Heatley-Phaneuf rumour

Mark Spector – Sportsnet.ca

So, here’s the rumour:

The Calgary Flames add Jay Bouwmeester, then flip Dion Phaneuf to Ottawa for Dany Heatley.

They lose some offence from the blue-line in the transaction, but bring in a local boy who scores 50 goals up front. And the salary cap hit in losing Phaneuf and gaining Heatley only costs GM Darryl Sutter $1 million.Senators GM Bryan Murray gets the offensive defenceman he covets and can justifiably grant Heatley his trade request, and everyone is happy.

Well, at this time of year, trying to pry confirmation on a blockbuster like that from the Sutter-run Flames is next to impossible. If course you know that Murray would make that deal in a heartbeat. So let’s think it through.

We know Sutter likes Bouwmeester. We also hear that several Edmonton-born Calgary Flames — Jarome Iginla, Phaneuf, Daymond Lankow, Jamie Lundmark and goaltending coach Jamie McLennan — have reached out to Bouwmeester about the beauty of playing close enough to drive home on occasion, yet not have to play and live full-time in Edmonton.

So, assuming the plan is to add Bouwmeester to the Flames stable, does it make sense to have all three of Phaneuf ($6.5 cap hit), Robyn Regehr ($4.02 cap hit) and Bouwmeester, likely at $6.5 million, on one blue-line?

Well, one school of thought says that the Flames were greatly disappointed with what occurred when Regehr went down late last season. Sutter, many believe, wants to buttress his blue-line in the wake of what one injury did to the Flames’ Cup chances.


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  1. flamefan20 says:

    as a flames fan i have to say while it would be nice to have heatley on the flames, i really don't want to see Dion leave just because he had one bad, injury filled year. also having him, regehr and bouwmeester on the same defence sounds pretty awesome and it could get them back to being one of the top defensive teams in the league. i want to know what they are doing about cammelari though, i really liked him…

  2. pezzz123 says:

    no thanks.

    Sign Bouwmeester, keep Phaneuf, and add a cheap winger like Sullivan for the top 6 with the remaining money (about 3 millions).

  3. RossCreek says:

    Sign Bouwmeester.
    Keep Phaneuf.
    Trade Corey Sarich (love him, but @ 3.6, he's too pricey) to Boston with Kris Chucko for Marco Sturm (3.5).
    See if Jay McKee would come in to replace Sarich for cheap (2.0) because of his buyout from the Blues earlier today.

  4. reinjosh says:

    cammy wont be back
    sutter will get another top 6 forward/fringe top 6 forward that can come cheap to play with iggy
    kinda like what he did with Big Bert

  5. cam7777 says:

    hey pezzz, remember you said the team could use a play making winger again, like huselius or tanguay? have you thought about the possibility of bringing tanguay back? was he traded because of any personality reasons, or just because the return was ideal?

    dump primeau in the minors
    sign jay bouwmeester , 8 years, 50 million (6.25 cap hit)
    sign steve sullivan, 2 years, 5 million (2.5 cap hit) 
    sign alex tanguay, 4 years, 19.5 million (4.875 cap hit)

    and then spend a summer looking for a trade for daymond langkow.

    to the ottawa senators:
    daymond langkow
    to the calgary flames:
    chris kelly, alex auld, 2nd round pick, 4th round pick
    (kelly=salary dump, auld=a good, cheap backup)

    -waive kelly

    alex tanguay – olli jokinen – jarome iginla
    rene bourque – mike backlund – steve sullivan
    curtis glencross – craig conroy – dave moss
    eric nystrom – dustin boyd – brandon prust

    dion phaneuf – robyn regehr
    jay bouwmeester – cory sarich
    mark giordano – adam pardy

    mikka kipprusoff – alex auld

    depending how much you sign boyd and pardy for (i guestimated them at 725k and 1mil respectively), that puts you right at the cap with 56.8 million invested.  you'd also have kelly, mcelhinney and primeau as callups which is respectable.

  6. LEAFS_54 says:

    why waive kelly? he is a very good PK'er

  7. FlamingHomer says:

    I think most Flames fans would rather have Langkow over Tanguay. Granted, the problem was more a Tanguay/Keenan than Tanguay/Calgary issue, but Langkow and Iginla have much better chemistry than Tanguay and Iginla.

  8. flamefan20 says:

    yeah i guesso, hopefully he finds someone cuz we need to replace those 39 goals

  9. RossCreek says:

    Olli Jokinen will replace some of those goals. He wasn't here for the full season and ended up with 29 goals. He's averaged about 34 goals over the past 3 years, so with a full year in Calgary, one could assume he pots 30. Probably fair to say Iginla pots a few more too. He's had 39, 50, 35 the last 3 years. 40 from Iggy & 30 from Olli. The real problem might be getting guys like Moss & Bourque to continue to hit the 20 goal plateau. I'm hopefull. In any case, I'd expect them to be tighter defensively and for the PP to be better.

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