Hemsky Signs For Six!

The Edmonton Oilers have signed Ales Hemsky to a 6 year contract for an undisclosed amount.

more at http://www.edmontonoilers.com/news/index.php?id=686

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  1. JannettyTheRocker says:

    Yeah, uh-hu, okay………..You’ve proven once more that you have no hockey sense, and talk for the sake of hearing your own voice………..But whatever.

    Just like last year, the Oilers are the under-dogs, and will make a run to the cup this season. Everyone doubted them last year, and everyone will doubt them this year.

    But I believe, and I know that they will be there when 29 other teams are golfing, holding the Stanley Cup on Jasper Ave.


    GO OILERS GO!!!!!

  2. ObjectiveImpartiaL says:

    Last I hear their budget was around 36 or 37 million not 41. The owners had voted to put all profits from this years cup run, about 15 million, against the 30 million dollar loan on the oilers. You have a source that says their budget is projected at 41 million? Not saying it has not changed from 3 months ago, but just wondering

  3. ObjectiveImpartiaL says:

    Jannetty if you just cooled it down a little the oilers may not get quite as much hasle as they do. You a starting to sound like a Toronto fan with your raves. Still glad your around though. Can’t wait till the season starts so people will quit saying that the oil are in trouble since the typeing about the depth of our team is starting no grow repetative. And people saying that no one wants to stay in Edmonton is just painful to keep hearing when every team has lost some players. Many players have asked for trades in the past, for different reasons, yet Edmonton is the city everone talks about. Prongers wife asked for the trade for personal reasons, we all know what that is, it has nothing to do with players hateing Edmonton. Last post on this since I will just have to type it again next time.

  4. dcz28 says:

    Yeah ok i’m the one not making any sense…what did the Oilers do before last season and after Messier was gone?

    NOTHING…they were the Expos of hockey (with more fans)…all they did was develop talent for big market teams and lose to Dallas in the playoffs every year.

    I know you love your team and your behind it no matter what but be realistic Edmonton did not improve the team much this off-season…look at all the teams that have gone to the finals (that were lower seeds not expected to do anything) and lost: Calgary, Anaheim, Carolina ect…the next season they either don’t make the playoffs or get taken out early in the playoffs. They might make the playoffs but i don’t see them going far.

  5. JannettyTheRocker says:

    There is a difference between the Leafs and the Oilers of the 90’s. The answer is, PAYROLL. The Leafs were able to spend 3x the amount of money as the Oilers, and the Leafs still can’t even get to the Stanley Cup Final. The only reason the Oiler’s were a “farm-team” was due to financial restraints. If the financial playing field was even thru the 90’s, the Oiler’s would have a much better record and more post season appearances………………After the lockout, the new CBA was introduced, and look who surfaces again……..The Mighty Oilers Of Edmonton………………For you to even compare the Leafs to the Oilers is a joke………………Since the Oilers came into the NHL in 1979, they have been the best franchise in the NHL.

    – 5 Stanley Cups

    – 7 Stanley Cup Appearances

    What other team has done that since 1979???

    Sure the Leafs have had some success back in the prehistoric era, but since the Oilers have entered the NHL, let’s see how the Canadian teams have done:

    Edmonton : 5 Cups, 7 SC appearances

    Calgary : 1 Cup, 3 SC appearances

    Montreal : 2 Cups, 3 SC appearances

    Vancouver : 1 SC appearance

    Ottawa : 0 SC appearances (only been around for half the time though)

    Toronto : 0 Cups, 0 Appearances……..biggest budget.

    Winnipeg : moved to Phoenix

    Quebec : moved to Colorado, won multiple SCs…..

    In closing, your team sucks, you’re delusional, and the Leafs will miss the playoffs and once again win NOTHING.

    GO OILERS GO!!!!

  6. dcz28 says:

    LOL Where the hell did i ever said i was a Leafs fan?

    The Leafs are actually the team i hate the most out of all the teams in the NHL and i wouldn’t be sad at all if they never won another cup or ever made the playoffs again although i do think Ottawa has to beat them in the playoffs to win a cup.

    I’m a Wings fan and unlike you i know the Wings have not gotten better then last year so far and that they have holes to fill. I’m confident that the Wings will be good not great but i wouldn’t even start to think cup till atleast the halfway point of the season for any team…lets see what the teams can do on the ice for atleast 41 games before thinking of raising the 2006-2007 Stanley cup banner can we.

  7. JannettyTheRocker says:

    Sorry for the insult of assuming that you were a Leaf’s fan. That’s gotta sting……..lol.

    Anyways, I know that the cup can go to any team, and nothing is set in stone that one team is going to win. But I’m not going to sit here and whine and complain about what’s happened to my Oilers in the off season. I truly believe that the Oiler’s are better than most people are giving them credit for, and truly believe that they have as good a chance as any other team to win the cup. I don’t expect you or anyone else to agree with me, and that’s absolutely fine. But I’m gonna continue to talk my Oilers up, and root them on, and I know that it annoys other people, and that works for me too.

    If the Oilers don’t win the 2007 Stanley Cup as I’m predicting, then I’ll still be on here as I was this year taking my razzing…………But I’m confident that they’ll get it done this year.

    I wish your Wings the best as well as they were my dad’s favorite team.

    GO OILERS GO!!!!!

  8. dcz28 says:

    No worst insult then being called a Leafs fan lol

    I’m not going to say the Oilers don’t have a chance but i have big doubts although i could be wrong because before last season started i was predicting that Carolina would be garbage since i thought when i saw their goaltending was going to be Gerber and Ward (didn’t know much about them and thought they were going to suck) but they sure as hell proved me wrong during the season and playoffs too.

    I’ll wish the same (good luck) to your Oilers although i will still dislike them for a few more seasons because they took out my Wings last playoffs lol

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