Hello? Is Anyone Home?

I know this is “Hockey Trade Rumors”, but all this verbatim reporting of musings that can be found elsewhere are, frankly, boring the teats off of me. It’s not even worth the effort for me to torment anyone…..

So – let’s have a little diversion, and hopefully stir up a little ruckus in the process. That’s what made this place fun, before the “tickertape” took over….

Here’s the assignment: You will be voting on the “Greatest Hockey Dynasty”. I will list teams and years that I deem appropriate, because it’s my article, and I can do that. As usual, you will be free to add your own, and / or ridicule my choices.

I will list teams in chronological order, and will make my vote immediately following.

1.) 1946 – 1949 Toronto Maple Leafs

2.) 1953 – 1955 Detroit Red Wings

3.)1956 – 1960 Montreal Canadiens

4.) 1961 – 1964 Toronto Maple Leafs

5.) 1967 – 1969 Montreal Canadiens

6.) 1973 – 1975 Philadelphia Flyers

7.) 1975 – 1979 Montreal Canadiens

8.) 1979 – 1983 New York Islanders

9.) 1986 – 1988 Edmonton Oilers

10.) Insert your modern day Wings – Devils propaganda here.

My vote: The Islanders. For a very simple reason, devoid of the buttresses of logic and rhetoric. I was there to see most of those games (the home ones, anyway) – and I have never seen a group of individuals who better exemplified the concept of “the sum is greater than the whole of the parts”.

This was not a team of “stars”, although they had them in abundance (Smith, Bossy, Trottier, Potvin, Lafontaine, et al.). My fonder memories are of the “role players” – you never knew on a given night who was going to “step up” – but everyone was capable of it.

Tonelli, Nystrom, Goring, Gillies, Morrow, Langevin, Flatley – I rest my case.

Besides, any goalie who whacks Whine Gretzky on a regular basis is a hero in my book (there’s my gratuitous shot at the alleged “Great One” – gotta do it, it’s in my publishing contract).

Just thinking back, I’m getting “verklempt”. Talk amongst yourselves.

SCTP – “No one was driving, officer – we were all in the back seat singing……”