Here's The Update On Gilmour

What’s goin’ on with Doug Gilmour??? is reporting that Dallas are on the verge of landing him, and that the Toronto Maple Leafs are also interested. But here is what’s exactly goin’ on… According to Pierre Rinfret from ”Les Amateurs de Sports” who talked to Gilmour after the game against Nashville, here’s what Douggie said:

He said that he had a conversation with Guy Carbonneau and the Dallas Stars GM and that yes, it was a ”done deal” but the only problem is that Dallas said they needed Gilmour to finish the regular season to replace the injured players but they COULD NOT GUARANTEE any ice time to Gilmour in the playoffs.

So Gilmour said that he’d rather finish the year in Montréal than go to Dallas without knowing if he’ll play in the playoffs. According to him as well, Toronto are interrested but didn’t made any move to land him yet.

He also stated that he’d like to finish his career in a Leaf uniform….


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  1. jon95616 says:

    He really belongs in a Leafs uniform. I’d love to see him have one more good playoff run as a Leaf. If this is his last season, he belongs in Toronto…not Dallas

  2. Lint07 says:

    I’d also like to add to my post that Gilmour has playoff ”team” bonuses in his contract. Which means that the most rounds Montréal goes into the playoffs, the most he gets paid…

    So you’ll understand that Dallas and Toronto that are expected to go deep in the playoffs, are not really interested in this clause.

    Gilmour has also some retirement bonuses attached to his contract which makes him hard to deal…

  3. GRH says:

    I completely agree, it would be a shame to see him traded to any other team then Toronto.

  4. mikster says:

    If the Stars get him, talk about a team that’s desperate to win the Cup, starting to invest a lot of money.

  5. DalStars3109 says:

    It’s not the fact that the Stars are that desperate to win the CUP,but it shows that the organization is commited to do whatever it takes to bring the CUP back to Dallas. I think they proved that during the off season yet they are doing it again now,but unlike another team that has invested alot of money..this investment’s is paying off great dividends. What did you expect them to sit around and watch the Wings, Avs, and other teams be players and let them either come to the talent level of the Stars or pass them up? I don’t think so. After the AVS made that trade for Marchment *the Stars’ nimis’ of past* I for one am not liking the idea of or the possiblity of seeing him in a seven game series. So what would you want your team to do….stand pat? or be players?…….

  6. Rico71 says:

    He played good tonight agains the Preds…showcasing himself to the teams interested in him. He played a good game…the first one…in a month.

    I see him going to New Jersey. He would be reunited with Nieuwendyk from his Calgary days. The Devils need a center and more playoff experience up front. Look for them to acquire him for a 3-4th round pick.

    The only other place I see him going to is Toronto. He could replace that thing called Reichel without a problem. Reichel sucked so bad in last year’s playoffs, I bet Quinn is not gonna want to repeat that experience.

    I’d love to get back Tucker(since it was Montreal that drafted the pest). He would inject some much needed grit into the Habs.

    Gilmour and maybe Dykhuis or Traverse for Tucker? Add a pick in there…

    Yes I’m dreaming…but with the season the Habs are having…I need to. *lol*

  7. OldNord says:

    Pierre Rinfrette est un con. He always suck ass at the MTL’s players, He never talks against them…Sorry nothing to do about the post but I feel better now. BTW, Gilmour can play anywhere after tuesday 3pm except in a Habs uniform.

  8. Rico71 says:

    Je suis en accord…Rinfrette est un idiot.

    Gilmour should be gone…let’s hope they call up some young guy instead of replacing him in the lineup with a leftover like Kilger. I’d love to see Ward come up.

  9. TC_4 says:

    The guy has the knack of turning his game on when April comes. Why aren’t more teams after this guy? He will be dealt by 3:00PM Est. Hopfully it’s the Leafs, and hopefully they get Graves, get rid of Renberg, Reichel, and Hoglund, and get Zhitnik. Then they will win the cup.

    P.S. I haven’t turned into a Leafs fan, the Oilers are still my team, even though nobody can be proud of that disgusting third period they played tonight. But the Leafs have the deepest pockets(of the Canadian teams)and are probably the countries most likely team to do something today.

  10. OldNord says:

    Ward is the name’s coming to my mind too. They must give him a chance this year, he deserve to get it. He leads the league with 72pts in 68 games. michael Ryder has a good season too with 60 pts in 57gp.

  11. jon95616 says:

    Havent heard much about the Oilers making a trade tomorrow?…or are they just happy to make the playoffs?

  12. habsoverserver says:

    Gilmour can contribute in the playoffs. Makes sense for the Leafs to grab him. The fans would love it.

  13. Aetherial says:

    What is REALLY happening is that Gilmour has a clause in his contract that pays him 500,000 if he plays a playoff game this year.

    Furthermore, if he retires at the end of the year the team he retired from pays him 700,000.

    So, for a 3rd line (at best) rental he is VERY expensive.

    The Leafs, Dallas, Montreal and Gilmour’s agent are talking about restructuring that contract or Montreal eating some of the payout.

    Interestingly… wasn’t it Leaf_Expert that said last week that the Leafs would have signhed a D-man except for a 500,000 bonus holding it up. It looks like he had half of that rumor correct!!

    I would like to see Gilmour retire a Leaf.

  14. habsoverserver says:

    Sounds like Savard screwed up every contract he wrote. Habs will not eat Gilmour’s playoff salary. Why woud they pay $500k for a low draft pick?

    If Gilmour wants to play in the playoffs let him eat the money. Hisotrically, he’s gone for the money. So, look for him to stay a Hab unless someone writes a check for $500k.

  15. Rico71 says:

    Savard is very good at drafting.

    He’s not bad on trades.

    But man does he sucks when giving out contracts!!!

    A 48 million payroll that won’t make the playoffs…and no real superstars on the team.

    Theo: 6 millions/year (one-year wonder)

    Brisebois: 4 millions/year (must give some good head)

    Rivet: 3 millions (same as Brisebois)

    McKay: 2,1 millions/year (d’oh! pulled a Homer on Savard)

    The Polish Princess: 2,8 millions this year (at least he traded for this sucker, Milbury is the one that gave him the millions)

    Audette: 2,6 millions this year (though playing better, what a deal for the Dallas GM)

    Perreault: 3 millions/year (best faceoff man…that’s it.)

    That’s a grand total of 23 millions on players that have not done shit this year. Minnesota have about a 20 million payroll and they are going to the playoffs easily.

    Savard needs to find someone that can evaluate the players BEFORE giving them the money.

  16. TC_4 says:

    Yeah that f’n Niinimaa to T.O rumor won’t go away, but I believe that it’s more Toronto wanting him, then the Oilers wanting to get rid of him. If you watched the game last night, one thing is clear that I’ve been preaching all season…they need a veteran d-man. They could have got Bryan Marchment, and didn’t do it. That makes me pretty mad. I don’t think they’ll do anything unless a vet d-man becomes availible. Niinimaa and Carter will be gone after this season, but it will be at the draft, and they’ll get a good young d-man for Niinimaa, and a good young sniper for Carter(Jamie Lundmark).

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