Hawks G.M. Tallon expected to make trade soon

Dale Tallon was a busy guy Thursday: He made a trade, extended a player’s contract and reassigned another player to Rockford.

The Blackhawks general manager isn’t done altering the roster as he attempts not only to pull the Hawks out of their seven-game tailspin but at the same time build for the future.


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  1. CDyer says:

    You would almost have to think that any trade would be centered around Tuomu Ruutu. The guy has not lived up to expectations. Maybe they were too lofty, but he still could become a reliable second line centre. I would assume that is who he is looking at dealing, and he would generate some interest.

  2. dog_farts says:

    I can't see them trading Ruutu.  He's not going to be the scorer that they thought he'd be, but if you watch them play, he's the heart and the soul of that team.  He throws his body at every player he can on every shift.  If they get rid of him they'll need a heart transplant.  He even fought tonight.

  3. habswinthecup-again says:

     I agree, Ruutu is awesome and I would love for the Habs to have him playing for them. He never reached his full potential in part because of injuries but as you say he still plays his guts out every game and would be a big asset to any team that got him.

  4. A-Train24 says:

    I would love to have Ruutu on the Senators, what would it take to get him in a sens uni.

    To Ottawa:
    Ruutu (2.25, RFA), 4th rnd pick
    To Chicago:
    Vermette (1.075, RFA), 2nd rnd pick/Henessey

    Kind of afraid to deal with Chicago though, last two trades the Blackhawks killed us.  We sent them Smolinsky, Havlat, Bochensky and got Hennesy (Minor Leaguer), Preissing (decent for one season), Barinka (Minor Leaguer), 2nd rnd pick and Arnason (no goals for sens)

  5. hil00 says:

    Either Perreault or Ruutu is out *****

  6. bonoboy says:

    Pavel Kubina to hawks! Will be done monday.

  7. ovechkin8 says:

    3 WAY TRADE:

    to chicago:
    to boston:
    to toronto:

  8. bernonedown says:

    its funny how all you guys were probably praising Regeir after last year….this is just what happens to teams with too many good players…… i mean i would definaltly have Briere or Drury over Vanek, which is the only mistake he made……. and i still blame that one on kevin lowe……. but other than that its not his fault cambell wants to hold off…… there are plenty of campbell calibre defenceman out there for less money, he has just had a few too many guys have too good of year. The Sabres do have enough players to make up for the loss of campbell, plus if they get rid of Afinogenov at the deadline, they will be in a nice spot to rebound next year. Up front is less of a concern, with Connelly, Roy, Pominville, Hecht. If Vanek returns to form, and younger players such as Clarke McAurthur, Dan Paille and Drew Stafford step in and produce the way the have in the past at junior levels, their offense will be just as good as last years, if not better. Briere and Drury are hard shoes to fill, but once this offence finds its confidence then watch out. Also, with a bit of cap room left, I'm sure the Sabres could find an adequate replacement or 2 for not much money. If the free agent frenzy started today this is who would be available http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=160531&hubname=    good defensemen for under 4 million based on play the last 2 seasons include bringing back Jay McKee, Pavel Kubina, Salei, F. Kaberle, Corvo and Kuba, its not too far out to think the Sabres could bring in 2 of these guys for under 6 million, when campbell will command the same….  throw one or two of them in with Lydman, Tillander, Kalinin, Paetsch, Sekera, Pratt and Spacek  if they bring either back…. not only would that solidify their top 4, but it would also give their defense some much needed depth. Buffalo will definatly be ok for next year…….. if they arent one of the Leagues top teams.

  9. bernonedown says:

    wrong post!

  10. micky says:

    you're an idiot! leafs get rid of a 38 yr old rent a player and maybe the worst and most overpaid dman, for young stars (kessel and lucic), and a solid 2 way player (sturm)….and after that they plan on moving Belak to MTL for Price.

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