Hawks may try to move Halvat

The Daily Herard is suggesting that the Black Hawks and Martin Havlat may soon part company.

The oft injured Havlat has not played up to expectations in Chicago and his recent comments abut coach Denis Savard may be just too much for the Hawks to handle.

It is suggested that the Hawks may make Havlat available before this seasons trade deadline however it may be a little difficult to find a team to pick up his 6 million dollar contract because of the amount of games that he misses. Some of the teams that may be interested in taking a gamble on Havlat in clued the Canucks, Detroit, Philly, San Jose or Anaheim … that is if they are not able to land Sundin.

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22 Responses to Hawks may try to move Halvat

  1. BruMagnus says:

    Hmmmm. given these facts, the Hawks would be bargaining from a position of weakness.

    I wonder what it would take the Pens to take him off their hands?

    How about:
    Christensen/Kennedy and Esposito?

  2. ovechkin8 says:

    Wow i would love to see this guy play on the left side of hemsky in edmonton.They would have great chemistry together
    to edmonton:
    to chicago:
    3rd round 2008

  3. Nans says:

    This guy is a loser, plane and simple.  His former team mates of come out and said "he will not play through pain, or any kind of discomfort." If a team is lookin for a 60-80 point guy, that will give u a 1/2 effort on most nights, and might play a little more than 1/2 the season, at 6 mil, than this is your man.

    Will add a little offense to any team, but not much else.

  4. yesca22 says:

    I think Havlat could work well on the Pens, but the cap hit would be too much. He's in the same boat as Hossa, great fit as a player but bad fit financially due to the clubs self-imposed cap.

  5. BurkeJr says:

    San Jose are big and tough, Philly are tough and skilled,Vancouver are cheap and goalie-dependant, and Detroit & Anaheim are just too smart….Martin Havlat has no place on any of these teams.

    In a league dictated by the numbers, why would any sensible GM take on a 6 million dollar player who plays a third of the time and produces even less…?
    Dale Tallon made that mistake, none of the listed teams will bail him out of that one. If he goes anywhere, it'll be to a team depserate for a spark (or a GM desperate to keep his job).
    Sundin to Vancouver, if anywhere.
    Hossa to St.Louis.
    Forsberg to NOT return, and hopefully people stop talking about him (he hardly produced for Nashville last year…)
  6. hockey_lover says:

    Havlat has all the talent in the world. Problem is, he has a body made of fine china. A stiff wind breaks his shoulder and puts him on the shelf for 3 months. Same story every year for the last 3 years or so.

    But again, has tons of talent. 300-ish points in about 375 games isnt all that bad. Not worth $6M a year, THATS for sure. But, given current salaries, Id say he'd be worth about $4m a year. Almost a point a game for his career. I figure if he plays 82 games, he's the type of guy to get 70 points and that aint to shabby. Problem is, he'll only play 50 games a year.

    Hard to take a chance on him. If I were the Hawks, Id unload him but for what? Who knows.

  7. BruMagnus says:

    I think he would work very well with the Pens. They are the kind of team that would help him flourish methinks (like so many other stars in the League like Straka, Kovalev, even Lang).

    As for the Cap hit, it'd only be around $2-2.5 million for this year, and he only has 1 year left at $6 million for next year.

    I've said it many times that the Pens should try to get a player that is a UFA in 2 years, someone like Kovalev, Tanguay, or now Havlat, when Malkin and possibly Staal get their big raises.

    As for the self-imposed cap, it's completly *****ing the Penguins chances to be a serious Contender. They SHOULD be taking advantage of the cheap entry-level contracts… but those poor bastards aren't! They should seriously ask Mario for a $5-10 million loan. They'd easly be able to pay him back in 5-7 years.

  8. BruMagnus says:

    I think Havlat could work well on the Blue Jackets.

    How about:
    Brule or Brassard and a 1st or 2nd rounder?

  9. Habs_pm says:

    I think toilet paper has more durability that Havlat….

    If he can play 82 games he would be very dominant. No doubt he would be a valuable asset to any team if they would pick him up…..(Healthy)

  10. habsoverserver says:

    havlat is worth $4million. if they would take back $2million in salary they could do a deal.  but i very much doubt they could get a lot of talent for him. 

  11. slootermac says:

    when healthy, havlat may be the most dangerous player in the league offensively… I'd welcome him to the flyers as a fan of philadelphia, don't know what I would give up for him, but at least you know in philadelphia he would be protected. Could you imagine a first line of havlat, briere and gagne? Could anyone catch them? Doubtful

  12. A-Train24 says:

    If I'm the Hawks I GLADLY take Brassard and a first rounder of Columbus' hands.  Havalt is damaged goods and can be had for much, much less.

    Think about it, Havlat and Smolinsky got traded for Preissing, Hennesy and Baranka.  Since that trade, Havlat has doubled his salary and fragility.  Havlat will not fetch much more then 3rd liner and 2nd, or a (late) 1rst round pick

  13. bogey says:

    thats deffinately right. havlat is always an offensive threat. the team i'd like to see him go to most is vancouver. there he could work with the Sedin twins and produce more goals for a team that is so used to winning games 2-1 or 1-0 because of Luongo.

  14. bogey says:

    thats deffinately right. havlat is always an offensive threat. the team i'd like to see him go to most is vancouver. there he could work with the Sedin twins and produce more goals for a team that is so used to winning games 3-2 or 2-1 because of Luongo.

  15. RoenickTheGreat says:

    $6M for a guy who hasn't lasted a season yet, game-breaker or not, way over-paid and any team willing to spend this much on this guy is on crack.

  16. mojo19 says:

    If landing a player of Havlatt's calibre means going another round in deeper in the playoffs, which would lead to another guaranteed 2 home games, he' practically pay for himself for this year.

    I'm thinking Colby Armstrong and Kris Letang and a prospect or something might work. But who knows what Chicago wants for Marty.

  17. mojo19 says:

    He's a gamble, but if Havlatt could stay healthy enough to play over 65 games, he'd put up over 70 pts and win some games for your team. And he's hands are amazing, I picture him being dirty in shootouts.

  18. BruMagnus says:

    Letang's going nowhere, not after losing Noah Welch for Gary Roberts.

  19. deadbeatdrunkfather says:

    TO give him some credit in th eplayoffs with the senators he got his 3 front teeth knocked out in the 2nd period (not sure what year) and came back the next period and played unreal…. the guy is talented but overpaid and is def not on the right team….. i could see him get traded to either the sharks or the blues… even though he is injury prone ive always wanted him on the rangers… but 6 mil is to much i mean drury gets 7 mil so payin him 6 mil isnt that bad…. anyone know how much marleau makes a year????

  20. mojo19 says:

    I think you'd have to give up someone like that to land Havlatt though. They're gonna want someone really good back, I think Letang would have to be involved. (Tyler?) Kennedy, I'm not too sure about, but it looks like he's got sweet hands. I don't know, I thought that trade was reasonable for both sides. Havlatt could really thrive in Pitty.

    AND this offseason I think the Pens should make a serious pitch for Campbell if he ends up being available.

  21. BruMagnus says:

    It's not a bad trade if Havlat pans out, I agree with you that we'd have to give up something big. My problem is I love Armstrong, Christensen and Kennedy, and all for different reasons and I don't want to see any of them (or Malone) go. Last year there were tons of losers like Petrovicky and Cairns, Kwaitkowski, Melichar, etc. that I wanted gone. Now I think with time the current roster, with the addition of a defensive defenseman and one more scoring winger, are Cup Favorites.

    CAmpbell is not the solution we need. We have enough offensive dmen. We need a Pronger, Phaneuf or Chara type player.

  22. BruMagnus says:

    I hear the Leafs and Flyers are heavily pursuing him….

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