Hawks & Islanders set to deal?

TSN is reporting that the New York Islanders are looking to dump even more salary and trade Mark Parrish to the troubled Chicago Blackhawks. Rumour has it they are looking to include Eric Cairns in the package as well. Hawks GM bob Pulford said that Wiemer was a part of a bigger deal that would have been done, but it hinged on Wiemer clearing waivers, which didn’t happen. No word on who may be returning to the Island. The Isles fans cant be happy about this sudden penny pinching tactics. If the Isles are looking to deal Hamrlik, then will look to Cairns to take some of that ice time, and doesn’t make sense trading him for salary purposes at only $900,000. Hamrlik, Niniima & Aucion were all among the top 10 in ice time last year and the coach Steve Stirling was looking to ease the load on them by giving Cairns more ice time. So what is Mad Mike up to in Long Island? Stay tuned to see what develops.

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  1. MantaRay says:

    The Hawks for some stupid reason are looking to unload Arnason (who doesn’t get along with Sutter).

    I don’t think the Hawks have any D-men of interest to deal (other than Klemm).

  2. Tweek says:

    Why exactly is Mad Mike still on the island….He is the biggest wack job there is…..a trade that till has me shaking my head is getting rid of loungo and plugging dipietro in……dipietro is having a good year now but just imagine how the isles would have done if they had loungo the past three years….poor loungo is being wasted by the panthers!

  3. McNevan says:

    Ya, I dont think they should trade Arnason, he one of the few bright spots on that team. And no I dont think they have any defencemen of interest to deal.

  4. McNevan says:

    Good Question, and yes they forward they could of got in the draft, and just kept Luongo, they would of been a lot farther ahead if they picked Heatley. Would you rather have Dipietro and wait for the 2 or 3 years progress that Luongo already had, or just keep Luongo an take Heatley…… hmm… Mad Mike made a slick move there. What bone head.

  5. wayne2 says:

    For the record its Luongo and he is still youg and

    the panthers are a young team with great potential:


    etc…So he is only “wasted“ for a little more time only.

  6. Zamboni says:

    Hawks. Stupid. Yep, that about sums it up. But they could definitely use a power forward. Daisy…er…Daze is talking possible retirement instead of having back surgery again. Arnason wouldn’t be a huge loss in exchange for Parrish. Sounds like an aging underachieving prospect for a guy with fairly limited upside to me.

  7. Tweek says:

    I only said wasted on the context that he could have played in the playoffs twice by now and yes the panthers are a up and rising team its just that he’s been ready to go but he has had to wait for the team to develop around him………i like the panthers i just feel bad for him

  8. nskerr says:

    Not for nothing, but Milbury said no deals would be made until the Isles return after their road trip. They finish against Columbus on Saturday. Second; these reports have been going around for weeks, and in not one of them has it listed who the Isles are going to get. Do you honestly think the Isles will trade a 25 goal scorer and a 6th defensman for a bag of pucks? If Chicago had such great prospects, they would be playing for the Blackhawks now which means it will either be draft picks or players on the major squad. Since no Blackhawk has been mentioned, I think these rumors are BS.

  9. MossRocks says:

    They should deal him while guys like you still overrate him. Call him Kyle Calder 2004.

  10. Kashin says:

    Parrish/Carins to hawks for whom? Unless Daze or Sullivan is coming over which isnt happening then I dont want a trade. Parrish has been good lately so nothing is happening.

  11. Lynchmob450 says:

    Milbury is always trying to outdo his past GREAT deals (including trading Luongo and Bertuzzi!!! What a mo-fo!!).

  12. Beckfan5 says:

    Its funny how Milbury has to cut salaries of $1.6 here and another $1.+ there, but Wang somehow has pulled $280+ mill out of his ass to try and bring the Netsto Long Island. Where have you gone John Spano?

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