Hockey and Music

Hello everyone.

As you may know- or not, it doesn’t matter- for the past few months I’ve been running a music Web Site on top of my World Issues Page where I’ve reviewed 13 albums, keep up a Top 20 of the best songs currently on the radio and have now added a new feature where you, the readers, get to pick your favourite songs, with a reader’s poll running alongside my chart (a link to this feature appears in the “Notes” section). Anyway, I’m getting ready to post a list of the Top 100 songs of the past five years (1997-2002) based on quality, and I’m doing a series of other pieces to compliment this. Since I’m a member of, I thought I’d ask you guys, my fellow hockey fans, about any correlations music has with hockey. Once I collect the results, I’ll post the findings as another article when the Top 100 gets posted.Why the past five years? Well, that’s how long I’ve had an interest in the music industry- may sound corny, but, oh well, that’s the reason and I’m sticking to it. You may or may not be looking forward to it and I understand that, but it’s still a project I’m undertaking. Now, to keep this simple, here are a few rules I’d like everyone to follow in posting their responses:

1. Please take this seriously. If you don’t want to, you don’t care about or like this poll, please keep the comments to yourself and do NOT post. I’m trying to do serious research here and I’d like to make sure the only posts regard the poll.

2. Please do not bash other people for their responses. You may not agree with their response but people are allowed to like whatever they like. I don’t go around telling you “you’re stupid for liking such-and-such”, so please afford everyone else the same respect.

Now that the rules are out of the way, here is the poll questions I’d like you to answer, as best you can:

1. What are your favourite artists/bands?

2. How is music used to market hockey (speculate why you think the certain style is chosen for the ad)?

3. What do you feel about the music played during games (during breaks in play)?

Also, please take the time to vote on the article’s attached poll (what style of music do you feel best fits hockey?). If you have any questions, please send me a message (though no complaints, please. I get enough of those).