Hemsky The Next Kurri?

Who else but Ales Hemsky on the Edmonton Oilers plays similar to Jarri Kurri? Who else in the NHL, for that matter, plays like Kurri did? I’m thinking maybe 2 or 3 players. Ales Hemsky, a shoe-in for rookie of the month, has 15 points so far this month, with 2 more games to go in March. This kid has only 28 points this year in 55 games. Odds are, about 25 of those points were highlight reel plays. It’s funny, because you can tell which rookies have adapted the best. How? Simple, look in years past a the players who have won rookie of the month in the final month of the season, they’re the ones that adapted the best, and they’re the ones that became great players.

Edmonton is on the brink of something special. There’s a feeling in the city that he’s gonna be the next big thing. With the CBA a year away, Edmonton will have a great shot at holding on to him to see him in his glory years. As a rookie, he may just be the best passer in the league. That’s arguable, I know, but it won’t be soon. Another future phenom in the NHL will be Jani Rita: A Forsberg-type power forward with skill and a miraculous touch around the net. These two guys, as long as the team stays competative and holds on to players like Smyth, Comrie, Isbister, Marchant, Brewer, etc., the team will be a cup contender in the years to come. The prospects this team has are simply incredible, now Raffi Torres is in the mix. Imagine Rita, Torres and Hemsky as a line in 2 years time. Ahhh, I’m drooling. Basically, Hemsky is the next big thing! Hemsky’s name will be heard around the NHL very shortly. I’d be very shocked and saddened if he didn’t win rookie of the month.

Edmonton should be proud and excited, it only gets better from here baby! Go Oilers Go! And good luck in the playoffs. It’ll be in tight, but it’ll sure be exciting as well.

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  1. mikster says:

    I wouldn’t go that far!!! Kurri was such an awesome player back than, and a-hole Neil Smith got him when he was just about dead, trading Mattias Norstrom.

    Anyway, the Oilers have one heck of a future and people have to start recognizing that the Oilers will not be such a struggling team because of their low cash. Look at the Sens. I think they are the Senators of the West as far as skills.

    Rita, Chimera, Hemsky, Ryan Smyth, Comrie, York, Semenov, this guy Pisani looks quite decent, Laraque, Salo, Horcoff…..

    Those are young players that will succeed playing their roles as NHL players. I can’t wait till Rita starts to show his potentials soon.

    Lowe has done a splendid job in keeping the Oilers youngsters from the Sather era, and has kept picking the right players through the drafts as well. Now with Torres added, WOW.

    I am sure Hemsky will be good and a success, but i never like to compare prospects to great players of past time.

    Trust me, give Dvorak a full healthy season, or at least a season without a major injury, and he’ll turn out fine in the Western Conference, playing with a skilled speedy team.

    Hey, if he scored 30 with Nedved and Hlavac, he can do it with Comrie, Smyth, York, and Hemsly in the future.

    I know Niinimaa was not wasy giving up. I still do not like Isbister, but his expectations will be different in Edmonton. In the East, people expected him to be Bertuzzi. And he was not even close to being the Islander Bertuzzi version (tough….very tough forward). But…getting Torres….i was very excited to see Torres going to the Oilers.

    It’s a shame because he would have become the Rangers worst enemy in the next years. He is tough, plays with tons of character, works the corners…and heck…he’s got more Bertuzzi potential than Isbister does!!!!

    Fear the Oilers, they’re future is definitely going to be successful.

  2. bender says:

    WOW, the other day I was chatting with my buddy from taiwan (originally from edmonton) and i was giving him the scoop on the Oilers, the obvious stuff. Then I started to tell him how awesome Hemsky was and that he could very well be the next……you guessed it…..Kurri. I personally have become a huge fan of his. I think the missing link to the Carter deal, was the amount of time it now gives Hemsky to play.

    The other guy that everyone forgets about is Jussi Marrkanen. The kid has been awesome this year.

    The Oilers look good coming into this playoffs, and for next year as well. There is a buzz throughout the city of Edmonton that hasn’t been around for awhile (well ya, they didn’t make the playoffs, last year, so they are hungry just for that reason as well). But the team has been great lately and the new guys they have added to the lineup have made Lowe look like a genuis for now.

    I know that the Wings, Stars, Canucks, and Avs are heavy favortites. But the Oilers, Wild, Mighty Sucks(LOL) and Blues are gonna make the big guns work for every win. I’m sure we will see at least a couple of shockers out of the WEST or at least give us some entertaining series.

  3. titans says:

    Don’ya think it’s a little pre mature to be comparing the kid to Jarri Kurri? Kurri is one of the all time greats, thats alot to live up to.

  4. bender says:

    It’s a disease, I think we should find a name for it, when haven’t you heard the next big thing being compared to one of the greats of the past!!!

  5. defenestrate says:

    It’s considered a curse in the music business to win the “Best New Artist” award. It reached its nadir in, I believe it was 1978 or 1979, when Taste of Honey (“Boogie Oogie Oogie”) won over Blondie, The Cars, and Elvis Costello. That’s not even mentioning Milli Vanilli, or the number of people whose careers were ruined because they were hyped as “The New Dylan” (hell, I couldn’t stand the “Old Dylan” – he can write, but he sure as hell can’t sing – Kris Kristofferson Disease).

    As an Avs fan, it makes me very nervous to see the improvements the Oilers have made. I have not forgotten that first round upset.

    As for young players, I see nothing but good things ahead for Dany Heatley and Jay Boumeester (I always want to say Bullwinkle..). Rick Nash should proably be thrown in the mix as well. Of the ones mentioned in the article, I have been very impressed with what I have seen of Torres.

    I will now go back to pining for Radim Vrbata.

  6. edmontonrules says:

    I wouldn’t go so far as to say that he is the next Kurri but he is brilliant. The Oilers have some of the greatest young players this year. Pisa, Pisani, Chimeara, and Hemsky. You could even place Comrie in that catagory.

  7. -Swizz- says:

    rookie of the month? not so sure..

    i dont konw the numbers, but zetterberg has been doing really well lately….

  8. STPMCPHEE says:

    Yo, Pisa was traded to the Rangers.

  9. STPMCPHEE says:

    Hemsky has more points this month.

  10. beckfan says:

    Saturday morning I was watching ESPN’s 11:00 in the morning Sportscenter waiting for the previous nights hockey highlights. No I understand that its March Sadness time and alot of focus is on College Bball, but when 11:55 rolls aroun and they dont show or even mention a single hockey score, thats pretty fucking sad! So therefore, I cant coment on the Oilers cause I dont get a taste of them let alone The Canucks, Stars, Ducks, Kings, Hawks, Flyers, Canadiens, Flames, Wild, Red Wi…………………..

    Get my point?

    Thanks ESPN………….your the best!

  11. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    radivan somik is going to be the next yzerman! why, because like you, he plays on my favorite team, and i’am an idiot!

  12. oilersofthefuture says:

    The OILER ERA is about to begin.in the next couple yearsall of the young oilers will devolop in to great players. led by….of course hemsky and comrie. we will have a stanley cup contender in a couple years. well have young fresh players. everyone else will have old crappy players

    -Oilers WILL be the future of hockey-

  13. bender says:

    As both a Flyer and an Oiler fan. I watch both teams play a great deal. DO YOU!!!

    I like Rad Somik but he is no where near the talent level of Hemsky. Hemsky blows Somik out of the water for Offensive ability.

    But………when it comes to defense Somik shines. If you did your homework and listened more often than blurting out sarcastic dribble you would know that Somik is being compared as the next Jere Lehtinen not Yzerman.

    You should also note that Hemsky is finally starting to shine as an Oiler and has 14 points out of the last 15 and Somik has been “injured” or sitting out.

  14. STPMCPHEE says:

    Hey asswhipe, if you think this story is far fetched, just look at this one (I wrote mine first, by the way)


  15. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    i guess you’re the idiot, because that somik line was a joke, just like comparing a player who has been in the NHL for one month. he might be a good player, and what i have seen of him, which is alot with the NHL package, he will, but the next Kurri? come on! you just can’t do that to a young player.

  16. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    ok i’am an asswhipe, but you are the one comparing a rookie who had one really good month, too one of the greatest goal scorers of all time. learn the game before you open your mouth. and now i know to never go to faceoff.com for hockey stories. oh and i’am sure you didn’t read this story on faceoff.com before you posted here.

  17. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    there’s no question that the oilers have good young players, and hemsky is one of them, but come on Jarri Kurri? thats nuts this early in his career. the sad thing thou for oilers fans is if he does become as good as Kurri he will leave to play for someone who can afford to pay him.

  18. titans says:

    Are you quitting on me?! Well, are you?! Then quit, you slimy f*cking walrus-looking piece of s*it! Get the f*ck off of my obstacle! Get the f*ck down off of my obstacle! Now! Move it! I’m going to rip your balls off, so you cannot contaminate the rest of the world! I will motivate you if it short-dicks every cannibal on the Congo!

  19. defenestrate says:

    “Private Snowball reporting as ordered, sir”.

    You must have a cable modem or DSL, damn you.

  20. titans says:

    I Don’t know but I been told. Eskimo Pus*y is mighty cold. ..Feels good, tastes good, smells good,good for you, good for me.

    Cable Modem

  21. beckfan says:

    Yeah, like the Strangers but he too young right now.

    Hey do you remember when Kurri rejected a trade to Philly?

  22. STPMCPHEE says:

    I’m not saying he’s better or as good. I’m saying that he’s got the potential of being as good. That article is from today’s Journal, this article of mine is from two nights ago. Think before you write, and yes, you are an asswipe, no, you’re a retard!

  23. Obiquatro says:

    I’m about curious what else Hemsky brings to the table game-wise… does he backcheck, forecheck with tenacity, and go all-out every shift? Does Ales draw your eyes to him even when he isn’t on the puck? It’s obvious he has strong passing skills just from looking at his stats… but he hasn’t gotten big ice-time yet, how do you think he’ll react since he isn’t a big guy? He has great skill on the powerplay but only as a setup man so-far… comparing him to Kurri even though he isn’t a finisher kind of takes away from the compliment. Fill me in; I want to hear more about him.

    The reason I ask about what else he does is because I am a huge Henrik Zetterberg fan (Henrik has one less point in the month of March in one more game). While playing for Sweden in the Olympics Zetterberg shined as bright as Sundin, Forsberg, and Naslund in some games (for a small guy he forechecked like no tomorrow and his legs never stopped moving, he drew my attention every shift… for good reasons). Over the season Zetterberg has only gotten better and he plays better as the game goes (he has two game winning goals in the last five minutes of games).

  24. STPMCPHEE says:

    No question, Zetterberg will be good, but I’m not here to say my rookie is better than your rookie, all I’m saying is that Hemsky WILL be amazing. Maybe his new nickname should be “Amazing Ales.” But that’s for another day. No, Ales forechecks, heck, he even dishes out some pretty good checks.Hemsky can score too, but that will come. He was a scorer in Juniors, he’ll be one soon in the NHL. Zetterberg is what, 22, maybe. Well, remember, Ales is only 19 years old and will not only fill out in size, but he’ll fill his potential too. I can’t help but watch him even when he doesn’t have the puck, it’s funny you say that. Sorry guys, but I’ve watched soo many hockey games, hockey teams and hockey players in my life to know when I see a future star. If I’m wrong about him (which I’m not) than I’ll poke both my eyes out.

  25. TC_4 says:

    No, Ales goes all out every shift. He just about got sent down numerous amounts of times this season so he knows he’s not safe. The guy hits, I remember he ran Reed Low into the bench earlier this season. The only knock on him comming out of Junior is that he didn’t play in traffic, but he does now. He’ll be a Milan Hedujk type guy, maybe better.

  26. TC_4 says:

    Not Kurri. I think the guy that compares most to Kurri in the NHL right now is Jere Leithnen. I mean that in the sense of how he plays, not that he’s anywhere near Kurri’s stats. But Kurri in the 90’s, was known as a great defensive player, and so is Leithnen. But getting back to Ales, I see what you mean, but Ales is a passer first. I think he and Comrie could be like Gretz and Kurri(not the stats, just the way they play)only Hemsky as the passer, and Comrie as the sniper. Either way I agree with the article, in 3 years, these guys are in challenging fo the cup.

  27. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:


  28. bender says:

    1) Ummm…..Hemsky hasn’t been in the NHL for a month…….he started the year with them and just sat out approx. 23 games.

    2) Of course I knew your first statement was a joke. See the first reply I sent to you where I retorted to your sarcastic dribble.(I will refrain from calling you a moron, since you at least cheer for a good team)

    3) What’s wrong with a little comparison. Have you been in a hole. The sports world is full of comparisons. It’s part of what makes sports fun. Wondering who is gonna be the next Gretzky, Jordan, or Babe Ruth. Sure it may be a little too soon but have some fun guy. Get that hockey stick out of your ass.

  29. GreatWhiteNorth says:

    I think you’re jumping to conclusions a bit. 15 points in a month is a great thing, but that’s the thing, it’s only one month. The future of a young player like Hemsky, depends a lot more on *overall* performance in a season. How many times do we see a player come up into the NHL, have a brief, successful stint in the NHL, only to go back to the minors, never to be seen from again. I’m not saying that will happen to Hemsky, all I’m saying is that one month of great performance doesn’t make him the next Jarri Kurri.

  30. defenestrate says:

    a-s-s-w-i-p-e… That “h” is driving me to distraction..

  31. STPMCPHEE says:

    you’re right, no H.

  32. STPMCPHEE says:

    I think you’re misunderstanding my article. It’s titled: Hemsky The Next Kurri? Do you see that question mark at the end of the title? I’m suggesting they have similar styles, and that Hemsky may be great IN A COUPLE YEARS. Not necessarily now, although, he’s still amazing now.

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