Hill to be traded, Wesley to stay…

With a lot of players rumored to be traded before deadline, the Carolina Hurricanes set the record straight regarding some of them.

As reported by TSN, Sean Hill officially decided to waive his no-trade clause if it means a trade to a Stanley Cup contender.Rutherford, Carolina GM, said the organisation and Sean Hill made a list of possible contender team to talk with. “I don’t want to get it too jumbled up where too many teams are involved, it just becomes more complicated that way. So we narrowed it down just to a couple of teams. If something doesn’t happen there, we may move on to two or three more teams, or we may keep him…there’s a few options there.”

Sean Hill is reported to be one of the most looked out defenceman in the league, now that Gonchar and Leetch found a new home.

Rutherford then stated again that he didn’t HAVE TO trade power foward Jeff O’Neill and that if he does it, it’ll be in exchange of young players and draft picks.

Glen Wesley however will not waive his no-trade clause because he doesn’t want to be a rental player this year. Well, that’s what TSN says anyways…

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  1. sensman99 says:

    Good, I hope Hill ends up in Ottawa, maybe for Rachunek or Pothier and a low pick.

  2. PurpleHelmet says:

    Sean Hill has already stated he does does not want to go to Ottawa on the account that he hates them and their inbred fans!

    He has asked to go to the Leafs, the Leafs farm team or the Detroit Redwings.

    Hill has said he will go to Montreal on the simple basis that he feels sorry for them as they are pathetic and really really need the help

  3. peanut_butter_shelf says:

    Send Hill anywhere for anything. He is absolutely one of the most annoying players to watch play for a team you pull for. He runs his mouth, he’s chippy with the twig, and he wears a shield to boot. In his defense, I believe he suffered a severe facial injury earlier on his career(not sure of that one) but at least just shut the ***** up if you won’t fight.

    Hill is decent d-man though, but I’m sure most teams would rather have Wesley!!!

    Rutherford looks like he has a solid game plan going into the deadline deals. Get that high return on Oneill and only move the guys if the price is right.

    A couple names that were not mentioned were Irbe and Brindamour who could both be moved this week.

  4. TheCoach says:

    Shut up. If you have nothing intelligent to say, don’t say it at all.

  5. Komic-J says:

    Just don’t reply, he’ll get tired… 😉

  6. bleedingblu says:

    I would say Detroit and Toronto are up in the runnings for this guy!

  7. tmeyers says:

    I read today that Sean Hill has been asked and has agreed to waive his no trade clause. Which obviously means that someone wants him. He is just what the habs need. To be honest, Quintal I think is “sailing with one foot in the boat” and this could be his last year. He looks a little burnt out (last year was rough for him). He rarely fights (he lost the only ones), he pokes instead of checks (constantly being smoked), he’s been playing the puck too softly (get it out of the DAMN zone!!) and slow footed. Sean Hill is a great, aggressive stay at home Dman.

    Souray – Hill

    ‘The Cube” Bouillon – Brisebois

    Komi – Rivet

  8. tmeyers says:

    “The Canadiens draw more television viewers than any team in the country and their attendance is the highest in the league.” Canoe. ca

  9. Komic-J says:

    Hill would only be a rental tough, something tells me he’ll be signed again by Carolina next year, if there’s an NHL season.

    He would probably cost more, but I’d rather get Hedican instead…or Brendan Witt.

    I agree, Quintal has to go, and will probably leave next year, replaced by Komisarek. But if you’re bringing a Left D-Man, Bouillon’s gonna pay the note once Souray’s back.

  10. mattf says:

    hahaha i agree with all of that. sens are imbred.

  11. mattf says:

    uh, who are these defensemen? the cube? since when does garbage players get their own nicknames

    hill won’t end up in montreal.

  12. tr8der_info says:

    Whoot! Everyone hates Ottawa! He’s going to…. TORONTO!…hopefully

  13. kovalev says:

    no I forgot, Toronto will get him

    The Habs are probably one of the front runners to get him

  14. LeafsCrazy2430 says:

    Hill will most likely go to the leafs as they are searching for a solid d-man like him and he wants to go there. T.O. Will definitely go for him now that the no trade clause is gone.

  15. mojo19 says:

    With the Red Wings injuries, I could definitely see Holland making another big deal. Detroit must be one of the teams Hill agreed to go to, and he probably will.

  16. scottyboy says:

    The Bell Centre has the most seating of any arena…..and I do not believe the television viewers thing at all.

  17. kovalev says:

    how do you know he wants to got to the Leafs did he tell you

  18. sensman99 says:

    The Wings ought to make a tdeal, but Holland has stated he won’t make any big trades.

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