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After being a Rangers fan for all 18 years of my life, I logged into HTR the other day, and I saw that another user decided to down play every Ranger move that they have made and disected the “negatives of the team”. All I have to say is MattNJD…I’m about to give you a good lesson in both Hockey and Geography..First off, the Rangers did wonders for their club this off season by signing Bobby Holik and Darius Kasperaitis. There is no truth that Glen Sather wanted to sign CuJo and figured the Edmonton Hook-Up could happen once again. Also, Sather decided to trade Richter’s rights the night before for a late round draft pick since the Ranger’s payroll would not allow them to collect the pick they would acquire if they lost a free agent.

FLY Line was definately the Rangers’ best line last season. I remember you said something about how “Oh the FLY Lines broken up since Fleury and York are traded.” WELL guess what Jason Arnott is a Dallas Star and Petr Sykora is a Mighty Duck! So don’t go off and start ripping on a line of ours that was just as much ripped apart as yours. You start saying that Bobby Holik isn’t going to be the guy that will help us? Who are you kidding! He was your best center in that organization for seasons! Now, since Lou embarassed him at arbitration, and wouldn’t give him the money, you decided to bash him? After the Rangers signed Holik, Ken Daneyko came out in the New Jersey Star Ledger and showed his displeasure for letting Holik go. Lets check out your forwards…..and what’s this? Patrik Elias moving to center because Scott Gomez is holing out? Sounds like a plan. Just watch out for that 88 Train coming your way. Brylin, Madden, Stevenson, Friesen, Langenbrunner, Niewendyke? Okay…so you have a bunch of little midgets running around with an old fart center who sits out of hte playoffs in crunch time with the flu! Bashing McCarthy?’s alright. I guess you never really could understand that being physical can win you hockey games! Yes, our defense looks more like an offense. Leetch is not just an offensive D-man. He does play D, and when gets cought he usually gets back in time. As for Poti and Malakhov, I do agree..but at the same time…just make sure Colin White and Oleg Tverdovsky don’t do the same 🙂

Maybe Jamie Lundmark will be a #3 winger, but don’t expect Brian Gionta or Christian Berglund to put in 30 goals for ya. As for Nedved, yes we all hate him but what can ya do? As of now hes moving over to the wing.

Last but not least, if we are really going to go to Continental to watch the Devils in the playoffs, the easiest way is the LINCOLN TUNNEL!! Take the Tunnel out to route 3 and you get off at the Swamp, I mean East Rutherford Exit. Also…yes, we haven’t been in the post season for 5 years…but when was the last time the Devils beat the Rangers in a playoff series……NEVER!



2002-We’ll see. Good luck with that little “speed” team that you have. I’m sure that a 1-2 punch of Niewendyke and Madden will match well with Lindros and Holik. I am saying this now, and I hate to put down my Ranger fans…but the Rangers ARE NOT better than the Flyers. They have improved, but must prove that they are better. Last but not least, Matt…try to see if you can get people in your building when we don’t come to town. After that happens, check and see how much Blue you will see in the swamps.


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  1. MattNJD says:

    Wow, my first new article as a member of HTR, and it seems to be a total success. Whats with all you Ranger fans??? Why are you taking things so personally? I get called names on my post, then someone writes a post because they are so upset with me. RELAX PEOPLE! Jesus. Don’t be upset with me that your team is still full of total “what if’s”. Don’t think that I don’t know the Devils also have their share of “what if’s”. I just decided to write on the Rangers because I knew it would be better public dialog then an article about the Devils. As for you RangerSteve, your right the A-Line is gone from NJ, but guess what, in return for Arnott&Sykora, the Devils actually GOT something in return that will help them win games. In comes Nieuwendyk, Langenbrunner, Freisen, and Tverdovsky for those two. Your telling me you would rather have Arnott&Sykora as opposed to Nieuwendyk, Langs, Fries, and Tver??? Your Crazy! What did the Rangers get in return for York and Fleury? A defensman who can’t play D (Poti) and a 3rd liner (Murray). Again, who would you rather have? York and Fleury or Poti and Murray. Anyone with a brain would take York and Fleury. As for Gomez holding out, thats part of game, I can’t control it. The Devils practice a little something called fiscal responsibility, I know know your only 18 so let me explain what that means. IT MEANS THEY DON’T THROW $45 MILL AT A 2ND LINE CENTER! Gomez wants $2 mill per season, he’s crazy, he’ll sign eventually and then maybe you can feel a little better about yourself. Whats this about me never understanding about how being physical wins hockey games?? Look at 95 and 2000, Devils were one of the biggest and strongest team in the NHL, and they won the cup. At least you can admit that the Rangers defense is still a problem. Did I ever say that Lundmark was supposed to score 30 goals?? I don’t think so, if thats wat you Ranger fans think, your in for a rude awakening. Berglund and Gionta are prospects, I would be happy if they scored 15 a peice. See the “little speed team” you speak of, has a coach that actually wants them to play defense, unlike Trottier who wants to continue to run and gun. It just makes no sense, what run and gun team was the last to win a cup? the Oilers? Why should I have to try to get people in Continental Airlines Arena? I don’t work there. I would rather not have many people there, that way I can buy the $20 and sneak down to the $85 seats like I always do, as far as I’m concerned, keep attendance around 15,500 where it usually is. Oh, and how could I forget… Go Devils!

  2. tgray says:

    Yeah, where does he get off suggesting the Holland tunnel, thats almost as grave a error as mispronouncing Houston Street. I’d rather take the GW than the Holland tunnel to get to the Meadowlands from Manhattan. Of course he got confused between the Lincoln (just down 495 to 3) with the Holland down in Hoboken.

  3. DaAvs says:

    I’m with Matt on this one. Fighting the points not the person. Not a trial to prove that someone doesn’t know something because they’re a different teams fan. Devils and Rangers have question marks. As does many upon many teams. Including my Avs. You brought up a few different good points about the Devils. But all the personal attacks made the article look like it’s foolish. I ask people attack the points not the person. Screw the team they are high on. If YOU think it’s wrong tell why beyond ‘Your team is horrible’ Get down to the nitty gritty of hockey. Here’s a point for both Rangers and Devil’s fans. After changing so much, will each team have a problem devolping chemistry quickly? (I.E. Jagr in Washington, Weight in St. Louis, Turgeon in Dallas) I ask that because a slump early may be something to prevent you from the playoffs. Or will it be instant chemistry? (I.E. Yashin, Peca, and Osgood).

  4. mikster says:

    Hehe, you article did make success Matt! That’s why i posted it and that is why i keep this arguement alive. You’re heading the into right direction and getting popular by pissing some people off (exactly what i did).

    Anyway. You brought up a very good point with the new Devils since March. I mean, you gave away 3 starters (missed McKay) and got 4 in return. But, how much value do those 4 have? The most valuable are Tvedovsky and Friesen. Nieuwendyk is 36 years old, very injury prone, and i don’t think he should be considered a reliable first line center anymore. Langenbrunner is a solid player but he is a good example of the word inconsistent. Scoring 4 points in the first 4 games and then none in the next 10 is quite awful. Tverdovsky was a smart acquisition since he has yet to reach his prime. Also, he makes Rafalski and Neidermeyer tradable. Friesen is either a bust or a big fuss. I think he belongs in the Eastern Conference (home of the power forwards), and he could easily net at least 20-25 goals again. But, has he lost his touch and confidence with Anaheim? Can he play well with Elias, Brylin, or Joe N?

    Now, you can’t say the Ranger gave up Fleury and York for Poti and Murray. Rangers gave up York for Poti and Murray, gave up Fleury for a draft pick and dumped his $7 million dollar option. Poti is still 25, he had two good season with the Oilers, one bad one, and he has O’Reilly and Schoenfeld to toughen him up defensively. You don’t have to be physical as a defenseman. Poti can use his size, his weight, as well as his long stick, and his speed to play solid D. If you can skate, then you could becoem a good defenseman. Look at little Rafalski, he uses his skating to play D.

    York will be a better offensive two-way forward in Edmonton. So, i think he will never score more than 25 goals. If he stayed with the Rangers, then he could have had 30+ goal seasons. The problem with York is that he was too small for Sather’s tastes to be a PK and a two-way forward. If York was more of a one dimensional type player, and a top winger, then he would have kept him.

    Rem Murray is what the Rangers exactly needed now. PK’er with size, a puck digger, reliable defensively, and a perfect 3rd line player, and a superb 4th line player. York was slumping, and Sather had to addressed the team’s needs.


    DOES THAT MEAN THAT YOU CAN THROW $40 MILL AT A 2ND LINE CENTER THOUGH? Devils made that offer. If you disagree with $9 mills, then you’d disagree with $8.2 mills. And, the Rangers didn’t call 1-800-BOB-HOLIK and offer him $9 million a season immediately.

    Also, i never saw/heard from anywhere that Trottier was going to play a Run and Gun game. Actually, he talks about solid defensive zone coverage, especially in the neutral zone, and with Schoenfeld…things are better.

    The Red Wings played a similar Run and Gun game sometimes. They faced like 1,300+ shots.

    So that’s that. You’ve started something good on here. Good to have you on board and i am looking forward to post more articles from you. Eeek….i just said that to a Devils fan.

  5. mikster says:

    From here it’s better to take the Lincoln tunnel to go to MSG. Once you enter in Manhattan stick to the right side, then take a left and MSG is right in front of you. I hate GW bridge. Holland tunnel also sucks, it’s longer.

  6. mikster says:

    Well, i usually wouldn’t post these personal articles but they are fun, especially now. Let these guys bash each other, it’s fun! By the way, why did Lecoirx keep Tanguay? I would have dealt him for D. Morris.

  7. tgray says:

    No shit, the lincoln puts you right up on 32 or something. the Holland is off Houston, thats like SoHo, not Midtown.

  8. devilfan says:

    Your right with the chemistry thing. I think the Devils will blend because they didnt get egos. Jagr, Weight, and Turgeon all want to be a star. The Devils have a good mix and no egos, no one wants the spotlight by themselves. They work together to win. I would like to point out Holik doesnt have a problem with bashing teammates. When Lindros and Bure get bashed for not playing defense how is going to affect their HUGE(which is probably an understatement) EGOS. They will be crushed and probably wine to the cameras. Ranger fans think they have instant victory but other than Lindros, Bure, and Holik is there anyone that really jumps off the page, that you can trust when their on the ice. Boy, I dont know.

  9. devilfan says:

    The one thing Ill say is that Matt’s article was 100% accurate, the Rangers have a lot of question marks, but I dont like typing so Im not gonna get into all of them. For you I have to say midgets is far off. I guess since you have 4 fighters that stand 6’3″ or something like that, but cant play hockey, you think that anyone shorter isnt worth have a job in the game of hockey. Just so you know you have a couple undersized players on your team. Lets Face it the European style of speed and skill is taking over the game and the physical play is not as important as it was in the passed. Detroit didnt win the cup last year by beating the crap out of the other team. Speed is more important up front than size besides Eric Lindros doesnt play too his size because hes afraid of getting hit. So all you really have is Holik.

  10. benji_ch says:

    I read your (Matt) post yesterday, and today i read his (Steve) post and i was about to agree with him about the way they broke up the FLY line but u guys also broke up the Arnott-Sykora-Elias line, but then i read this and you have a point and i agree with you now, i would trade Sykora and Arnott for Tverdovsky, Friesen, Niewendyk and Langenbrunner. Good job, i have to agree wiht you.

    Benji –> Go Habs Go

  11. Forsberg21 says:

    No offense, but how did that make an article. There was nothing informative there. It should have been a reply to that guys post that he’s so mad at. Oh and I don’t think Lindros can be called a train anymore, he’s not nearly as aggressive physically as he used to be.

  12. DaAvs says:

    Probally cause they’re weak on left Wing at the moment. I believe depending on if Nedorost can shift to Left Wing then Tanguay would get dealt. Plus Tanguay ended up getting a contract for 900,000 foro ne year. A bargain considering their top prospect makes more then him.

  13. mikster says:

    Lindros doesn’t throw big body checks, he shoves players and makes them fly, just as he did with Roenick. Lindros plays to his size by using his height, weight, and massive strength.

    Rangers who hit: McCarthy, Holik, Lindros, Kaspar, Oliwa, Barnaby, Malakhov, Kloucek, Samuelsson, Karpa, Purinton. That sounds good to me.

    Rangers who are fast: Dvorak, Bure, Lundmark, Leetch, Poti, Ekman, Nedved (not that fast), Lyashenko.

    Matt’s article wasn’t 100% accurate, but he made some correct points.

  14. mikster says:

    I can trust Murray for his defensive skills. Lyashenko for his defensive skills. Nedved for some offense, Dvorak for some speed.

    Who can you trust on the Devils to score? Elias annnnnd….??? No one is a proven 20 goal scorer on that team except for Elias and Nieuwendyk, maybe he can net 20. I can’t think of anyone to trust for goals. The Devils are way too weak on the attack, you can’t trust it. They are weaker than last season’s. You’re going to have at least 4 players on the ice acting as defensemen, and the 5th one will try to attack. Boy, the talent has dropped.

  15. RangerFan85 says:

    Devils have no offence at at. Espeacially after losing their best players:







    Gomez – holding out

    Stevens and Nieuwendyk arent getting any younger

    Daneko was almost dealt away last season.

    More than half of the team who won the cup in 2000 are’nt even on the team anymore.

    The only thing the devils have going for them is broduer. Evan as a Ranger fan i’ll admit he’s pretty good – but he cant hold a team together that can’t even score.



    Elias – 32g 37 a

    gomez – 20g 35 a

    nieuendyk 22g 20 a

    brylin 19g 21a

    friesen 17g 30 a

    langenbbrunner 12g 15 a


    Lindros 33g 55 a

    Bure 51g 32 a

    Nedved (LW on lindros line) 29g 35 a

    Holik 23g 30 a

    Dvorak 19 g 23 a

    Which team would you rather have?

  16. Sane04 says:

    Gomez is going to Toronto for Reichel and a pick.


  17. NYR88Express says:

    brodeur will be an unrestricted free-agent in a few years…hey, rangers fans, wouldnt it be sweet to have brodeur between the pipes at MSG?

  18. newnoiseimage says:

    Just like a Ranger fan to open his mouth to talk trash, with absolutely nothing behind it. Lets see how your overpriced team plays together before you bash anyone. All those egos playing together will be interesting. One thing though, the 88 train?? You mean the concussion train, right. Lindros is still definetely a good player, but he isn’t a physical force. Again though, the Devils have basically ruined their chances for a cup, but being as the Rangers aren’t gonna be fighting for it either who cares. One thing the Rangers can always hold as their greatest accomplishment is the inevitable lockout that their rampant spending is gonna cause. So, I hope to god that this team is the greatest ever, because we are gonna have a shortened season in a few because of it.

  19. Bodster says:

    C’mon boys, both your teams suck. there is only one real team in the area and that is the New York Islanders.

  20. saksfan says:

    When did that happen???

  21. bones says:

    LMAO! This site kicks ass!!!!

  22. son says:

    I’d rather have the team with the better defense and goalie. The Devils.

  23. son says:

    Please take gomez, and while your at it take pandolfo to.

  24. TheDevil says:

    Ok, I didn’t want to do this, but let’s compare:

    Goaltending: Brodeur over Richter, easily.


    Devils core: Nyedermeyer, Rafalski, Tverdovsky, White. Stevens and Daneyko are in their last days, so I don’t list them as the core Devils d-man anymore.

    Rangers core: Leetch (old too), Malakhov, Poti (what a bust), Kaspar, Kloucek (since I put White, to be fair, I put Kloucek here too).


    Devils core: Nyewendyk (old), Elias, Gomez, Friesen, Madden, Pandolfo, Langenbrunner

    Rangers: Lindros, Bure, Holik, Dvorak, McCarthy, Nedved. Messier is too old, he is no longer a core player.


    In goal, the Devils are by far better. Not because Richter is a bad goalie, no way, in top form he is one of the best. But simply because his knees won’t hold too much more. Believe me, a serious knee injury heals slower even than a freaking concussion.

    In defense, no question, the Devils are much, much better (one of the best core in the NHL).

    As for forwards, if Lindros plays like he used to at Philly, the edge goes to the Rangers. As a unit, the Devils are better though (more “team players”).

    No matter how better the Rangers are after the offseason, I still pick the Devils to beat them in a possible playoff matchup.

    Remenber, this year the midgets of Montreal beat the big boys from Beantown, basically by having stellar goaltending and horselike work ethic. The Devils have both things, plus an upper echelon forward at Patrik Elias.

    If obstruction is really controlled this year, watch out for a great matchup between these two teams, since both have incredible speed and wonderful skaters!!


    Bure, Dvorak, Nedved, Leetch, Poti versus Elias, Friesen, Rafalski, Tverdovsky, Nyedermeyer (the best skater in the world!!!)

  25. Rico71 says:

    One thing that people seem to have missed…the new head coaches in both teams.

    Pat Burns is a proven coach. Every team he coached, while not having a ton of talent, worked very hard in his defensive(though boring to watch) system. MTL, TO and BOS all improved with him for a coach. now he inherits a team with a top 5 goaltender in Brodeur, an impressive top 3 defensemen in Rafalski, Niedermayer and Tverdowsky. Add the old-timer grit of Stevens to the mix. His offense might suck a bit but he won’t have to battle through all that EGO flying around the locker room.

    While Trottier is unproven as head coach. Sure he was an awesome player, but he never coached a team. Also, he gets an injury prone goaltender and a 19 year old, a very shaky defensive team and a locker room full of crybabies. How will Bure and Lindros react to Holik’s overblown 9 million salary? Both will want a raise for sure.

    Saying that Joe N is 36 is true, but look at the Rangers. They have Messier(40), Leetch(34) and Richter(36). Add Stevens(38) and Daneyko(38) to the Devils and it evens out.

    With the improvement of a few teams in the Eastern Conference, my guess is that only one of these teams will make the playoffs. MTL, WAS have improved by getting some new players. Also, the injury bug might leave them alone this year. The only top 8 team that got worse is BOS. (Yay!)


  26. NYRfan78 says:

    Not this crap again,What is it about leaf fan’s thinking there garbage can get talent in return??

  27. devilfan says:

    Its all about chemistry, Im hoping that the team meshes well. If they do some guys can step up and score 20 goals. Jason Arnott and Petr Sykora were made better by Elias. There are guys on this team that have that same potential.

  28. devilfan says:

    Based on this. The Devils, wouldnt you rather have balance than one line. Its harder to stop 2 lines than 3.

    And Brodeur is a little better than pretty good.

    Even Ranger fans can admit hes one of the top 3 in the league, you should too.

  29. devilfan says:

    Based on this. The Devils, wouldnt you rather have balance than one line. Its harder to stop 3 lines than 2.

    And Brodeur is a little better than pretty good.

    Even Ranger fans can admit hes one of the top 3 in the league, you should too.

  30. devilfan says:

    Hey if your gonna start a rumor back it up with a web-site or some kind of logic. Think about this one.

  31. devilfan says:

    How have the Devils ruined their chances of winning a cup???????

    Defense and Goaltending wins Cups the Devils have the best in the East in both categories and they have enough scoring to get by.

  32. ew77 says:

    I am a Ranger fan but I love hockey. I’m not going to tell you that the Rangers are going to win the cup. I’ll give you a dose of reality though…..the Devils are where the Rangers were 4 or 5 years ago, a fragile aging team. Sorry to let you in on this but your seasons of greatness are all but over. The Devils had the chance to be one of the most powerful dynasties in hockey. They should have won every Stanley cup from 1995 through 2000. They made several poor business decisions and more often that not alienated their players(Elias, Sykora,Arnott) forcing them elsewhere IE:Mogilny, Holik to name a few. Right now you have a less than spectacular core of players centered around Nuwendiuk(SP?) and Scott Stevens. I’d love Stevens on my team but I’ve got several other players to look forward to. Now, there are a ton of questions on both sides but you can’t possibly tell me with a straight face that you think the Devils will be a better team than the Rangers. I’ll break the Rangers down a bit for you. I’m not a big Lindros fan but we saw he could be lethal last year. He is still better than any offensive Devils player, the exception being Elias. Elias is a finesse player and you will not win many games with him carrying the team on his back. Teams will pound him. Advantage Lindros. Lets talk about Bure, this guy is one of the fastest and most pure goal scorers in the history of the NHL. He will break the Ranger all time goals in a season record. Even with a weak winger, Lindros and Bure will be one of the leagues top duos.Add Ruchinsky or Dvorak and you will have a better line than the FLY line. Holik will be a great presence both offensively, power play and on defense. You just can’t tell me that you guys don’t care he is not a Devil anymore. He was a huge reason the Devils were such a strong team for so long. We are glad to have him and his chippy game. Easily replaces Theo Fleury(who I liked). Either Dvorak or Nedved will play with him, possibly both. That is tweopowerful lines. The Rangers have a few holes, Lundmark could be a treasure, I like Macarthy, Murray as a checker, Mess will beat the Devils at least once this season. “We Will Win” remember that quote?? The Rangers are weak at wing in that they do not have any really good goal scorers after Bure. Dvorak has potential and Ruchinsky will be great with Bure and Lindros. Nedved may work out but I wouldn’t mind seeing him traded for a bag of pucks and some skate sharpeners. Goalie is solid with Richter backed by Blackburn. I know you have Marty, he is beatable though. See 94 and 97 playoff results among others. Lets talk defense…..OK, the Rangers are not looking to be a great defensive core but they are much improved over last season. Leetch will have ups and downs, Malakov is coming off a good solid season and learned how to use his massive body. Poti must learn how to hit. If he does, look for him to be a Pronger like player in a few seasons. Darius will level Elias the first time these teams meet and you will all cry. Beyond that, I have the same questions you do. The Rangers should compete to be one of the top teams but they always seem to be good on paper. I am excited with Trottier as coach, I also like the additions of Green, shonfeld and O’Reilly. This will be an interesting season. Don’t worry, I think the Isles will be worse than the Devils.

  33. ew77 says:

    Had to add a few things….Lyashenko and Samuelsson could really help the Rangers by providing solid, consistent play….most likely on the wings. Oliwa, remember him, not too skilled but he can fight. All Devil fans should be embarrassed at the fact the the Devils can’t sell out in the playoffs, unless the Rangers come to town. Regular season, please, you guys are the Montreal Expos of hockey. Believe it or not, I don’t even dislike Devils….you should see my Islander rants! If you look in the sports almanac, the 1995 season will have and asterisk next to it, it was a strike shortened season. True, the Devs won the cup but, if it was a complete year, who knows??? Like I said, I am not picking the Rangers to win the cup just yet, but the Devils will be golfing long before the final round even comes close!

  34. ew77 says:

    I don’t buy that the Devils are so superior on “D”. I know the Rangers will get into the playoffs, can the Devils beat Richter??? I know the Rangers beat Brodeur twice.

  35. ew77 says:

    Darcy tucker saw to it that your team will suck, at least until mid December anyway. By then it will be too late to get back into the fray. Yashin who???

  36. ew77 says:

    Good p[ost Rico, but I do not think the Rangers are relying on Messier at all, unlike the Devils who have to have Daneyko and Stevens on top of their games. Ricthers age isn’t all that a concern nor is Leetch…it would be if he was a grinder. I think the Rangers will get straightened out, as far as egos go. Muckler and Lowe were awfully quiet coaches, I expect Trots to crack the whip. I think both the Devs and Ranger s will be into the post season this year.

  37. devilfan says:

    How are the Devils in the same situation the Rangers were 4-5 years ago. I didnt see the Devils spend a large amount of money on crap, this year. Did you?

    I dont think so.

  38. Ari says:

    and the rangers should be hated.

    Your team is a shame to hockey. You should be ashamed of your team and hide as deep as possible.

    You won’t make playoffs! You might think why not, but here is why.

    Your team is hated by hockey players and hockey fans and everybody will be gunning for your team. Bure, Lindros, Fluery, Messier are ones of the most hated player in the whole NHL.

    I’ll let you know where I come from. I am a red wings fan, I am not NJD or NYI fan. I hate NYR and I hope all hockey fans will.

  39. DARTHJIM says:

    The Rangers and Devils will both be hatin’ the Islanders this year, when the Isles kick their asses all year long!

  40. ew77 says:

    They are in the same situation because they are an aging team. The Devils problems are shameful because they can’t hold on to their players. You can say the Rangers suck all you want and for the last 5 yrs they have but they are an exciting team. They should be better than the Devils and if you think they are not going to make the playoffs, you are only saying it becasue you dislike them. They have too much firepower now not to make it…I guess anything is possible but they have as good a chance as anyone. The Devils play a trap and it is dreadful to watch. Redwingboy, the Wings are the mirror image of the Rangers as far as super stars and money go. They were just coached and disciplined much better. Islanderboy…please.

  41. ew77 says:

    Hey genious, Fleury is on the Blackhawks and you don’t have a coach. No cup for you!

  42. ew77 says:

    Ari, I bet you are the guy who throws those poor octopus on the ice. That is a neat tradition…..not!!

  43. ew77 says:

    Jim, while I actually watched the Isles last year, you have nothing to look forward to this season. No prospective players or trades and Peca out until late Dec. The team can’t hold on for that long without him. Yashin was quiet without him in the playoffs. You may love Milbury now, but within the next 5 yrs when he unloads Peca and Yash for some Hespelar sticks, you’ll want to kill him. How many bad decisions has he made for the team. I would say that it would be easier to count on one hand the good ones he made.

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