Healtey SAYS NO to Oilers. TRADE REJECTED!

According to TSN.ca/nhl

Dany Heatley says no when asked to waive his no-movement clause to facilitate an agreed-upon trade between the Ottawa Senators and Edmonton Oilers that would have sent Andrew Cogliano, Dustin Penner and Ladislav Smid to Ottawa.

Now this is going to be CRAZY! not only does Ottawa fans hate him now, but so will Oiler fans.

Wow… his list did not include the Oilers… so what happens now?
Here is the deal, seems as if the Contract does not hold true for tonight. The 4 million that is due to Heatley has until July 1st at midnight. NOT June 30th! which everyone thought. So Ottawa has 1 more day left to get it done.

Ottawa has time, 1 day to be exact. on July 1st by midnight he has to be dealt or else he is owed the 4million from Ottawa and might be stuck sitting out.

All I can say is WOW. What happens now?

Sure he has another day to be dealt but Ottawa GM Murry has to be very very unhappy with this.

Remember Heatleys teams of choice where:
LA Kings, NY Rangers, Sharks, Red Wings, Blackhawks, Canucks and Boston

Where will he go? he has ANOTHER 24 hours. Teams in Canada have to be beside themselves. Seems like Heatley wants out of Canada all together.

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  1. Hatyfranco says:

    If I'm not mistaken, the team he gets dealt to has to pay that $4M, so I'm sure the other teams aren't thrilled about having to pay that either. If Ottawa doesn't get the right deal, they can pay the guy and have all summer to move him, and not 24 hours. I wish Murray wouldn't trade him at all. Let the baby sulk in Ottawa.

  2. wayne2 says:

    Well,for the first time since requesting a deal Heatley has done something good for the sens,only Cogliano was good on the way back.Even oillers fan agree Penner is overpaid and Smid is so-so.I get a feeling Heatley will be hated by more than one team.Bouwmeester signed with Calgary so maybe now is the time for a Phaneuf for Heatley deal?Hell,give them Smith with it.

  3. Wilson52 says:

    Everyone is killing Heatley but who does this Clouston guy think he is?  A rookie head coach calling out a 50 goal scorer in the media.  Hey Clouston, 50 goal players in today's game do not grow on trees.    Heatley must be going what the heck is going on when he heard this clown call him out.   Seeing a guy like Spezza dogging it constantly but Clouston calls out Heatley of all people.  Its stunts like these along with Murray and Alfredsson that Otttawa will never win a cup under this regime.  Have fun Ottawa, you deserve this mess.  Making Heatley the bad guy in this scenario when you have management that has made several bonehard decisions. 

  4. i_know_hockey says:

    poor baby… beggers cant be choosers milk dud

  5. azzkikr2100 says:

    You guys are bashing Heatley for wanting to pick the team that he goes to…?

    Isnt that kind of the point of a no-trade clause?

    Maybe he feels that the Oilers arent the right team for him…? Maybe he just wants out of the insane spotlight that all players get in canada…?

    I am not trying to defend him… But that is exactly what a no-trade clause is for… to pick if/when/where you want to be moved. Am I wrong?

  6. Rico420 says:

    *ring ring..ring ring*
    "Is this Dany the most hated man in Canada Heatley?"
    "Yes it is…"
    "Hi Dany this is your chance to make the olympic team I just wanted to say goodbye.."

    what a douche.

  7. cam7777 says:

    yes, that's true, but the argument is that heatley does not wish to honor his current contract, but still has no problem invoking his no-movement portion of it.  it's kind of hypocritical to say the least….

  8. Wilson52 says:

      Then your management should of put a no movement clause on his contract.  That is Murray's bad.  They are trying to make Heatley look bad or trying to get more leaking out the Edmonton deal.  Personally Murray should have been gone last year.  He has been given too many free passes.  How many coaches has he hired and fired as of late.  Its silly.  He is the one constant.  Plus what rookie head coach calls out a big time goal scorer in the media?  I do not blame Heatley especially when he sees Spezza dogging it constantly and he is a coach killer.  Makes no sense but that is the Sens.  Redden over Chara, Gerber over Emery, Now its Spezza, Clouston and Murray over Heatley.  Good job Sens. 

  9. ranger_fan says:

    If Heatley does not waive it to go to Edmonton, NY is the only logical choice today. The problem is Ottawa will not get a return like this. Our young forwards are highly valued. We do have a surplus of solid defensemen.

    So my advice to Murray is sign an impact player around 7 million TODAY. Trade Heatley to NY for a defensive prospect and mid level forward prospect. It's the only way Heatley won't be traded for nothing while the Sens don't pay 4 million.

    A full circle scenario is Hossa. I'm not sure how welcomed he will be. The Sedin's are a possibility too. Give the twins 5.75/year and then trade Heatley. Sens fans will realize trading Heatley was needed to get them.

  10. cam7777 says:

    oh i agree that murray is ultimately the problem in ottawa.  he has lost sight of what his plan for the team was, and now he's just struggling to restore them to being a playoff-contender.  he's forgotten the big picture, for sure, and signed all sorts of ridiclous contracts (I consider Kelly and Fisher to be highly overpaid).

    but still, you can't say you don't want to honor your contract with a team anymore, but continue to honor the one portion of it that is beneficial to you.  the NMC is given to a player so that if the organization deems it necesary to trade him, they can't send him to the last place team in the league.  it isn't given so a player can hold his team ransom….

  11. redlight2424 says:

    This guy is a total idiot don't forget he murder is friend and got away with it what a looser heatley i hope you go to hell.

  12. Wilson52 says:

    You are making assumptions right now.  Who said he is not honouring his contract?  Until he does not show up to play then I will say you have a point.  However, right now it isn't.  Let me ask you this.  Would Heatley ask for a trade if Clouston did not go public with what he said about Heatley? 

  13. Flyer_Dman says:

    Man, I feel bad for Edmonton fans. Nobody wants to play there. Add Heatley to the list of Pronger, Hossa, et al. It’s a shame, cause they are constantly in the mix in trade rumors trying to get their team to the next level.

  14. zackman13 says:

    van just signed the twins 5yrs 6.1?

  15. muckies says:

    He;s booed ferociuosly in Atlanta because that organization and its fans were nothing but amazing to him pre and post accident, Ottawa traded Hossa for him and give him the huge contract and he plays on a line with two of the best players in the league (well give it to him good) now Edmonton if he goes somehwere else will totally hate this guy.
    Man, he isnt Todd Bertuzzi but his image went from tops to complete shytface baby in about 1 week. what a tool,

  16. muckies says:

    froma hockey point of view im happy heater rejected this offer, the only player i like in this deal is Cogliano, and he's a 5-6 guy on any team, wont be a superstar at all but a solid depth addition.

    I hope they can get something better for Heatley – even though he is proving he is a complete blockhead, he is still a top 3 LW in the game.  Edmonton would have won this trade hands down, not a complete fleccing like the Yashin deal, but would have been on par with the Pronger and Luongo steals.

  17. Sands says:

    hey man, thats one of the most low life things i think i've heard on this site. leave shit like that out of this. to knock a guy like that due to something tragic. It wasn't murder, it was a car accident. they call it an accident for a reason. you really s*****med it up with this post.

    the dude has a no trade clause. he can do what he wants. don't be upset that he doesn't want to play for your team. get over it and grow up. You're a sad excuse for a hockey fan

  18. Sands says:

    i agree… maybe not 100% but still, if you didn't want a player to exercise these rights.. you should not offer that in the deal.


  19. muckies says:

    Murray's doing a pretty solid job job here at totally runing Heatleys reputation. Once this deal is through, Id fire Bryan Murray, he did this to Redden, Emery, now Heatley, and sort of did it to Meszaros.

    His ego is getting in the way of the teams reputation as a solid and respectful organization. Just trade Heatley and move on, no need to use the press to ruin him. Murray has completeLY collapsed the Sens on and off the ice. Senson ticket renewals are the lowest in team history, that is all we need to know about how the fans see their team. I dont like Heatley's request, but at least the Sens could have showed some class instead of joining the Heatley camp in the classless gutter.

    Players like Vermette, Comrie, Chara and Emery left Ottawa with huge regret and had great things to say about the team. Additons like Leclaire, Kuba, Campoli really like it here, but sooner or later players and fans are going to turn on Murrays complete lack of respect for players he singles out and Ottawa will turn into the new Edmonton.

    We need a new face and a class act to take over, like Jacques Martin was/is, I say call STEVE YZERMAN, LARRY ROBINSON, or anybody and get a new guy in there to save this team from the shyt-show Murray has turned it into. 

    The Sens need to start over, Heatley's trade is the perfect place to start.

  20. cam7777 says:

    that's completely irrelevant (what clouston said).  we aren't talking about a guy who works at a local movie store, and was called out publically by his boss for not stocking the shelf properly.  this is a professional athlete who makes 7.5 million dollars a year to play the game he is supposed to love.

    if he can't take a little criticism from his coach, public or not, then he needs to grow the hell up.

  21. Wilson52 says:

      Yes it is.  I am sure you would like it that you have this new yahoo telling you how to do your job when you have produced real well at your job.  Do not give me this BS if you are going with that take.  Ottawa is a joke now.  Murray has to go before things can get better.

  22. redlight2424 says:

    shut up idiot it wasn't an accident heatley was going way to fast he *****ed and killed his friend moron.And a no trade clause don't give him the choice where he should go you understand meathead.

  23. redlight2424 says:

    by the way we don't take murderers on my team.

  24. muckies says:

    redlight, your a *****ing' tool, i shouldnt be wasting my time on you but id just like to tell you that your the type of person who karma will get to, your a lowlife and an angry and small minded shyt and guys like you always seem to be unhappy no matter what is going on. get a life.  

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