Here we go again…

For those who haven’t paid attention to the standings at all this year, the Pittsburgh Penguins are sitting in last place. Fast foward from 2004 to 2006 and… the story doesn’t change.There are numerous reasons why these flightless, (and except for 18 flukes) winless birds have set up shop in the league’s basement. Has anyone been to the Mellon Arena? What a dump.

Anyway, if things continue the way they have this season, the Penguins will have a 25% chance of getting the #1 overall pick in the upcoming draft. Assuming they get the pick, and assuming any one of the guys who are expected to be a top pick turn out to be good… they will demand a salary equal to their performance. With Fleury, Crosby, and (keep your fingers crossed) Malkin on the roster next year, (and hopefully years from now) keeping all of these guys under the cap with the rest of a team will be a pain.

Hold on, what’s the point I was making?

Should the Penguins trade the pick, what value would they get for it, (There ain’t no Crosbys this year) and who would trade for it?

While an upgrade is needed practically everywhere but Center and Goal, it is common sense that they should try for a defenseman, if they can, if someone is willing to give one up, if the price is right, if….

Bring on the constructive criticism, and forget about the adolescent trash talk.