Here is my reponse

After being a Rangers fan for all 18 years of my life, I logged into HTR the other day, and I saw that another user decided to down play every Ranger move that they have made and disected the “negatives of the team”. All I have to say is MattNJD…I’m about to give you a good lesson in both Hockey and Geography..First off, the Rangers did wonders for their club this off season by signing Bobby Holik and Darius Kasperaitis. There is no truth that Glen Sather wanted to sign CuJo and figured the Edmonton Hook-Up could happen once again. Also, Sather decided to trade Richter’s rights the night before for a late round draft pick since the Ranger’s payroll would not allow them to collect the pick they would acquire if they lost a free agent.

FLY Line was definately the Rangers’ best line last season. I remember you said something about how “Oh the FLY Lines broken up since Fleury and York are traded.” WELL guess what Jason Arnott is a Dallas Star and Petr Sykora is a Mighty Duck! So don’t go off and start ripping on a line of ours that was just as much ripped apart as yours. You start saying that Bobby Holik isn’t going to be the guy that will help us? Who are you kidding! He was your best center in that organization for seasons! Now, since Lou embarassed him at arbitration, and wouldn’t give him the money, you decided to bash him? After the Rangers signed Holik, Ken Daneyko came out in the New Jersey Star Ledger and showed his displeasure for letting Holik go. Lets check out your forwards…..and what’s this? Patrik Elias moving to center because Scott Gomez is holing out? Sounds like a plan. Just watch out for that 88 Train coming your way. Brylin, Madden, Stevenson, Friesen, Langenbrunner, Niewendyke? Okay…so you have a bunch of little midgets running around with an old fart center who sits out of hte playoffs in crunch time with the flu! Bashing McCarthy?’s alright. I guess you never really could understand that being physical can win you hockey games! Yes, our defense looks more like an offense. Leetch is not just an offensive D-man. He does play D, and when gets cought he usually gets back in time. As for Poti and Malakhov, I do agree..but at the same time…just make sure Colin White and Oleg Tverdovsky don’t do the same :-)

Maybe Jamie Lundmark will be a #3 winger, but don’t expect Brian Gionta or Christian Berglund to put in 30 goals for ya. As for Nedved, yes we all hate him but what can ya do? As of now hes moving over to the wing.

Last but not least, if we are really going to go to Continental to watch the Devils in the playoffs, the easiest way is the LINCOLN TUNNEL!! Take the Tunnel out to route 3 and you get off at the Swamp, I mean East Rutherford Exit. Also…yes, we haven’t been in the post season for 5 years…but when was the last time the Devils beat the Rangers in a playoff series……NEVER!



2002-We’ll see. Good luck with that little “speed” team that you have. I’m sure that a 1-2 punch of Niewendyke and Madden will match well with Lindros and Holik. I am saying this now, and I hate to put down my Ranger fans…but the Rangers ARE NOT better than the Flyers. They have improved, but must prove that they are better. Last but not least, Matt…try to see if you can get people in your building when we don’t come to town. After that happens, check and see how much Blue you will see in the swamps.