Hey Luigi! Big Mario is-a coming back

The Steel City has something to be happy about. No, another one of thier baseball players didn’t bonk another mascot on the head. The messiah is returning for one more year with thier beloved Penguins.Mario Lemuiex has announced he will return for one more season with HIS team. It will be his sixteenth season in the league. As quoted by Lemuiex from nhl.com “I feel great, I’ve been working out and I’m really looking forward to getting back on the ice,” “With some of the guys we have back and some of the young players we have coming up, it should be a very exciting year for us.”

Lemiuex is both the head of an ownership group and CEO for the Penguins. With 28 goals and 63 assists for eighth in league scoring Big Mario proved he can still do it.

This could help the Penguins plans to finance for a new arena to replace the 40 year old Mellon.

Lemuiex himself is close to scoring his 700th career goal and 1700th career point.

20 Responses to Hey Luigi! Big Mario is-a coming back

  1. B-man says:

    Whoop-di-doo!!! The PENGUINS are SURE to be a contender now!!!

  2. BosBrn77 says:

    What do you mean? They will contend no problem!

    For the 1st overall pick!!!!

  3. Donovan says:

    Just like they said on PTI today, if Mario didn;t own this team there is no way he would play for it!

  4. still_fly72 says:

    I think that this team is the biggest joke in the league. Obviously Lemieux is the only reason for fans to come because he looks like the only star player on the team. Who knows maybe he’ll bring out a few superstars this season and make a suprise trip to the post-season.

  5. Donovan says:

    MORE NEWS! The Penguins have also signed Kelly Buchberger and Mike Eastwood. Now someone else besides Mario dosen’t get that confused look when they hear the word playoffs.

  6. bruinfan37 says:


    Thats the only thing I could think of when I heard this news

  7. titans says:

    He needs to sell the Pens to an owner who can afford to run em’ properly!

  8. Stuv_Dogg says:

    Another year, another summer of suspense in the ‘Will Mario Lemieux come back for another year with his sad-sacked franchise?’ sweepstakes.

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I absolutely hate it when athletes (not just NHL) are aloof about their returns. Dammit, I could have told you at the end of last year that Lemieux was coming back, I bet he’ll probably be back even next year. But no, he has to think about it, see how he feels, talk to his family – bullshit, he just wants the attention of a press conference to announce the blatantly obvious.

    And another thing, what’s with all the goddam returns from retirement? The King of Retirements is Michael Jordan, how many times did he retire? Three? And we’re supposed to wet ourselves just ’cause an athlete decides he still has a burning passion for the game? Must have been pretty intense if you decided to retire in the first place.

    Goddam primadonna athletes. IMO, retirement should be absolute and final, no dramatic comebacks!

    Bah humbug, I’m in a pissy mood and it’s only 8:40am.

  9. Tradedude says:

    U know what there coach said “Half an hour ago I was half as good of a coach that I am now”

  10. Rico71 says:

    Even with Mario, This team is AHL-level material.

    Without Mario? Probably ECHL-level.

    Watch out for the line of Lemieux-Eastwood-Buchberger. The over 36 line!

    Who would pay to go see this team? Not me.

  11. Gforce says:

    Can anyone answer this,if mario stands on the off wings to collect one-timers on the side of the net all the time.How came guys like Stevens,Blake don’t level his ass. No one does, why is that..Cause he’s mario , he’s a bitch like his buddy winnie wayne….i got a headache and it’s 11:32

  12. matteo says:

    Italian-Americans everywhere should rise up against such infidels as yourself…making light of the broken english our ancestors first spoke when they arrived in the new land…America….and helped build this great nation into what it is today. Italian-Americans were responsible for some of the greatest innovations that we now hold dear such as the radio, italian ice, italian dressing, caesar sald–We even gave you ungrateful americans chef boy-ar-dee and how do you repay us….with ethnic slurs….and Pee-Wee Herman movies……………fahhhhgetttttaaaboutitt. If you will excuse me I need to grab my good white tank-top, my gold chains and hop in my Iroc so I can take care of some “family” business…..

    SCTP – If you use Irish Spring is that considered ethnic cleansing???

  13. Gforce says:

    Can anyone answer this,if mario stands on the off wings to collect one-timers on the side of the net all the time.How came guys like Stevens,Blake don’t level his ass. No one does, why is that..Cause he’s mario , he’s a bitch like his buddy winnie wayne….i got a headache and it’s 11:32

  14. Donovan says:

    He’s very big, 6’4″ 230-ish

  15. Gforce says:

    Dino chara is 6’7 270 your point is???

  16. guinsfan4life says:

    ALright TItans…

    The whole frickin’ NHL is screwed up right now, so if Mario EVEN wanted to sell the penguins to someone, nobody would do it cause the economy of the league sucks.

    After the lockout-or holdout–and hopefully bettman and the rest of the owners push for a salary cap, the league will be alot healthier.

  17. guinsfan4life says:

    Instead of insulting Mario and Wayne, two of the best hockey players ever, why not insult Stevens and Blake cause they are the ones who puss out and don’t hit them, right?

    So really here, who are the two bitches?

  18. guinsfan4life says:

    First, Donovan, brother learn how to use spell check (I believe it is one of the requirements before you even submit an article)

    thier is spelled their not to be confused with there

    Lemuiex is spelled Lemieux.

    OH and theme doesn’t quite work since he is French Canadian.

    Other than that, yeah Mario is coming back. Those outside of pittsburgh aren’t real excited and probably don’t really care much about this, but we do. See, if we had to watch this years team play without Mario, we might all end up jumping off bridges. So while this doesn’t mean much to yinz, it means a hell of alot to us.

    In all actuality, the Penguins are better off now than many of the other NHL teams. YOu may all disagree if you want, however their payroll is low, they are going with primarily all younger players that will gain experience. Dallas, Washington are a couple of teams that have players with huge contracts on their roster. After the lockout, they are going to have a hell of a time trying to move those contracts without having to pick up a major portion. Coming out of the lockout, the penguins will have a roster full of young talent, a rookie goalie (if Fleury is ready) perhaps a talented rookie forward (if they are bad enough this year to get the number one overall pick) and a new arena on the way (if the state gambling thing goes through).

    So while most of you can laugh now because we have a roster full of unproven young players, in a couple years I’ll be doing the laughing cause we will be signing the free agents instead of trying to peddle them away.

  19. Tradedude says:

    he’s 6’9, 2:45ish.

  20. Gforce says:

    Didn’t know..he a big fish

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