Hejduk to Toronto Rumors, Kubina to Isles

Eukland in Hockeybuzz.com is reporting that a trade between Colorado & Toronto is in work where the leafs will land Milan Hejduk.

  There are also rumors of Pavel Kubina being dealt to NY Islanders. What do you think about giving up Carlo Colaiacovo, Staffan Kronwall and draft-pick for Hejduk?

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  1. next_year says:

    you forgot bell why is everyone forgetting bell hes a good player

  2. next_year says:

    you forgot bell why is everyone forgetting bell hes a good player

  3. Nevyn says:

    The Hejduk rumours in general are pretty farfetched.  I can believe we're pusuing him, but I doubt very much any of the packages I've heard mentioned would be accepted.

    Colaiacavo + Kronwall + a pick is just a ridiculous suggestion.  Not only would Colorado never to that (Colaiacavo is just ok and always hurt), but it would leave the leafs still needing to dump salary elsewhere anyway.

    If for some reason Colorado wanted one of these deals, they would want an established NHL defenseman, and the leafs would want to lose a bigger salary.  I think you'd have to start with McCabe + next year's first and then add a decent winger prospect.

  4. leafmeister says:

    NOT Tlusty he is one of the top european prospects. Instead of him throw in like a 3rd rounder next year. Drop the 1st rounder and throw in Robbie Earl. That is more of a fair trade.

  5. Nevyn says:

    How does it make sense? What legal problems can he avoid by coming to Canada when he plays 30+ games a year in the US?

  6. kabby-4-kaptian says:

    holy shit eh guy above me is nuts……McCabe,1st rounder and a good prospect for Hejduk. Are you crazy??? this guy isn't even a point per game player let alone the fact we'd be giving up a top pairing d-man, a 1st round pick and a pospect. that is a horrible trade for the leafs cuz they would be screwing over the marlie system once again!

    more realistic trade: 

    To Colorado: Kubina, 2nd rounder 2009

    To Toronto: Milan Hejduk

    then we find someone to replace kubina, somehting like this,

    To Vancouver: Stajan,Wozniewski, 3rd rounder 2008

    To Toronto: Mattis Ohlund

    To Phoniex: Andrew Raycroft

    To Toronto: Good Prospect or two

    Then sign peca for 1.5-2 million and heers your line-up




    Then we still have 1.6 million dollars left for a big dead-line move!

  7. GoalJudge says:

    It may be a state law that he has broken, not a federal law.
    Although technically he could flee to another state that does not give him easy access to the law.

    Toronto will not be playing Colorado at all this year, and who knows when they will again in the future.

    By Hejduk going to a Canadian team it becomes to troublesome for the state of Colorado to try to extridite him.

    If it was a federal matter it may be a problem.

    The state would literally have to watch and wait to see when Hejduk was in a local state and try to make an arrest with help of local law enforcement.
    Again, a troublesome effort. Easier to cut him lose and notify him that he will be arrested should he arrive in the states before the statute of limitations (7 years) kicks in.

    Would be a VERY interesting situation if all of a sudden the leafs played Colorado in a Stanley cup final.

  8. Nevyn says:

    I didn't say we should do that trade.  I said thats what I thought it would cost. Kubina and a second rounder? Ridiculous. Colorado would stop answering the phone.

    Hejduk is 30 years old, plays 2 ways, and has averaged 35 goals per season in the NHL.  

  9. Toonces99 says:

    What are you, his attorney,….? Why do you care, l'm sure the legal team at MLSE would make sure it wouldn't pose a problem…..

  10. Toonces99 says:

    Here…here….l totally agree…

  11. Afg_Pimp says:

    I think sundin could take the place of Forsberg.

  12. sikboy21 says:

    Bell's a career minus player who averages less than 20 goals a year.  I wouldn't be yapping about him too much.
    Remember, the reason we got him is because SJ wanted to get him off the payroll.

  13. brianc689 says:

    i dont know about giving up kronwall over harrison….personally im a kronwall fan and i think his combination of size and speed could make him one of our top two way defensemen…i would rather trade harrison or woz

  14. brianc689 says:

    i would love if the leafs could pull that off, that would be a sick line-up…but its not gonna happen

  15. brianc689 says:

    im guessin ur an avs fan…cuz no leafs fan would make that trade…theodore is a 6 mil piece of crap….at least rayzor is only makin 2

  16. next_year says:

    yes but he is still better then some of the guys on the leafs and look at the team he played for chicago… they'll been on the bottom of the nhl for like 9 years now

  17. PaulK123 says:

    ya but Svatos is still very young, he is a winger, we need wingers more than centers, so we should pick up Svatos

  18. avsjoendryan says:

    u r not intelligent considering marek svatos is going to be a future superstar and coliacovo is not known in hlaf the nhl. the avs wouldent give up svatos for coli and antrapov so please dont post bs

  19. buds8 says:

    Awesome…..2 funny!

  20. GoalJudge says:


    That was my thoughts exactly.
    Why would the AVS get rid of a Rocket Richard trophy winner.
    Now that the team has two established centers again, Hejduk has two options to get passes from, not just Sakic or bust.

  21. Glucker says:

    tlusty=rw i believe

  22. Glucker says:

    thats not true.. look back through his archives, quite afew rumors that came true w.o sportsnet or tsn. especially this year, he got Smyth to Colarado, Antropov and Colaiacovo resigning, Blake coming to the Leafs… and that big Leafs trade… those are the ones i know off the top of my head, and they where out b4 the other guys… The Colaiacovo and Antropov rumors where in fact the opposite of what every1 else was saying.

  23. Glucker says:

    wow… 3 replies and not one of them is about what i actually wrote XD

  24. Glucker says:

    you know… I wouldn't mind that so much, as long as its not a 2008 or 2009 first rounder….

  25. Glucker says:

    yea… 35 goals and 35 assists last year… WHAT A BUM

  26. leafsfan2222 says:

    Okay this just proves how crazy all of these rumors are, I made up a joke of a rumor about hejduk and the law expecting ppl to lash out at me, but everyone agreed. I mean I'd love for hejduk to be a leaf, but looking at this, how can anyone believe what people are saying on here lol.

  27. Scottman75 says:

    You added the law issue to an existing rumour.  It seemed believable. 

    I take everything I read here with a grain of salt anyways. 

    If you happen to be one of those 'I can contribute' people that are adding stuff to a rumour just to be popular, get a life!

    The second something is posted on hockeybuzz.com, it filters over here in a matter of minutes anyway.

  28. LeafsAreGreek says:

    werd, aint that the truth, and where the hell was mr. know it all ecklund on souray to oil country………. ya, he sucx, he must be a sens fan at heart

  29. andrizle says:

    agreed woz is worse than those three..what i meant to say was that i feel colaiacovo is the most promising of the leafs up and coming defencemen that is if he can play healthy for the entirety of one season

  30. leafsfanforever13 says:

    ..and we don't have Peca

  31. andrizle says:

    Do you think this is a possibility? :

    To Colorado:
    Kubina, Wozniewsky, 2nd round pick

    To Toronto :

    Kubina 1st pairing defencmen, Woznieskyy decent prospect, pick

    Hejduk 1st line winger

    what do you think?

  32. andrizle says:

    Sundin              5.5                           To Colorado:
    Blake               4.0                            Kubina, Wozniewsky, 2 Round pick
    Hejduk             3.5                        
                                                           To Toronto:
    Yashin             2.5                            Hejduk
    Tucker             3.0                              
    Wellwood        0.9                             To Phoenix:
                                                           Raycroft, White
    Antropov          2.1                  
    Ponikarovsky   2.1                             To Toronto:
    Bell                  2.1                            Boynton

    Peca                 2.0
    Steen                0.9
    Stajan               0.9

    Pohl                 0.5
    Devereux          0.6

    Kaberle            4.25
    McCabe           5.75
    Colaiacovo       1.3
    Boynton           2.5
    Kronwall          0.9
    Gill                   2.1

    Toskala            1.4
    Cujo                 1.0 

    Total Salary = 49.8
    Cap Space = 0.5 

  33. andrizle says:

    Toskala            1.4

    Cujo                 1.0


    Total Salary = 49.8

    Cap Space = 0.5 

  34. brianc689 says:

    for sure…if colaiacovo can stay healthy for the first time in his career he could be a top 4 d-man this year

  35. MR40 says:

    it probably would be a 2009 1st rounder, because that's going to be an awesome draft, and Colorado could get that in return for Hedjuk.

  36. MR40 says:

    First of all, I take Theodore in a heart beat over Raycroft (not with his contract though). At 2 million it's not even close. Former Hart winner…former Calder winner…you choose. Theodore can still be a VERY good goalie. I watch a Canuck's game live against Colorado in March, and Theodore was a giant reason they won. He has no confidence. Let him play half and half with another goalie for half a season, and I guerentee he plays like an above average started, at the very least.

    Second in that trade proposal you don't take back Theodore. He's not mentioned in the trade and isn't in the lineup.

    Third your trading an overpaid defensemen, 5 or 6 players who have or will be put on waivers, and a 2 million doller backup goalie for a former 50 goal scorer, and potential 40 goal scorer, who is pretty underpayed.

    If you take out everyone except Kubina I think they would rather make the trade, but that's still an overpaid d man for a good goal scorer, plus the goal scorer is still cheaper.

    Colorado doesn't even need a defensemen. They have Hannan, Clark, Liles, and Leopold. They need another 4th d man, but his situation inColorado wouldn't be much better then it is now, or he'll atleast screw up someone else's ice time.

    It just does not make sense.

  37. Glucker says:

    yea… but thats the year we may loose Sundin… and the year Tavares becomes available…

  38. Glucker says:

    in all honesty, i'd take Colaiacovo over Svatos any day… so this trade not going through doesn't bother me one bit. Colaiacovo is not, as most ppl say, easily injured. He had 2 freak injures… 1 when he went spinning into the boards and got his temple right into the wood(or plastic, whatever it is) which would give ANYONE a severe concussion and another, right after he got back from PCS(post-concussion syndrome… the fact that he came back at all is a testament to his durability) when he broke his thumb by blocking a shot. thats it. to label a guy easily injured based on those 2 injuries is short sited. I know you didn't say that, but many ppl have, and i want to clear that up.

    in addition… this guy is one of the few players in the league who can change the game with a hit. not to mention he's developing McCabe's point shot… but has Kaberle's puck handling skills… and his amazing body checking skills. If he doesn't get traded away… i see no reason this guy can't take Kaberle's place at the top of the Leaf's Defense. 
    oh and he's reliable in every single game situation… 5-on-5, PK, PP… when this guy's on the ice, i'm not worried about the other team scoring… I'm worried about seeing one of their guys leaving on a stretcher 
  39. sikboy21 says:

    Right – he's better than some guys we have.

    Here's a partial list of Leaf players who got more points than Bell.  Most of these guys had reduces roles compared to Bell.  None had the privilege of playing with Joe Thornton.

    Name  Pos GP G A P +/- PIM Shots Sh%

    Mark Bell   RW  71   11   10   21   -9   83   116   9.48

    Jeff O'Neill   C   74   20   22   42   1   54   165   12.1
    Kyle Wellwood  C  48  12  30  42  3  0  99  12.1
    Matthew Stajan  C  82  10  29  39  3  44  132  7.6
    Yanic Perreault C  66  21  17  38  -1  34  125  16.8
    Alexander Steen C  82  15  20  35  5  26  192  7.8
    Nik Antropov  C  54  18  15  33  8  44  125  14.4
    Bates Battaglia LW  82  12  19  31  9  45  94  12.8
    Johnny Pohl  C  74  13  16  29  -4  10  105  12.4
    Chad Kilger  LW  82  14  14  28  -5  58  141  9.9

  40. JuicemaN says:

    Well put it this way, 35 goals and 35 assists playing with Sakic (who is better than sundin. So he comes to Toronto and gets what 60 points, maybe 70 again…you want to trade more Leafs youth for 70 points?

    Perhaps I shouldn't say he sucks, but he's ridiculously overrated.

  41. aneesh2K7 says:

    According to hockeybuzz.com,the Avs are asking for two young d-men and a top flight draft pick. JFJ thinks this is two much for Hejduk. Talks of Svatos coming in the trade are starting to heat up. Also there is talk of making this into a huge deal.

  42. Nevyn says:

    Way to completely miss the point.  I'm not asking how he'll get out of it.  I'm saying that the notion of him wanting to get traded to Canada to avoid legal trouble in the states doesn't make sense at all.

    Maybe the teams are talking trade and maybe they aren't. But I sincerely doubt legal issues are involved.

  43. brott says:

    im def a leaf fan. I was thinking logically. that the leafs may have to eat $$$ for the trade. Logic is part of this.. not jsut hey im a leaf fan we should trade for all the best players then sign them for leage min…. cause thats what will happen….

    Sacasticlly speaking

  44. joeleaf4life says:

    Ok. I pay very close attention to the Maple Leafs, but to be honest, not to take away from Geiko, Even a caveman could tell John Ferguson has no intention of bringing talent to toronto. And every time"Fergie" tries to do something right he either screws the team up even more or he brings back players the Leafs already had. Plus, even if my granmother knows more about hockey than Fergie, at least Fergie knows better than to trade anymore prospects away. Or a draft pick for one of the best draft years in the NHL. And, I know, if you look at things right now, Milan Hejduk looks really good for the Leafs (stacking up 70 points) but Milan's 31. and anyone can prove to be inconsistant with the leafs, and we've also givinup way too many prospects (Steve Sullivin, Brad Boyes, Brenden Bell, Mikeal Tellquist….) and in your deal, you're talking about giving up two prospects who have vary bright futures, and will probubly be future pieces of the blue and white puzzle. If Fergie wants to make a useful move he'll trade salary cap dead beats like D, Bryan Mccabe or like you said D,Pavel Kubina. That would be a good deal if fergie could pull it off: McCabe and someone who could produce within the right team but has no potential like J.S Raccine or a goon that we dont use that could be useful for other teams like Tyson Nash. But I guess this is all wishfull thinking..after all this  is John Ferguson Jr. were talking about.

  45. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    yea cause we all know an injury prone player is good to prefer over someone who would have won the rookie of the year had it been any other year without crosby and ovechkin
    yep true say

  46. avsjoendryan says:

    yeh cuz ur an idiot and you obviously cant see how much better svatos is going to be over colaiacovo.

  47. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    yea i never knew that title could fit a former rocket richard winner.
    he battled injuries first year in the lockout and caught up last year.
    dont be surprised if he hits 40 this year.

    take it from an AVS FAN
    you know some one who should KNOW THEIR OWN PLAYERS

  48. avsjoendryan says:

    i have to say ur a dumbass and hejduk is not coming tard

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