Hawks already shopping Sharp

Barry Rozner | Daily Herald Columnist

The Blackhawks have talked to Toronto about Patrick Sharp, among other clubs, according to a team source.Where those discussions go now is unclear, but what is clear is that players like Sharp ($4 million), Dustin Byfuglien ($3 million), Kris Versteeg ($3 million) and Cam Barker ($3 million) are available because a movable contract today may not be movable a year from now if the player doesn’t perform next season.

And contracts will have to be moved before 2010-11, the result of the Hawks’ bungled salary-cap situation that threatens the future of their young core.

Between now and the fall of 2010, they’ll need to move about $15 million worth of contracts in order to sign their big three RFAs and put together a full roster.

Are the kids OK?

The vultures will be circling next summer if new GM Stan Bowman can’t move some big salaries and fix the mess he inherited from Dale Tallon.


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  1. wayne2 says:

    Well,if i was Chiacago i definately would keep Cam barker.Versteeg,probably.Sharp could be sent to clear space to re-sign Toews and Kane and Keith(all keepers) and I dont Byfuglien so cant comment on him.

  2. goose says:

    To Toronto: F, Sharp, Hjalmarsson
    To Chicago: D, Exelby, F, Hamilton & a 2nd or 3rd round pick in 2010


    To Toronto: F, Sharp, Barker
    To Chicago: D, Tomas Kaberle, F, Mayers, & a 4th or 5th round pick


    To Toronto: F, Sharp, D, Keith
    To Chicago: D, Tomas Kaberle, F, Foster & a 3rd round pick


    To Toronto: F, Sharp, D, Campbell
    To Chicago: D, Tomas Kaberle, F, Boyce, F, Mayers & a 4th round pick

  3. hockey_lover says:

    It will never happen but it would be neat to see the Pens clear some salary between some combination of Dupuis / Godard / Eaton and have Sharp come in and play on one of the top 2 lines.

  4. glotz_99 says:

    Sharp would look great in a Leafs jersey

  5. albertateams says:

    Your 3rd trade is nuts. You aren't getting Keith and Sharp for that

  6. glotz_99 says:

    i think the 1st trade is the most reasonable, but the blackhawks already have our 2nd round pick, so it would have to be like a exelby, hamilton, 3rd pick and mayers or stralman or something like that.  the leafs would still win that trade huge by taking advantage of the hawks bad cap situation.

    the one player i dont want to see come our way is Brian Campbell, there is no reason to handcuff our team for the next 7 years,  just to land sharp, and we would be helping the blackhawks out of their huge cap management.

    barker or keith would be sick to get, but I don't see the Hawks giving up some of the most promising young d-man in the league 

  7. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Do you know who could of did well with Sharp…Montreal…But genious Bob Gainey went for Scott Gomez instead…

  8. pezzz123 says:

    To TO : Campbell, Aliu

    To Chicago : Exelby, 5th rounder

    This will allow TO to move Kaberle for a good package (Vancouver, Florida, Columbus)

    To Montreal : Dustin Byfuglien

    To Chicago : Matt D'Agostini, Mathieu Carle, 3rd rounder

    Sign Derek Morris 1 year, 3 million

    Sharp – Toews – Kane
    Versteeg – Bolland – Hossa
    Ladd – Madden – Brouwer
    Eager – Burish – Kopecky
    D'Agostini, Beach

    Keith – Seabrook
    Barker – Morris
    Hjalmarsson – Exelby
    Johnson, Hendry


    In summer 2010, if they still lack cap space, dump Versteeg. They MUST keep Patrick Sharp.

  9. glotz_99 says:

    akim aliu is a little *****, and campbell has a horrible contarct, 7 mil over the next 7 years, why would the leafs handcuff themselves over the next 7 years, so they can be in the same trouble the hawks are in now.

  10. pezzz123 says:


    Alex Tanguay (born November 21, 1979) is a professional ice hockey player, currently playing for the Florida Panthers, however, this is probably being reported by Eklund – who is known for being retarded and wildly off the mark – and this will no doubt be refuted by TSN or some other respectable media source. He last played for the Montreal Canadiens of the National Hockey League (NHL). He has won a Stanley Cup in 2001 as a member of the Colorado Avalanche, with whom he was originally drafted 12th overall in the 1998 NHL Entry Draft, and has also previously played for the Calgary Flames.

    I have the print screen for those who don't trust me 🙂

  11. reinjosh says:

    its not their anymore 🙁
    but i totally believe you and thats effin hilarious
    the other day just after travis moen was signed by Montreal
    his cap page said that Moen had signed a 2 billion dollar plus contract
    and that montreal was over by like 2.34 billion dollars
    no joke it was hilarious

  12. reinjosh says:

    and get a 4th top 2 center and further screw your cap space
    brilliant idea

  13. reinjosh says:

    id do that trade
    Aliu is  a good prospect but id take Skille
    he hasnt had much luck with the team so it would be fine
    and its a bad length and he is overpaid by 1 – 2 million but he still plays well and he scored 52 points while being a plus player
    id do that trade in a second

  14. reinjosh says:

    though i would try to get Beach thrown in
    Obviously we might need to trade a little more

  15. zackman13 says:

    Per Anders Eklund (born August 6, 1965) is a Swedish murderer and rapist convicted of killing a 31-year-old woman in 2000 and a 10-year-old girl in 2008. Eklund is also a suspect in other murder cases currently under investigation, including the unsolved 1994 murder of Malin Olsson in Gothenburg.[1] On October 6, 2008, he was sentenced to life imprisonment for the two murders, one rape in Sandviken 2006 and on child pornography charges.Eklunds case became the most noted and most followed criminal case in Sweden during 2008, along with the crimes of Christine Schürrer.

  16. RealisticNick says:

    Still possible.  They have about 4.8M left to spend and only Plekanec, D'Agostini and Stewart left to sign.  Plekanec would almost certainly be part of the trade if they were to acquire Sharp.

  17. zackman13 says:

    This eklund… the real blogger!

  18. Kramer says:

    Sharp is from the 23rd century.

  19. habswinthecup-again says:

     He is from the 24th century, get your facts straight before you post crap like that!

  20. bbruins37 says:

    my god….this is exactly why i hate leaf fans. the 3rd trade espcially. do you not realize that keith is a top 5 defenseman in the entire NHL?

  21. hockey_lover says:

    When he first started out, he was a right winger. I dont see how it is totally impossible for him to go back to that position.

    *patting you on the head*  Shhhh!

  22. leafmeister says:

    The third trade is would take a lot more than that to get done. The fourth trade is a terrible one for the Leafs as you have it, but I would be more than willing to take Campbell of the Hawks if they were to throw in Sharp, and prospects.

    Kaberle, Exelby
    Campbell, Sharp, Beach, 1st

    Chicago is in a position where they will pretty much have to make a bad trade in order to keep Toews, Kane and Keith. That trade gives them almost 5 mil in cap space, gets them a tough d-man, and they still would have a top notch puck mover. Campbell`s contract is awful, but he is a good player, and the Leafs would be getting huge assets in return.

  23. zackman13 says:

    add in mayers and a 5th going to chicago




  24. cam7777 says:

    pezzz, seriously, you have to consider the other teams needs in these trades.  The Leafs aren't going to waste 3 million in capspace swapping Campbell for Kaberle.  Aliu is not good enough compensation for taking on that contract. And we have to give up Exelby and a pick.  Yay!

    D'Agostini could be a great winger the Habs.  He put up a fair number of goals in a short time there.  I'm sure they'd rather keep him than take on even more salary for Byfuglien. 
    Most teams will be reluctant to just take these guys on at all, much less give up cheap affordable players and prospects in return.  
  25. mon167 says:

    Sharp is a great player, and like leafsnation91 said, montreal would have done very well to get him here…its not that scott gomez isn't good its that for the money he is being paid he isn't good IMO. But nothing is worse than the Gionta signing (also IMO).

    As for the blackhawks i would probably shop sharp to clear up cap space…
    and if i was a leafs fan i would def hope he went to toronto…just you have to make a package that is both worth it and not too high in salary cap which would defeat the purpose of getting rid of sharp. I don't know if it'll happen….

  26. trueblue says:

    thank you….

    i couldnt have said it better myself…makes you laugh cause its such a joke!!!

  27. pezzz123 says:

    Who would you rather have :

    Option 1 : Kaberle, Exelby, 5th rounder

    Option 2 : Campbell, Aliu, Roster player, Top prospect, 1rst rounder

    If you take option 1, then I won't even bother explaining you.

    Switch Aliu for Beach if it really bothers you.

    Campbell is only overpaid by 1 or 1.5 million, so it's not like it's the worst contract out there. He's still an elite puck-mover, and having him would allow the Leafs to move Kaberle for a good package. If you're really rebuilding, you HAVE to consider this. Kaberle is so valuable because of his cheap deal. When you're gonna be contending again, he's gonna cost 5.5 or 6 million therefore losing his actual trade value.

    For the Habs, I don't know if you actually watched D'Agostini play, but he's the most inconsistent player ever. He scored something like 5 goals in his first 4 games, then disapearing for the rest of the season. Unless he improves seriously his work ethic, he's a minor leaguer. And Byfuglien would add that toughness, grit, and goalie screen they lack up front. They lack a goal scorer too, and Beef is all this.

    Ask Reinjosh, he would do this deal, so he might wanna tell you why it's all good.

  28. pezzz123 says:

    actually, he's a LW/C. No RW at all.

  29. mojo19 says:

    I wouldn't be interested in Campbell and his contract, but that's not a bad deal depending on who the roster player is, and I prefer Beach to Aliu.

  30. pezzz123 says:

    Let's say the return for Kaberle is Umberger, Mayorov and a 1rst rounder.

    The only reason you can't trade Kaberle right now is because you won't have anyone to move the puck. If you have Campbell, you can afford to move Kaberle. I know Campbell is bad defensively, but with Schenn, Komisarek and Beauchemin backing him up, you can afford his inconsistency.

    And I know too Campbell has a huge contract, but he's still a #1 puck-mover, exactly what you need to afford moving Kaberle. He's not paid to play defense and shut down Crosby and cie. He's paid to put up some points, and THAT, you can't say he's not doing it.

    I'll let you have Beach instead of Aliu.

    So it looks like this :

    IN : Campbell, Beach, Umberger, Mayorov, 1rst rounder

    OUT : Kaberle, Exelby, 5th rounder

    With this, you're maybe 2 years ahead of schedule in your rebuilding. It IS a great turn around.

  31. blaze says:

    you can only trade Kaberle once you know.

  32. blaze says:

    haha read my screen name and make your own assumptions on that one

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