Hemsky The Next Kurri?

Who else but Ales Hemsky on the Edmonton Oilers plays similar to Jarri Kurri? Who else in the NHL, for that matter, plays like Kurri did? I’m thinking maybe 2 or 3 players. Ales Hemsky, a shoe-in for rookie of the month, has 15 points so far this month, with 2 more games to go in March. This kid has only 28 points this year in 55 games. Odds are, about 25 of those points were highlight reel plays. It’s funny, because you can tell which rookies have adapted the best. How? Simple, look in years past a the players who have won rookie of the month in the final month of the season, they’re the ones that adapted the best, and they’re the ones that became great players.

Edmonton is on the brink of something special. There’s a feeling in the city that he’s gonna be the next big thing. With the CBA a year away, Edmonton will have a great shot at holding on to him to see him in his glory years. As a rookie, he may just be the best passer in the league. That’s arguable, I know, but it won’t be soon. Another future phenom in the NHL will be Jani Rita: A Forsberg-type power forward with skill and a miraculous touch around the net. These two guys, as long as the team stays competative and holds on to players like Smyth, Comrie, Isbister, Marchant, Brewer, etc., the team will be a cup contender in the years to come. The prospects this team has are simply incredible, now Raffi Torres is in the mix. Imagine Rita, Torres and Hemsky as a line in 2 years time. Ahhh, I’m drooling. Basically, Hemsky is the next big thing! Hemsky’s name will be heard around the NHL very shortly. I’d be very shocked and saddened if he didn’t win rookie of the month.

Edmonton should be proud and excited, it only gets better from here baby! Go Oilers Go! And good luck in the playoffs. It’ll be in tight, but it’ll sure be exciting as well.