Heatley-Phaneuf rumour

Mark Spector – Sportsnet.ca

So, here’s the rumour:

The Calgary Flames add Jay Bouwmeester, then flip Dion Phaneuf to Ottawa for Dany Heatley.

They lose some offence from the blue-line in the transaction, but bring in a local boy who scores 50 goals up front. And the salary cap hit in losing Phaneuf and gaining Heatley only costs GM Darryl Sutter $1 million.Senators GM Bryan Murray gets the offensive defenceman he covets and can justifiably grant Heatley his trade request, and everyone is happy.

Well, at this time of year, trying to pry confirmation on a blockbuster like that from the Sutter-run Flames is next to impossible. If course you know that Murray would make that deal in a heartbeat. So let’s think it through.

We know Sutter likes Bouwmeester. We also hear that several Edmonton-born Calgary Flames — Jarome Iginla, Phaneuf, Daymond Lankow, Jamie Lundmark and goaltending coach Jamie McLennan — have reached out to Bouwmeester about the beauty of playing close enough to drive home on occasion, yet not have to play and live full-time in Edmonton.

So, assuming the plan is to add Bouwmeester to the Flames stable, does it make sense to have all three of Phaneuf ($6.5 cap hit), Robyn Regehr ($4.02 cap hit) and Bouwmeester, likely at $6.5 million, on one blue-line?

Well, one school of thought says that the Flames were greatly disappointed with what occurred when Regehr went down late last season. Sutter, many believe, wants to buttress his blue-line in the wake of what one injury did to the Flames’ Cup chances.