Heatley being shopped?

The Senators new Coach has invigarated his team, but he has squarely placed Dany Heatley in his dog-house. The truth of the matter is Heatley has some of the best hands in the league and is a pure sniper, but not once since 2 seasons ago Has Heatley ever put the team on his back like Spezza and Alfie have led the Sens to victory. Theirs a new expression in the Ottawa press and it`s called a DHFB (Dany Heatley FLY BY). Despite wearing an `A`, Heatley has done nothing to show he is a leader on the team. The Senators need to change the make-up of their team. The leadership from the Sens is changed to players like Foligno, Elliot and the usual Fisher, Alfie, Spezza, Phillips and Volchenkov and completly by-past Heatley. Heatley is not a leader – BUT he may be the best COMPLIMENTARY player in the game, a 2010 Olympian, a pure finisher teams like Vancouver and Pitt are looking for. The Sens need to free up money to rebuild their defence by signing J-Bo or some comparables this summer to rebuild their once feared transition game.

The Sens need a shake-up, and Heatley is one that could bring the return the Sens need to become a faster and more assertive team

Van: Heatley, Schubert
Ott: Hodgson, Van 1st 2009, Van 2nd 2009.

Pitt: Heatley, Schubert
Ott: Letang, Staal

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  1. bobdole says:

    chirs neil, kuba, Volchenkov, theres alot of guys heatley is faster then. 28 must mean your old I guess. Your a heatley hater i get it.

  2. muckies says:

    not a hater, but when you see how much Spezza's game has improved over the last 2 years, and how much better Alfie was getting in his late 20's – it makes you wonder how commited Heatley is to get better in all aspects of the game, and not just be a trigger man. Heatley hasn't improved, even though he is elite I'd say he has left a lot of potential behind because he hasn't commited himslef to be a #1 all around player like the games greats like Crosby, Zetterberg and Iginla have.
    I'd say Heatley definitly needs to improve his skating, like any older player, because there is no way he'll ever develope into a player that can add a physical dimension to his game. he needs to add where he can.
    I just feel right now is as good as Heatley will ever be, he'll never improve, and if he isn't improving he's in fact regresssing because the entire league gets better each year.

  3. VCRMillionaires says:

    I know Heatly is a beast that's why i would want him and not the Sedins. I want someone i can win with and the Sedins aren't it. After trading the Sedins for Heatly Gillis can pick up another RW'er and C with the money left over. Then we can start winning more. Then i don't have to watch the Sedins taking the puck in the opposing corner and passing 50 times.

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