Hey, Wings Fans – Where Are You?

So – the Avs won last night against the Lightning, in the type of game they were supposed to play all year according to the pundits (5-4 in overtime, on Hejduk’s 2nd successful penalty shot in a week) (!).

The Red Wings and Canucks both lost (insert muffled laughter here). This means the Avs and Wings are tied for the most points in the NHL.

“What’s your point, D-Strate?”. Well, often I don’t have one. However, this time I do. I appeal directly to the Wings fans –

Don’t you think it’s about time to renew our spirited rivalry? Isn’t it just pretty gosh-darn boring and polite around here lately?

I’m not saying we need to revert back to “yo mama” screeds and broadsides – but why let all our history go to waste, especially since this may be the last year we get to indulge in it?

And look at the parallels – both teams have fought admirably through a spate of injuries; both are winning with goaltenders they aren’t supposed to win with; both cities are posters for urban blight (oops – that’s just you – sorry).

Of course, we’re not relying on a goaltender that we treated like a red-headed stepchild at the beginning of the season. Then again, we didn’t elect to rely on a temperamental Count Dracula wannabe as our #1 tender at the beginning of the year….

You get the idea. Come on home – I miss you.

BTW, nice new look to the HTR homepage. But why the %$^$ does it have to be a Maple Leaf?