Heatley, Zherdev, Kessel; which team is not done yet in the off-season?

Will Heatley still be traded? My take on Zherdev and two teams that I think can get him. One has been discussed by the media in June, the other will surprise you.Is Heatley still on he trade block?

Of course he is, but Murray dug himself a huge hole here. Of course Heatley did not make matters easier by requesting a trade and allowing it to leak through the media. Yet, I cannot blame him either for requesting a trade and for not being traded. Blame GM Murray. The man started the beginning of the end for the Ottawa Senators, just as he did with the Anaheim Ducks and teams before that. He gets them far, and then blows them up. This is a team that went from having a strong young core of highly skilled players, to a team that is marginally playoff worthy. You cannot make the playoffs with the kind of defense they had. You cannot go from Chara-Redden to Kuba and who else? I forgot. I forgot? That’s how bad the defense was last season. 
Heatley extended a contract thinking that the Sens would improve and be a force in the playoffs. Yet, he saw his boss upstairs (Murray) gutting the team to become non-playoff one. Wouldn’t you be upset? I would be. This could very well happen in Atlanta with Ilya Kovalchuk. GM Waddell will have to do his part once, and if, Kovalchuk signs an extension. As a GM, you just cannot allow a player to commit for years and in return hand him over playoff-less seasons. Murray will start a stretch of playoff-less seasons for the Sens, and Heatley has every right to want to leave.
According to rumored reports, Murray’s asking price was quite high for Heatley when it came to teams like the New York Rangers, asking for Marc Staal, and Brandon Dubinsky or Ryan Callahan. He turned down, apparently, some kind of deal that would have Alex Frolov, Jack Johnson, and the 5th overall for Danny Heatley. Yet, Murray somehow agreed to a trade where in return he’d get Andy Cogliano, who is a good top six forward for the future, an expensive bust in Dustin Penner, and a 3rd pair d-man in Ladislav Smid. 
I mean, where is the logic in that, folks? Where? When I read that story I just stared at the screen wondering how do these people have such jobs. How? How could Mr. Melnyk even approve of such a terrible deal, too? Is he not a big hockey fan? Any hockey fan knows that this deal would have been terrible. 
But, it’s Murray we’re talking about here. This is the man that told Paul Kariya “sorry, we can’t make a qualifying offer because we cannot afford to”, and then went on a spending spree signing Sergei Fedorov and Prosplal Where is the logic in that? Especially since the Might Ducks missed the post-season after that.
This guy wanted to put Heatley in the worst situation possible; sending him to a city that is not well favored by players (sorry Edmontonians, I am sure your city is nice and all, but apparently players don’t think so). It was a way for Murray to slap Heatley. Murray’s big ego, though, didn’t pay off one bit as the NTC that Murray gave to Heatley came back to bite him. HaaaaHaaaa! 
And what happened this week? Edmonton said “no more”. EXCELLENT! So now Murray is stuck with one less trading partner, after having signed Alex Kovalev with a cap hit of $5M for two years, which now puts the Senators slightly over the salary cap. 
So now what, Murray? While it has been rumored that the Sharks are hunting Heatley, the situation becomes very complex as San Jose has a lot of salary dumping to do and trading Patrick Marleau will be no easy task. They could trade Michalek and Erhoff, but why give up so much value? Would the Sharks be much better by trading two well productive, starting roster players for Heatley? And furthermore, the Senators would still be slightly over the cap with such a trade and would be forced to dump salary. And is it worth it to dump salary in someone like Mike Fisher? Chris Phillips? Of course not.
But hey, it’s Murray and the guy would not surprise me if he makes some terrible moves. 
To put it in simpler terms for you guys, General Manager Bryan Murray is ………. screwed.
So, who could jump in and make a splash for Danny Heatley in a deal that would make him look like a genius? 
This is where I will very briefly discuss Nik Zherdev.

What will happen to him? Well, if the arbitrator gives him an away of under $3.8M, then MAYBE the New York Rangers will keep him, otherwise you will most likely see Zherdev wear a new jersey next season. Which jersey by the way? Well, there are MANY possibilities, such as Los Angeles, Nashville, Phoenix, Tampa Bay (pending Alex Tanguay), Toronto and some others. But, I’ll stick with my top two choices.
First choice is Detroit. That all depends on the situation with Jiri Hudler, of course, but why wouldn’t the Red Wings be interested in a skilled young Russian that could explode with the likes of Henrik Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk? Zherdev is a hell of a hockey player, but he needs a patient coach and John Tortorella clearly is not one of them. 
That being said, I will now link this to Dany Heatley and say that the second jersey I could see Zherdev wear is a Senators jersey. Yes I know, Murray rejected that rumored deal that consisted of Zherdev, Michal Rozsival, and this year’s 1st rounder. Now imagine an Ottawa team that would have Kuba, Phillips, and Rozsival as their top three defensemen, and an offensive core of Jason Spezza, Daniel Alfredsson, Alex Kovalev, and Zherdev? Respectable defense, respectable offense. 
I think it is still possible that GM Murray will need to re-visit that proposed trade by GM Glen Sather of the New York Rangers. Why would this make sense? Rangers get a hell of a LW’er, and sticking Dubinsky between Heatley and Gaborik would cancel out the necessity of acquiring a center. The Sens get a solid d-man that can also contribute offensively, and a young player that could blossom with Spezza, Alffy, and Kovalev. Of course, both teams would then need to find ways of trimming their budgets. Say goodbye to Chris Kelly and Jaarko Ruutu, and for the Rangers say goodbye to Aaron Voros. 
Either way, Murray HAS to trade Heatley at some point and he will have to give in to what the other general manager wants to give up. Tough luck Bryan, you had your chances.
Thank you all for reading as always,
Micki Peroni

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  1. avsjoendryan says:

    First things first, it was Murray who let the news leak, not Heatley.

    Second, Smid is much better then JJ will ever be and has the potential to be a 1 or 2 d-man in the NHL, and Cogliano is a bonified top 6 forward, plus Dustin Penner is a guy who had 19 goals last year playing 4th line mins, MacT hated Penner therefore Penner had to take the hit, and nobody took it more classy then Dustin himself, saying he has got to work harder. Which he does, but he has all the skill to be an easy 30 goal guy.

    I personally would rather have the Oilers trade. Penner,Cogs,Smid vs. Frolov, JJ ( who had 13 points), Schenn. The Oil group is much better as a whole.

    Andd JJ is a little *****, who has to take his head out of his ass before he can start playing to his "apparent" potential.

  2. muckies says:

    Murray's not screwed at all, he can either have a 50 goal scorer back on his team who all the players in the dressing room love, or he can sit back and wait for a package that he thinks is good for his team, dropping  A 7.5 million dollar contract.

    If Murray trades him it will be for a very very very good deal, he's just not going to give him away.

    Heatley might get booed by some fans, but most people in Ottawa just want him to do well if he comes back and score lots of goals. If Ottawa starts well and plays hard, all this will be forgotten by Hallowwen.

    And mikster, you've always hated the Senators so no Sens fans care what you think anyways. You're just a big idiot who blows hard, throws insults around because you know nothing about the Heatley situation.

  3. PointMeAtTheSky says:

    With all due respect, you seem very biased against Bryan Murray, and I believe your letting that bias get in the way of some facts.

    I cannot comment on Murrays tenure with Anaheim.

    However, he is not solely responsible for where the Senators are today. I think he has done the best he could with what he was given: A talented albeit underacheiving team that was too soft and had few quality prospects to speak of.

    Let's look at Bryan Murrays move's since becoming General Manager:


    Drafted Jim O'Brien, Louie Caporusso, Erik Karlsson, Patrick Weircioch, Zach Smith, Jared Cowen, Jakob Silferberg and Robin Lehner.

    Although it will take years to properly evaluate how successful these draft picks will be in the grand scheme of things, I feel that the past few drafts under Murray have provided more to look forward to for Senators fans than they've had for a long time.

    The best player to come out of the Muckler-era drafts is Andrej Meszaros. Nick Foligno, Peter Regin and Erik Condra look promising, but after them, there are few quality players/prospects from that time period.

    Free Agency:

    Signed Luke Richardson, Randy Robitaille, Jarkko Ruutu, Jason Smith, Alex Auld, Brendan Bell and Alexei Kovalev.

    Richardson came relatively cheap and provided some grit and leadership on the third pairing. Decent Signing

    Robitaille didn't contribute much, but he was cheap, and were expectations really that high for him? He plugged a hole. Probably unecessary signing, but no harm done.

    Ruutu comes cheap, and does his job well. Good signing.

    Auld provided solid goaltending when not over-used. Good signing.

    The years have caught up to Smith, And he is not as effective as he once was. Is over-paid for the role he filled on the team last year. But at the time, it seemed like a good signing. So I'll say Failed Experiment

    Alexei Kovalev. The jury is still out on this one.

    So, Free Agency hasn't been extremely successful for Bryan Murray and the Sens. However, considering the solid core that is signed, leaving limited cap space, the signings he has made have been for depth purposes, and so in that context, have been decent.


    Traded Peter Shaefer for Shean Donovan

    Traded Joe Corvo and Patrick Eaves for Cory Stillman and Mike Commodore

    Traded Andrej Meszaros and Dean McAmmond for Phillip Kuba, Alexander Picard, Chris Campoli and Mike Comrie.

    Traded Antoine Vermette for Pascal Leclaire and Robin Lehner

    I really can't complain about any of these trades.

    We've all seen what Schaefer accomplished since being traded. Donovan has been much more effective in the role he's been assigned. Good trade.

    Corvo wanted out of Ottawa, and was a defensive liability. Eaves was slowly declining. Stillman and Commodore played solidly for Ottawa, and the only downside to this deal was the fact that they were unable to keep them. But this was more due to Cap constraints.

    Losing Meszaros hurt. He had a really bad season in Tampa. Would it have been the same in Ottawa? I don't know. Part of me would take Meszaros at 4.000 over Kuba at 3.700…he's younger and has more potential up-side. On the other hand, 6 years, 24 million on a young player who's game has declined? Hard to say how good this trade was.

    I was sad to see Vermette go, but he may have solved our goaltending issues for quite a few years yet. Still to early to judge this deal.

    So, while like Free Agency, trading is not Bryan Murray's forte, he has not been horrible at it.

    To me, this indicates that Bryan Murray's strengths are drafting, and that he is merely average at signing and trading.

    However. the biggest issue the Sens have face is the salary cap. They signed their core players, something no one can blame them for. However it has hampered their ability to keep depth players.

    You blamed Murray for losing Chara and Redden. But it was Muckler that chose Redden over Chara when only one could be signed. And we all know how that turned out.

    Also, it was Muckler who made the worst deal in Senators history when he traded Martin Havlat and Bryan Smolinski for Tom Preissing, John Hennessy, Michael Barinka and a 2nd round pick.

    So, in closing, Bryan Murray isn't perfect. He has his faults. But he's a better general manager than Muckler was. And it might take a few years to rebuild, but I think the Senators are on the right track.

  4. PointMeAtTheSky says:

    Oh, and if Murray ever trades Heatley for Zherdev and Rosvival, I'll stop defending him and completely agree with you that he ruined the franchise.

  5. Jenkinstein says:

    Why do you hate Nryan Murray so much? He has done little wrong in his tenure as GM of the sens, the only major mistake being the Eaves/Corvo for Stillman/Commodore trade which at the time made a lot of sense (trading a player who wanted out in Corvo and a depth player for a multiple cup winning player in Stillman and a big experienced d-man in Commodore, also with a cup ring).  Look at the situation from Murray's perspective, he inherited a team with little to no prospect depth, facing tough cap decisions and trying to retain the core players that got them to the final (Spezza, Heatley, Fisher, Kelly were all upcoming UFAs in Murray's first season as GM).  He also had personel issues with players that had created suspect reputations with substance abuse issues, and Murray proceeded to clean house of these people.  His trading history as GM of the Sens has been good, he was able to get rid of Meszaros and his over inflated ego in exchange for what would eventually become Filip Kuba, Alex Picard, Chirs Campoli and Mike Comrie and acquired Ryan Shannon who has been amazing in Ottawa.  He has also made Ottawa a contender in the next few seasons with his draft choices and redevelopment of the Sens propect system with Karlsson, Cowen, Wiercioch, Regin, Zach Smith (if you don't know that name now, you soon will), Robin Lehner, Matt Hoffman, and Eric Gryba all threatening for jobs in training camp. And your claims he destroyed the Ducks are ludicrous, here are the players Murray acquired played key roles in the Ducks cup run: Rob Niedermayer (no way scott would have signed with the ducks if his brother wasnt there), Andy Mcdonald, and he drafted Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry, Joffrey Lupul and Ladislaz Smid (the players used by Burke for the pronger trade), so to everyone who said murray is useless as a GM, his long term payoff is amazing.  That Zherdev trade is ridiculous as well bud, no one would consider taking him on unless Dubinsky or Stall are included, which are non-starters for the Rangers.  Murray is fine for the time being with Heatley in the fold, as he will get a player trying 110% every night to solidify his spot on Team Canada and to ensure he will attract the type of offer Murray wants for him (which he will if he is on pace for fifty by the trade deadline.

  6. reinjosh says:

    your retarded
    you would rather have Cogliano, Smid and Penner over Frolov, Johnson, and the 5th!
    your nuts
    Johnson and Smid have never scored more than 11 points. Johnson plays as a top 4 dman, and has top 2 potential and plays against some of the best forwards in the league. Smid plays behind Grebeshkov, Souray, Gilbert, and Visnovksy, playing against noticiably worse players. Smid is older than Johnson.

    Johnson > Smid

    Cogliano has played two seasons, scoring 45 and 38 points respectively. Frolov has scored no less than 54 points in the last four seasons and only two seasons (his first two) have been below 50 points (31 and 48). Frolov is just entering his prime and Cogs has some to grow so the potential is their. Cogs is a second/third line forward behind Horcoff and Gagner.  Frolov has been a top line winger for the Kings. Personally I would take Frolov over Cogs as Frolov is a better player who has more experience. Cogs only has potential to grow into and personally I would rather take actual talent over potential.

    Frolov > Cogliano

    Penner has never scored more than 47 points and is paid 4.25 million to do that. While not the worst contract in the league it is not a contract most would want to take. That make the 5th overall, ten times more valuable as you can add a player who could reach Penner potential in his first year playing alone (if not more, if your lucky) at less than a quarter of the price. The 5th could have been Brayden Schenn (a great center who could help bring offense, grit and leadership), Oliver-Ekman Larsson (a perfect linemate for Karlsson), Nazem Kadri (a big, mean winger who brings talent and scoring), Scott Glennie (a talented center who brings scoring and talent). That along with their 9th overall could have been huge for them. Adding a capable defensive dman and top defensive prospect in Cowan and a top offensive prospect in Schenn, Kadri or Glennie could have made this teams depth even better.

    Taking away Heatley and adding Frolov, Johnson and the 5th would have been amazing for them. They lose a little offense in the Heatley for frolov part. But they gain capable top 4 defender in Johnson and another top prospect in the 5th. If you seriously say the Edmonton deal was better than your mad.

    THough I do find it hard to believe that murray would turn this down if it came to his attention. I would have taken this deal in minutes.

  7. avsjoendryan says:

    First of all not even close, I'm an Edmonton boy and go to 41 out of 41 games every years.

    Smid is hockey player, most team's in the NHL want, you want a guy who is willing to push and stay back, a guy who has a powerful shot and knows how to use it.

    JJ is a complete flop, a guy who was considering going to play in russia "because his dad thought it was good for him" are you serious, just cuz he want's cash doesen't mean it's good for his career, in fact it's terrible considering hes already been traded, due to him being selfish.

    Smid does what he's told and does it well, neither are going to be putting up 50 points, but Smid brings more to the table, and isn' such a risk, sure he's gotten into bar fights, but he has kicked the linving shit out of the others (true stroy), JJ would get his lawyer and DAD to come settle things.

    Cogs is better then Frolov and he doesn't play with kopitar and and now smyth.

    He is younger and has the same potential level, and good second liner, frolov doesen't crack the first line on most teams.

    Penner and Schenn, maybe Schenn has more potential, but if Pens can lose some weight, get a little faster, and get thrown onto the first line in Ott, he will be putting up 65-70 points, as i said he got 19 goals last season playing 4th line Mins.

    There is a reason why Murray didnt accept the kings, but did with the Oilers. THINK ABOUT IT 

  8. avsjoendryan says:

    OH forsure, i mean he's just one of the few 50 goal scorers in the game, there not to hard to come by on a regular basis, eh?
    LIKE GIVE ME A FRICKIN BREAK, i'm not even a sens fan, but ill sit here all day and agree with you, i mean its DANY FU**IN HEATLEY, he's GREAT and no fan really gives a shit, all you want is to win, if he stays, i think the fans will be even happier with him, due to the fact they know it wouldnt be easy, like shit, i hope he stays in Ott, cuz i dont wanna see him 6 times a year.

  9. JannettyTheRocker says:

    I've got this feeling that we're going to see a 3-way trade between Ottawa, San Jose, and Edmonton in the near future. IMO, it just makes sense. I could see something like this :

    To San Jose : Dany Heatley

    To Ottawa : Andrew Cogliano, Dustin Penner, and Ladislav Smid

    To Edmonton : Patrick Marleau

    I know I'm gonna have some of you crap on my trade prediction, but whatever. I think it makes a lot of sense….There may be other components to this this trade (draft picks, prospects, roster players, etc), but it'll be something like this. Any thoughts?

  10. reinjosh says:

    your an edmonton boy
    you are going to and have obvious bias
    frolov is  better than cogs hands down. no contest. cogs cant even make your first line where frolov could if he was put on that team. Kopitar is about the same skill level as Horcoff (a little bit more) and with cogliano already been given the chance to succeed on the top line and failed that anyone would take frolov over him. Yes frolov may be younger, but for a team like Ottawa that needs players who are entering their primes (with a core of Alfreddson, Spezza, Kuba) because they need to win soon, they cant wait for players to reach supposed talent levels. Frolov is better now and knows what it takes to play on the top line. He can supply Ottawa with a dangerous secondary scorer behind Spezza, Kovalev and Alfreddson. Cogs cant. Keep in mind he only scored 38 points. Not the type of plater you want on your second line. Frolov is clearly better.
    Smid and Johnson. Truthfully id rather have neither. im not a big fan of either. Ill give you a wash between the two. I also love the fact that you mention that Smid has now been traded once and been mentioned to be on the move to get Heatley. Obviously he isnt that important or that great a dman, otherwise he wouldnt have been included in this deal. The fact that you say every GM wants him is laughable.
    schenn would clearly be better than penner. He is overpaid and overweight and give me a break. he was given the chance to suceed and again he didnt. He will never put up 60 or 70 points. Hes just not good enough or driven enough. Schenn over Penner any day of the week. He brings so much more to the table even though he is a prospect. The most important of that is the fact he could do what penner does (at the very, very least) for less than quarter of the price.
    Wake up and smell the coffee bud. Your edmonton bias is bad and the LA deal was much better. Frolov is better than Cogliano. Schenn is more attractive than Penner. And Johnson and Smid are both players that are risks.
    I dont believe that this deal actually was offered as I havent heard it mentioned in any capacity on most mainstream sources but if it was Brian Murray is an idiot. And so are you if you are so dilusional to think your offer is better.
    I wouldnt even consider that deal for heatley. I would want Cogliano, Gilbert and one of your 2010 first rounder, Eberle or Paarjavi-Svennson for Heatley, were i Ottawa's GM.

  11. reinjosh says:

    if Edmonton gets a top 3 player for that package, they made a huge steal.

  12. reinjosh says:

    i meant a top 3 forward for that package

  13. avsjoendryan says:

    You know what, I am and Edmonton boy, and there is going to be a bias, no doubt!

    But I am a die hard avs fan, I know strange but I have been since I was about 7.

    I'm starting to agree with you a little more, but here's why.

    I think frolov and Cogs are pretty even with what they bring to the table. But no, Forlov wouldnt be on the first line in Edmonton. And KOPITAR is WAYYYYYYYYY better then Horcs will ever be.

    JJ and Smid, which i agree with you, neither in which are very good, both might be promising and liked by every team, but there not big producers, and i get that.

    Schenn vs. Penner. Im not gonna lie this is pretty much sealed and dealed that schenn wins, buttt the thing is Ott wants a guy who is going to step in and produce, at least penner has put up number in the NHL, not saying schenn wont but there is a since of gurantee, to a certain extent.

    To be honest, im suprised that murray even accepted Edmonton, but he is the GM and he must see something we don't.

    About Penner not producing, not many people understand this, or know but MACT HATED dustin and wanted him to suck all, hence played him with guys like stortini and brodziak, when this kid could be scoring goals.

    Theres a bias no doubt, but like me you gotta think the other way, which i just did about the L.A deal.

    Fursure not putting either out of perspective, i mean you get what you get.

  14. reinjosh says:

    ok fair enough
    i can see your point
    though i will completely agree with you on the Murray accepting the offer
    i was very surprised
    he must have seen something were not because i would have expected better offers
    its just not the type of package i would want for a 50 goal scorer
    especially seeing what pronger got

  15. muckies says:

    I'm hoping they get something, I think Marleau is a great fit, but i don;t want Penner or Smid on my team, i think they're floaters.

    OTT – Cogliano, Svenssson Pajaarvii

  16. trueblue says:

    i like the LA deal better than the Edmonton deal as well

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