Hockey is no longer fun: From a true hockey hero

According to, oldtimer Guy Lafleur has said hockey is now boring, and guess what, I kind of agree. In an interview with TSN, he said that the game of NHL hockey is getting boringer and boringer, and the defensive part of the game is some to blame.

I think the trap started all of this “old timer-hockey boring” concept.

It was invented in the Europe elite leagues, and has spread through the NHL, but in a different way.

When the trap was first invented, it was an offensive trap, not a defensive trap.

It worked the same way as the defensive trap did, with one guy in the middle, one on the right, one on the left. Just that this time, they were headed up the ice.

We now know Europe isn’t to blame, because if anything, they were increasing excitement in the game by using the offensive trap, forcing more goals, better entertainment.

It reached North America, and sure enough, the NHL.

The coaches mis read it, and used it the opposite way, making it the opposite of excitement, boring.

Same thing, man in the middle, man on the right, man on the left, just that they are all headed back. One of the men on the wing will cut in, take the man, the middle takes the puck.

Rarely beatable.

Therefore scoring has decreased, and we are to blame for it.

However I cannot really complain about how they will not stop, I mean, if it is rarely beatable if it is played well, then why would they think to stop?

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  1. Zamboni says:

    Our rinks are too small to allow use of the trap. That’s another reason why it wasn’t such a game killer when it originated in Europe.

    IMO, it’s gotta go or we’ve gotta make our ice bigger so it isn’t so easy to use the trap.

  2. wayne2 says:

    Another rule that they should enforce is to stop all

    the clutchin,grabbing,hooking and anything that slows the game down and prevents great fast

    skating players from reaching their full potential.

    I saw a hockey game late one night(on cbc,dont

    know why they stopped doing it) between the islanders and the oilers in the playoffs around

    1984 and it was great fast skatinghard hitting

    offensive hockey that was extremely exciting to

    watch.I miss those days.If the WHA ever sees

    the day and they apply those rules and bring back

    this kind of hockey the NHL would better do

    something or they`ll loose a lot of fans.

  3. infoengine says:

    it is obvious why hockey is getting broing. Ever played a hockey video game? What makes is fun? Well hitting is always fun but there is defintely enough hitting in the NHL (too many injuries.) What makes those games fun is the scoring. In the NHL the goalies are so huge and so is their padding. I say we make the goalie padding as small as possible (as small as it is safe). The smaller the goalie padding is the more will be scored goals and as a biproduct, more stellar saves. what do u think?

  4. markjohnston says:

    they should do everything to keep the game exciting for fans.

    ditch the red line, widen the rinks, cut the room behind the net to prevent goalies from wandering, increase the curve of sticks OR cut down goalie’s gear more.

    one of the better ideas I’ve heard is take the average size of goalies 20 years ago and the average size now. if it’s a 10% increase, increase the net size 10%.

    and don’t preach to me about “hockey’s tradition”. the tradition of hockey is simple. a FAST, EXCITING game on ice with a goalie, forwards and d-men for each team. the numbers, systems and rules can all change around this to keep it a FAST and EXCITING game.

  5. Tradedude says:

    ur insane, pads as thick as the goalies legs ???

    I think calling cluthing and grabbing or getting a major for usage of the trap could help as well as Don Cherry’s super duper ‘no touch icing’ and bigger ice, and i seen an article i think it was made by a really good sports analyst i think brophy (ya he rules im serious!) that wanted thicker blue lines, i love that idea, i read that article over and over again and it gets more exciting each and every team i read it. That could help, as well as a “20 saves per game” rule! HA!!! That would be sick!! But I’m crazy!!!



  6. Tradedude says:

    You know what? I think we should just get a rule that has a limit on saves. 20 per game!!!! Use the trap, clutch and grab, don;t mattter it won’t do shit if we have a limit on saves! I hope Marc Andre Fluery isn’t reading this!

    Just a thought, a really dum one!! that will never happen! hehe

  7. devfanman4 says:

    Hockey’s not boring, it’s frustrating. Screw all the suggestions about making the rink bigger, goalie pads smaller, etc……CALL PENALTIES THE WAY THEY WERE MEANT TO BE CALLED. That’s it. We’ll have a much more exciting game because no one will want to grab a hold of someone in the neutral zone because they know they’ll get a penalty.

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