR99 says:

    Havlat has not even scored 40 goals, you keep going back to this 30 goal 60 point season, wow. Good season, not great. Teemu Selanne scored 76 goals in his rookie year, your point is?

  42. GretzNYR99 says:

    I like Fedorov, we need a center man who can center on the top two lines, god knows Steve Rucchin is not a top 2 center anymore, and Fedorov plays effectively on both sides of the rink. A center who can play on the top two lines, the pp, and pk, and actually WIN FACEOFFS, is what we need desperately. Being that he’s injured, and Burke doesn’t like him much, I think we won’t have to give up and arm and a leg to get him, which would be great.

  43. GretzNYR99 says:

    He scored a point a game on one of the deepest teams in the league, and didn’t even come close to the team lead in scoring…

    What’s his point?

    Zherdev has FAR MORE potential, and will possibly be a 100+ point scorer, as Havlat will not. Zherdev is the real deal. Coach can put up stats all he wants, Havlat plays on a better team, and isn’t even in the top 3 of the depth chart. They can win without him, and if he was traded for Cole, I think they would win.

  44. GretzNYR99 says:

    I like Fedorov, we need a center man who can center on the top two lines, god knows Steve Rucchin is not a top 2 center anymore, and Fedorov plays effectively on both sides of the rink. We could also use a center who can win faceoffs…

  45. Mullet says:

    this new nhl sucks! no hits no grappling no fights its just that european hockey crap! oooh lets watch this little guy weave through the ice cause no one is allowed to touch him. i liked better when it was lets watch this little guy weave through the and bam he gets smacked with his head down. the new rules are causing players to hold back so they don’t get a penalty. plus all these penalties are tickin me off. i can only stand to watch a team ice the puck on the penalty kill for so long.

  46. TheCoach says:

    That’s my point. He was stuck on the third line for the amjority of the season, playing with the likes of Bryan Smolinski and Shaun Van Allen (not Hossa, Alfie, Spezza, Bonk) and he still put up fantastic numbers.

    Yes Zherdev has the potential to be a 100+ scorer, but to say that Havlat doesn’t is just pure ignorant.

  47. TheCoach says:

    Lecavalier and Nash has yet to put up a season where they averaged over a PPG, Havlat has.

    Would you condsider them stars?

    Or do you save that label for only Joe Sakic, Peter Forsberg and Jaromir Jagr?

  48. dcz28 says:

    Not only that but Federov is making a lot of money too so that cuts down the number of teams they can deal him to and what they can get in return for him unless they pick up some of his 6 million dollar contract

  49. ottawa1992 says:

    this sounds dumb but i’d like to see a trade with the pens. To OTT: Sidney Crosby,Ziggy Palffy To PIT: Martin Havlat, Vaclav Varada and Bryan Smolinski

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