Here's The Update On Gilmour

What’s goin’ on with Doug Gilmour??? is reporting that Dallas are on the verge of landing him, and that the Toronto Maple Leafs are also interested. But here is what’s exactly goin’ on… According to Pierre Rinfret from ”Les Amateurs de Sports” who talked to Gilmour after the game against Nashville, here’s what Douggie said:

He said that he had a conversation with Guy Carbonneau and the Dallas Stars GM and that yes, it was a ”done deal” but the only problem is that Dallas said they needed Gilmour to finish the regular season to replace the injured players but they COULD NOT GUARANTEE any ice time to Gilmour in the playoffs.

So Gilmour said that he’d rather finish the year in MontrĂ©al than go to Dallas without knowing if he’ll play in the playoffs. According to him as well, Toronto are interrested but didn’t made any move to land him yet.

He also stated that he’d like to finish his career in a Leaf uniform….