Hey, Wings Fans – Where Are You?

So – the Avs won last night against the Lightning, in the type of game they were supposed to play all year according to the pundits (5-4 in overtime, on Hejduk’s 2nd successful penalty shot in a week) (!).

The Red Wings and Canucks both lost (insert muffled laughter here). This means the Avs and Wings are tied for the most points in the NHL.

“What’s your point, D-Strate?”. Well, often I don’t have one. However, this time I do. I appeal directly to the Wings fans –

Don’t you think it’s about time to renew our spirited rivalry? Isn’t it just pretty gosh-darn boring and polite around here lately?

I’m not saying we need to revert back to “yo mama” screeds and broadsides – but why let all our history go to waste, especially since this may be the last year we get to indulge in it?

And look at the parallels – both teams have fought admirably through a spate of injuries; both are winning with goaltenders they aren’t supposed to win with; both cities are posters for urban blight (oops – that’s just you – sorry).

Of course, we’re not relying on a goaltender that we treated like a red-headed stepchild at the beginning of the season. Then again, we didn’t elect to rely on a temperamental Count Dracula wannabe as our #1 tender at the beginning of the year….

You get the idea. Come on home – I miss you.

BTW, nice new look to the HTR homepage. But why the %$^$ does it have to be a Maple Leaf?


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  1. AmericasteamRedWings says:

    Yes, I do live in Michigan- back in my home state after stints in California.

    I gotta admit, you are very entertaining, and probably the only Avs fan I bother to read on this site. (No Sarcasm, just healthy admiration).

    Also, my name is an obvious leap into team exultation, albeit maybe not popular in the Rockies.

    Until next time…

  2. defenestrate says:

    1,000 points for being the first individual to ever use the word “exultation” during my tenure here.

    I actually have some good friends in Michigan who live just outside Dearborn (they work for Ford). They come out here every summer, because they’re building a retirement cabin here.

    Whoops – not sustaining the rivalry.

  3. JStatic87 says:

    Crazy, small world. I go to school at U of M Dearborn, right across the street from Ford.

  4. defenestrate says:

    See, I try to promote some healthy smack-talking, and end up finding out that we’re all human after all.


    They piss me off every year the Wings win the Cup, though – sending me t-shirts and bottles of “Hasek Hot Sauce”.

  5. Wills says:

    Detroit’s won 3 Cups in 8 years, you think we would be able to take a few nights off against a non-playoff team the last 5 years, but noooooo, everyone expects the Wings to win every night. I just really hope Nashville makes the playoffs so they can see what its really all about. I doubt that will happen though.

  6. Wills says:

    Maybe the Wings players are old, but they are wise and wisdom is true power. Haven’t you seen Star Wars?

  7. ManillaKilla says:

    “Unfortunately Roy is no longer around to hand us another few victories.”

    That’s ok. They still have Rob “throw the puck into my corner and watch me cough it up” Blake. Best thing about Blake, too, is as overrated as he is they cant see what a huge liability he is in his own end. I remember how Roy took all the heat for that beat down we gave them two years ago, but good ole robbie had more turnovers than a donut shop in that blowout. Sometimes after a stressful day of work, I watch that game to see my favorite redwing, oops I mean avalanche player in action. Never fails to cheer me up!

  8. ManillaKilla says:

    Yeah, guys like walker and hartnell are much more “classy” and respected than Yzerman, Hull, Chelios, and all those other bums.

  9. ManillaKilla says:

    Sad that Detroit is so old, yet the Avs’ star players are the ones with the history of being soft and brittle.

  10. ManillaKilla says:

    …to when their team was championship calibre.

  11. ManillaKilla says:

    Using that logic, that means it’s Nashville and Chicago in the Western Finals.

  12. defenestrate says:

    If that were the case, it would be Drury37 or Drury18. Except of course for now, when we are Cup-bound with no Drury at all.

  13. defenestrate says:

    That’s okay – I like to go back sometimes and review Chris Osgood lowlights – I mean highlights.

    Hmmm…who would I want as a captain right now – Hopalong Yzerman or Joe Sakic…..that’s a tough one…

  14. defenestrate says:

    “soft and brittle?” That’s an oxymoron, kind of like “Scenic Detroit”.

  15. defenestrate says:

    You know, I never have. But I heard Bowman bore an uncanny resemblence to Jabba the Hut.

  16. defenestrate says:

    Be careful what you wish for – I seem to remember two “nothing” teams named Minnesota and Anaheim that did okay in the playoffs last year.

    Aaannnnndddd – you folks took San Jose pretty lightly a time or two, didn’t you?

  17. AmericasteamRedWings says:

    Yeah, I have some Avs in the family.

    A good friend of mine married an Avs slappy and moved to Colorado, so when they are in town, you would think that the Avs are God’s gift to hockey.

    It’s just the way it goes, I guess.

  18. defenestrate says:

    See, it’s just too hard to sustain a good rivalry when you’re this civilized. We need a good equivalent to the Oakland Raiders in the NHL – a team everyone can hate.

    I nominate Washington – no one likes them, anyway.

  19. nocuphere says:

    D-strate and Americasteamredwing have already renewed the rivalry. Who needs to watch the game, you two are far more entertaining than a wings/avs game ever will.

    Good job fellas, I laughed my ass off today reading your barrage against each other.

  20. drury23 says:

    hey did you know that drury plays for the buffalo sabres and now wears 23? I did!

    just cause my favorite player leaves my favorite team doesn’t mean that i have to stop following him.

  21. defenestrate says:

    We’re trying to steal the jobs of those two yo-yo’s on “Pardon The Interruption” on ESPN.

  22. defenestrate says:

    I did indeed know that. I was just trying to get you to defend yourself – otherwise, your shelf life on here will be shortened.

  23. Tradedude says:

    Avs..pfft whatta team? oh im sorry…did i say team? i meant selfish little sissies.

    TanGAY this Meeelan that…who gives a crap..tangay cant check neither can hejduk and there goaltending is so soft its not even chewable. We’re sitting with Joseph,Hasek,Legace…or should i say Superstar goalie,best goalie ever, and best backup ever? Either way you put it, its much better than freaking Abeishcer!

    then theres those whiny little babies in kono”ball(ur eyes out)”chuk,dan HIGHnote, karl scratchhim(like a sissy) and joe suckit.

    maybe gm lacox can get fired because hes done an awful job.

    amnd d-strate…your just another ass clown.. i mean avs fan …

    go wings

  24. defenestrate says:

    So you didn’t read the part about refraining from the pathetic, 4th grade name calling….. of course, given your (lack of) spelling and grammatical skills, it’s very likely you had to skip over quite a few of the “bigger” words in my post.

    Hassock – best goalie ever? They only let you have crayons to write with, don’t they?

    You need to have someone call one of those lawyers for you – obviously there is a medication issue here, and you could probably get some money.

    Just don’t spend it all on those “GGW” videos this time.

    That was reminiscent of the “old” days, but not in a good way.

  25. nocuphere says:

    If you two get on PTI i’ll definately watch.

    good job fellas!!

  26. defenestrate says:

    Thank you sir – we aim to please.

  27. the_hockey_bandit says:

    How old is Datsyuk, Zetterburg, Fischer, Devereaux, Williams, Dandenault, Kronwall, and Rivers? Oh yeah all under 30.

    Along with Draper, Holmstrom, Maltby, Whitney, Hatcher (IR), Legace, and McCarty at or just over thirty.

    Which leaves Lidstrom(33), Yzerman(38), Shanahan(34), Hull(39), Chelios(41), Schnieder(34), Wooley(34), and Joseph(36).

    That is a few young with the vets. One of the most balanced in the meshing of youth.

    Yes Chelios is over the hill, and Hull and Yzerman are close, but they are still effective which makes them an important part of the team. A value in leadership and determination.

    With only four over thirty-five I would hardly call them old in any way.

    Oh, who was it that won the last meeting in the playoffs? Thats right the Wings blew out the Avs 7-0!!!!

    Can’t get much better than that!!

  28. distance7 says:

    I tell you, that was amazing, let’s high five and watch all four games the “great” Red Wings played in the playoffs last year. I’m expecting a Preds insult here, but the Wings won just as many post-season games as Nashville did last year. Isn’t that funny?

  29. the_hockey_bandit says:

    At least they lost to the eventual Western Conference Champs and not the Wishful thinkers of the Wild.

    The Avs choked, while the Wings hit a brick wall in Giguere. Slight difference.

  30. Tradedude says:

    Good stuff. Obviously i was kidding man, im an avs fan.. lol it was hard acting childish.

    Just trying to get the hatred back together..i guess it didnt work lol.

    anyway go avs ..(one of my fav alltime is sakic) the only guy i dont like on that team is kariya and because he is small.

  31. Tradedude says:

    oh yeah, LOL, that was Great! One of the spotlights of hockey.

    (just trying to make red wings fans look dumb on the original post)

  32. distance7 says:

    The Wings choked too. Losing to a 7 ranked team when you’re 2, no matter what the situation is still considered “choking” my friend. And losing in 4 games is worse than losing in 7 in overtime.

  33. distance7 says:

    Well I figured, i thought you were a Leafs fan.

  34. original6dan says:

    All right… pardon my absence, please — I’ve been too busy to post, but I do get to read a little every few days… Though, I’m sure none of you missed me!

    For my birthday last night, I hosted my own little Hockey Night in Dan-ada with (what else?) Game 6 & 7 of the 2002 Western Conference Finals!!! No better way to stop feeling blue from watching the Wings lose and the Avs win on Monday. This is what the rivalry is all about — taking pleasure in the other team’s misfortunes.

    Today, however, I face the harsh reality that I am still indeed pissed about Monday! (sigh)

    Gone are the days of Patty Wah and Clod Lemieux. In fact, there have been many Avs come and go since 1996. Only 3 remain: Sakic, Forsberg, and Foote. In fact, just since the Avs cup run of 2001, there have been dozens of roster moves:

    Ray Bourque retired

    Daymond Langkow was picked up from Philly for 2 draft picks — then sent off to Phoenix

    Todd Gill was picked up as a UFA — then placed on waivers

    Brett Clark was picked up from Atlanta for Frederic (who?) Cassivi

    Mike Keane was picked up from St. Louis for Shjon Podein

    Darius (I’m a loser, baby. Why don’t you kill me?) Kasparaitis was acquired from Pittsburgh for Ville Nieminen and Rick Berry — then let go in free agency (a good move!)

    Derek Morris, Jeff (Shan’t play much) Shantz, and Dean (the Colorado Debacle) McAmmond were picked up from Calgary for Chris (Clutch) Drury and Stephane (you’re only true PK forward) Yelle

    Dale Clarke was picked up from St. Louis for a conditional draft pick

    Chris McAllister was picked up from Philly for a 6th round draft pick

    Bryan (I’m soooo over-rated) Marchment was obtained from San Jose for a 3rd and 5th round draft pick

    Colorado got a 5th round pick for giving Dean McAmmond back to Calgary (illegally — to the same team during the same season)

    Bates (insert your own joke here) Battaglia was acquired from Carolina for Radim Vrbata

    A 7th round pick was obtained for Alexander (WTF?) Riazantsev

    Patrick Roy retired (sniff, sniff)

    Mr & Mrs Paul & Teemu Kariya-Selanne were picked up as a BOGO UFA… that’s Buy One Get One

    Karlis Skrastins was acquired from Nashville for future considerations

    Something happened with Thomas Slovak, though I’ve since lost track of him

    Peter Worrell and a 2nd rounder were picked up from Florida for Eric Messier and Vaclav Nederost

    Andrie Nikolishin was acquired for future considerations

    THEN, this season began… and of course there have been more dealings (Konowalchuk, for instance)

    This doesn’t even address the coaching changes (Hartley/Trottier out, Granato/Tochett in).

    So, to me there is not much left from the “old days” of the Avs players to bitch about. But since I do like to bitch, I concentrate more on their approach to the game.

    I watch waaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too much hockey! Yes there is such a thing as too much. DirecTV’s Center Ice is my mistress. Its very easy to catch 2 to 3 full games every night, and watch bits and pieces of others during intermissions! As such, I find watching Avs games increasingly difficult to stomach.

    When compared to other teams, here is what stands out (to me):

    Tony can’t coach for crap. Every game in which they’re down in the 3rd (happens more often than you’d like to admit), he double-shifts Forsberg and Sakic (provided both are healthy — which is becoming increasingly rare these days!). What better way to prove your desperation. Try having more than 2 lines out there during the last 10 minutes. Other teams do.

    Kariya and Selanne are a couple of primo primadonas… They specifically asked their agent to call Pierre Lacroix because they wanted ice time and little coaching to deal with. (Detroit was their 2nd choice.) Be careful what you ask for — Selanne is regualrly becoming a fixture in Granoto’s doghouse. Better quit being selfish — it doesn’t work in today’s NHL. At least Forsberg is a gracious set-up man… Give a little, for crying out loud. Brett Hull may be goal-less in 18 games, but he’s a league leader in assists still. F*@#ing babies! And then Selanne whines about the clutching and grabbing… If the Swedes didn’t hate the Finns so much, he could go there next summer with Forsberg and stay for all eternity!

    Officiating is awful all around the league this year — I was never a fan of Roenick’s, but he’s growing on me. Is it me, or do the Avs get ALL the breaks? Must be that the ref’s don’t do well with the rarified air of the Mile High City. Perhaps, they’re just too damned tired from all of that skating at altitude that they can’t raise their arms or blow their whistles. Although they can always find a way to give the Avs a PP with 2 minutes left in regulation and Abby on the bench for a 6-4 advantage when down a goal!

    When will Lacroix quit being so cocky?!? “We’re sticking with Abby.” The short answer is never — he IS French Canadian, after all! Well, he’s damn lucky that all has worked out so far — there were times it didn’t look so good. And it still may not… Remember, no-one knows if he can play a whole season yet (let alone how he’ll hold up going into the playoffs). I’m sure he’s not done looking for a veteran G.

    I’m sure somebody will push my buttons from this, and I’ll respond accordingly — but right now, I’m getting sore from all this typing.

    Dan (your cousin, Paul Puma)

  35. drury23 says:

    I have a question, why is it that Colorado is a better franchise than Detroit?

    Answer: Because Colorado can develop their own talent, not just buy it.

    And for those of you who are thinking Kariya, Selanne…they picked Colorado. Do you know why they picked Colorado?

    “When we both became free agents, we made a hockey decision,” Kariya said at a news conference. “We both said, `Forget about the money, where’s the place we want to play?’ And Colorado jumped out at both of us immediately. So we made things work monetarily.”

    “There is so much talent here,” Kariya said. “To play with guys like Joe Sakic and Peter Forsberg and Rob Blake and Adam Foote and guys like that, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

    “It was automatic that we wanted to play together somewhere,” Selanne said. “The first choice was Colorado right away. We were hoping the chance was available. This organization has a history of winning the Stanley Cup. That’s why this is so thrilling.”

    Keep in mind that Kariya took a HUGE paycut to sign with the Avs.


  36. defenestrate says:

    Outstanding Puma reference, my man! How many lumps do you want?

    That’s a record – a response longer than one of my articles. You shouldn’t keep it all bottled up like that – it’s not healthy.

    I’ll respond in more detail – after I take one of these lovely Vicodin the orthopedic surgeon gave me.

  37. defenestrate says:

    Dammit, don’t do that! I thought “Scotty” was back. Don’t get my hopes up like that.

    Really scary how good of an imitation that was…

  38. defenestrate says:

    Very well put.

  39. drury23 says:

    d-strate i was talking to primis about the keeping up with our team comment. just wanted to clear things up.

  40. TC_4 says:

    It’s Chris Joseph, the defenseman.

  41. TC_4 says:

    I’m so impressed how well you know the roster(even the littliest trades are on there!), and after all that…………………………………………………………. you still had no clue that Daymond Langkow was never on your team. “Daymond Langkow was picked up from Philly for 2 draft picks.”

  42. the_hockey_bandit says:

    Kariya and Selanne took the Avs because they saw that Colorado played the style they do and had a decent core. Had they just wanted to win a cup they should have gone somewhere like Detroit or NJ (to defensively oriented for them). These teams have been winning with who they had.

    Colorado won because of Roy, not there top heavy roster. If Roy hadn’t stole games last year they would have been in the lower have of the playoff standings. When Roy faltered in the playoffs the rest of the roster couldn’t pick up the slack, and they lost to the Wild.

    Yes, to paycut for play on a contender (with S&K)

    Yes, to playing together

    No, to Colorado (became fierce contenders only after S&K, playoffs still a question with Aebischer)

    Overall I would have to say S&K could have done better. We will have to see if they can step up when Aebischer has a lapse (the team couldn’t for Roy last year).

  43. JStatic87 says:

    Keep in mind that Kariya and Selanne went there because they don’t want to play defense. It’s not because of rich history, or a cup winning history. They’ve won two cup since 1996. They’ve only been around since 95. The Wings have won three since 1997. The Wings are original 6.

    What are you talking about? Develop own talent? You haven’t developed that many guys, and you rent more players for the stretch drive than any other team in the league.

    Let’s see who you’ve traded for recently:

    Bryan Marchment

    Dave Andreychuk

    Bates Battaglia

    Derek Morris

    Ray Bourque

    Darius Kaspairitis

    Jeff Shantz

    Dean McAmmond

    Peter Worrell

    Theo Fleury

    Karlis Skrastins

    Chris McAllister

    The Duck Twins were UFA’s

    Don’t give me the “We develop our talent argument”, because you don’t any more than the Wings do.

    Wings developed in our system:12













    Avs developed in their system:9










  44. original6dan says:

    Yeah… I’m a doofus! I knew that Langkow never played for Colorado, but I had mis-read that data when I compiled a transactions listing I made of the Avs… what can I say? Maybe I was trying to manufacture a 3-way trade in my own little world.

    I make errors the more I obsess!


  45. drury23 says:

    First off, Selanne said that about Colorado having a cup winning history. And about Aebischer? I’m sick of all these people giving him crap. Have you seen what he has done this season? What more must he do to silence you guys. Is it his fault that he is not Patrick Roy? No. He leads the league in wins, I do not think that there is a better statistic that a goalie can lead the league in.

    What about the others that we have developed in our system, but have traded away (in particular Vrbata, Rolston). The list goes on from there to those drafted by our francise (Lindros, Sundin, Nolan).

    One more thing, take a look at the standings… look at the top, that is where you will find David Aebischer’s Avalanche.

  46. original6dan says:

    Mrs. Rabbit? I. R. Baboon!!! (In honor of the Chinese New Year — year of the monkey.)

    I could go on all day, but — sadly — duty calls.

    So, just a quick thing for you Avs fans to think about:

    What do you think of the Cannucks? Uh-huh… that’s what I thought. They’re an over-rated, one-line, dirty team. Well, it’s not really the player’s fault. It’s all in the coaching there. Its Marc Crawford, 100%. He makes up for depth by playing the hell out of a small handful of talent and matching up the remainder of his Huns — I mean players — in a “style” that can only be described as “ruthless.” More often than not, these guys are on the ice only to make rag dolls of the opponents’ talent.

    Hmm… this is exactly how Red Wings fans thought of the Avs just a few short years ago.

    When Crawford could no longer cut it in Denver, he was fired — only to be replaced by a windshield installer. Now I don’t really care about Crawford’s ego, but that was a pretty low move. It gets better, though… Hartley inherited a monster — the Avs expected to win every game. They just got too cocky, too fast — winning every night just doesn’t happen in the NHL. So after last year’s player work-stoppage, Hartley was fired. Now THAT’S SOME ATTITUDE for the players to have — we aren’t having fun anymore because we’ve put too much pressure on ourselves, so we’re gonna suck bad until we get a coach who we can walk all over.

    Enter Tony (yessir, Pierre… where else can I kiss you?) Granato. Do you see where I’m going with this? The Avs are a complete pack of selfish bastards, and it all started back 8 years ago when they moved (bringing their nose-thumbing Quebecois attitude with them) and has grown out of control since… It’s a death-spiral, I’m telling you. Other teams have been around a LOT longer and have gone through this phase — it never turns out pretty.

    The rub for me is that it’s worked for them THIS long!

    Please opt to supplicate my remonstrative predilection upon recovering from your affliction!!!

    (Please respond when you’re feeling better.)


  47. JStatic87 says:

    What are you talking about? Did you even read my post? I don’t think you did at all. I didn’t say it was Kariya who said that about tradition. I didn’t knock Abby at all, he’s played very well this year. Put down the pipe and open your eyes son.

    You didn’t draft or develop Rolston. He was with the Devils for SIX years before he came to the Avs.

    The Wings have developed just as many good players that are no longer with them. Fedorov, Oates, Primeau, Graves, McGillis, Kozlov, Osgood, Knuble, and Avery were all with us and developed by us. (I could name more if you want me to) The main difference with us is that we made smart trades by acquiring guys we need through these people, and came out on top in most of them. Through these guys we nabbed Shanahan, Maltby, Hasek, and Schneider.

    I would love to hear your response. But please don’t tell me to quit ripping on people I say nothing about again.

  48. drury23 says:

    I was talking to the hockey bandit about Aebischer, and sorry about the Roloston comment, I had to go to class and had no time to check that. Otherwise, its been fun.

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