Help coming for Koivu

The Canadiens lost 5-3 to the Rangers last night in a game were they were up 3-0 with 10 minutes left in the 2nd. It is clear they need more offence and it appears that Bob Gainey will make a deal.During the game Gainey and Atlanta Thrashers GM Don Waddell were talking about a possible deal. And yes Bob is trying to bring Hossa to Montreal. Waddell Apperently want some of the Habs minor players and a proven player (higgins,plekanec, kostitsyn,maybe a good D, Micheal Ryder has nothing to do with the disscusions and they are also interested in Yemelin. If Gainey could agree to a contract agreement and be insured that we could resign Hossa long term then i say bring him in and this is who id give up to get him. As good as he is , Yemelin,Lapierre, Halak, and Ryder(even though he not really involved and a 2nd round pick. Then the roster looks like this.


Streit -Valentenko.


let me know what u think

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  1. habsrock99 says:

    For Marian Hossa, this is what I'd give up:

    To Atlanta:
    Michael Ryder
    Francis Bouillon (they need to solidify their D and the midget's a good stepping stone)
    Mathieu Carle (Has no future in Montreal)
    Mikhail Grabovski
    2nd Rounder in 2008
    Cond. 2nd Rounder in 2009 if Hossa signs long-term with Montreal

    To Montreal:
    Marian Hossa
    Cond. 3rd Rounder in 2009 if Hossa walks

    If the Habs can get away with not giving up a 1st Rounder, then great, but if it's something the Thrashers must have, then I say give it to them but take away Grabovski and the 2008 2nd Rounder.

  2. Plekanec says:

      Every years, most of us get excited about Gainey getting us a GREAT player, not GOOD but GREAT!

      NEWS FLASH! None of the habs GM in the last 15 years could and it won't happen this year either! Do you guys think that Atlanta will trade Hossa for Ryder, Grabovski, Bouillon ect……………… NO WAY! Plus Hossa will ask for at least 7 million/year starting next year for a long term deal, which Gainey Can't afford to give up since the following year Komisarek, Koivu, Kovalev, Higgins, Plekanec will all become RFA and UFAs and will ask for a major raise! I also think that it would be a big mistake to give-up Higgins, Plekanec or one of the Kostitsyns for a player who will become an UFA at the end of the season and will most likely walk!

  3. sakukoivumc11 says:

    It would be nice to add a big name player but is Hossa the guy ?  He has not proven that he could play in the playoffs.  He may help us win a division or maybe even a conference crown but that would be it !!  We need a power-forward and Jokinen would serve us better than Hossa.  Although Jokinen has not played a playoff game as of yet I believe that he would be a great fit plus he is signed for a couple more years.  Hossa can and will walk if we trade for him, so if Bob is going to give anything up for a run, Jokinen would be a better buy.  We would give up some young talent but we would also have a player for a couple of years.   Hossa will disappear so that he can go back overseas for the summer.

  4. percussio says:

    I just want to know, if people who post here are aware that this is Hockey Trade Rumors and not Hockey Trade Fantasies ?!

    Is it me or do most people just post up their hockey fetishes with complete disregard to the purpose of this site. We're not here to entertain you or give you an outlet for your unrealistic perversions you call an excuse for hockey analysis. If you want to shoot the shit, entertain your girlfriend who has limited hockey knowledge and to whom you can always impress and convince that you are a hockey pundit.

    The truth is, Bob himself stated to the media he was more interested in minor changes. Think about it … Hossa makes 7 million and will ask for around the same if not more next year if he should stay.

    Lets pretend he stays, what message are you sending to Kovalev next year when he becomes UFA ? If Hossa makes 7 mill, how much can i make ?!

    Lets not forget that at the end of next year you have to re-sign Koivu, Kovalev, Higgins, Plekanec, Latendresse, Chipchura, Komisarek not to mention a few more but I was just trying to make a point.

    You really think you can fit that salary while giving the others a pay raise ?

    And lets say he walks, you dont bring Hossa here for peanuts which means you give up big names, prospect and drafts. One of those if not actually a few. All this for a guy that leaves at the end of the year ?! Thats insane. If Bob has proved anything, it's that patience is a virtue. He doesnt play the trade deadline game. He doesnt fall prey to panic and then make a regretable move. (Except Samsonov, but he was trying to get Kovy going and Niniimaa but thats cause Bouillon was hurt and Ribiero was a locker room cancer).

    Another thing is … when people make their line PLEASE at least make sure you're players are positioned properly … if you havent noticed, Sergei plays RW and Latendresse LW. So why do your lines have them reversed ?

    And anyone who thinks Vinny is coming to montreal … how can I put this … NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Not happening, wake up from that dream. Not Lecavalier, nor Jokinen or any other proven veteran captain is gonna come here !

    Would you trade away Price ? Of course not, so why would they ?!
    Why would you trade your most valuable asset ?! My god people, wake up.

    The posts written by people who actually take the time to post something credible, legitimate and well thought out are far too seldom.

  5. vegas4241 says:

    FYI both Sergei Kostitsyn and Latendresse are LW
    they are using Sergei there because they have no choice.

    I believe half the team has been tried on the RW

    As far as Hossa coming to Montreal,  unless they can talk to him before, i wouldn't give up much future for him He's a UFA
    Ryder, Dandenault a 2nd rounder and add a tier 2 prospect and we have a deal.

    And if Lecavalier is a possibility then yes Price becomes a posibility

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