Hawks express frustration, anger over NHL lockout

To go along with their frustration over the lack of progress on the NHL labor front, some players are now becoming angry as the lockout continued into its second week.

“Why wouldn’t anybody be angry?” Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toewssaid Monday after an informal workout at Johnny’s IceHouse West in Chicago. “If you know anything about what’s happened in the last little while and the history of our game the last 20 years or so, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out. It’s pretty frustrating how things have gone. I’m definitely not happy about it.”

The fourth work stoppage (third lockout) in the league in the last two decades began Sept. 15 when the collective bargaining agreement expired and the NHL and NHL Players’ Association haven’t formally negotiated since Sept. 12 and have no talks planned. There are growing fears that the entire 2012-13 season will be lost in the labor dispute, like what happened when the ’04-05 season was canceled.

“We saw what the (owners) did in ’04-05 and who knows if they’re willing to do that again,” Toews said. “To me, it’s just carelessness. It’s them just trying to show everyone that they’re the owners and they’re the league. They can do whatever they want. If they want to hurt their own game and drive it into the ground that’s what they’ll do. Even if it comes down to that, it doesn’t matter as long as they get what they want.

“It’s frustrating it’s gone this far,” Toews said. “We’re a week into it already and a lot of people are starting to get antsy. Especially fans all over Chicago and all over the place. It’s not really fair to them, either.”

The players believe their last proposal to the league solves many of the issues between the sides, including a cut in the hockey-related revenue they’d receive and also a revenue-sharing plan that would allow the teams doing well financially to aid the struggling ones.


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  1. reinjosh says:

    So I’m sort of sick of the lockout, so instead I’m going to focus on hockey that I can actually watch. Junior!

    This upcoming draft is shaping up to be terrific. After the top guys that everyone knows, like Barkov, Seth Jones, Monahan, Shinkaruk and of course MacKinnon, there are a lot of intriguing players.

    Curtis Lazar of the Oil Kings. During their run last year in the playoffs, he broke out. He’s a terrific two-way player that’s drawn comparisons to Kesler, Mike Richards and Shane Doan. He does everything you want from a hockey player. Can win you a much needed faceoff, play hard in the corners, backcheck, play on the PK and score.

    Jonathan Drouin. MacKinnon’s running mate. He’s been compared to Giroux/Datsyuk in the type of offensive talent he has. He just won the Q’s player of the week and in a few games has showcased some insane offensive ability. The guy’s hockey IQ is off the charts. Just a sublime playmaker. He sort of had issues with the Mooseheads last year and refused to play for them for almost half the season but they finally convinced him too. He could fall for size issues (he’s only 5’11) and for being a potential head case, or he could just as easily go top 10 if he keeps up his hot start.

    Kerby Rychel of the Windsor Spitfires. The prototypical power forward. He plays big and he plays mean. He won’t go around you if your in his way, he’ll just go through you. He’s got some good offensive ability to go with his size and nastiness and is very adept at making room for linemates.

    Zach Fucale. Another MacKinnon teammate, this time the goalie. Should compete with Adam Erne as the top goalie in this draft. He was very good for the Mooseheads last year.

    Ryan Pulock a dman for the Wheat Kings. He was actually the third highest scoring dman in the WHL last year, outscoring Pittsburgh first rounder Pouliot. He’s got NHL size already at 6 foot 1 and 210 pounds. Physical too.

    Valeri Nichushkin, a 6 foot 3 Russian center. Not only is he big, but he’s fast. He’s got some great offensive skill but also the Russian factor.

    Ryan Kunjawinski. After leaving the Sarnia Sting last year, he broke out for 30 points in 30 games. He’s a big center, who using his body well and is physical. He’s raw but has high upside.

    Bo Horvat. Everyone knows about Max Domi but Horvat is getting a little of the short stick. He’s not big, he doesn’t get top line minutes, but he sort of does everything, like Lazar, except doesn’t score as much. When given the opportunity, Horvat’s shown he can produce offensively, but being on such a deep offensive team in London, and excelling on the little things that every team needs (PK play, defensive play), he’s getting the Jordan Staal treatment.

  2. ZillyHoo says:

    Wonder where the Leafs end up in that draft…

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