Hockey Rumors and News – October 15, 2009

Pens defenseman kicks cold, talks contract

Burke won’t wait forever for shake-up

Can’t give up on Huet just yet

Pens defenseman kicks cold, talks contract


Penguins defenseman Sergei Gonchar said Wednesday he is finally over a nasty cold that afflicted him from the final week of training camp through the opening weeks of the regular season.

“Mostly it just kept me tired all the time,” he said.

Gonchar added “it only makes sense” that his agent, JP Barry, and the Penguins have agreed to put off negotiations on a contract extension until after Jan. 1, when GM Ray Shero will have a better grasp on the 2010-11 salary cap.

Gonchar, 35, is in the final season of a five-year deal at a $5 million annual cap hit. He reiterated his desire to finish his NHL career with the Penguins

• Hurricanes goaltending coach Tom Barrasso is slated to become the third member of the 1991 and 1992 Stanley Cup champion Penguins teams inducted into the USA Hockey Hall of Fame. Barrasso, the all-time wins leader in Penguins history, will join previous GM Craig Patrick and former RW Joe Mullen, who were inducted in 1996 and 1998, respectively. The Penguins plan to induct Barrasso and former center Ron Francis into their Hall of Fame at some point this season.

Burke won’t wait forever for shake-up

Kevin Mcgran

Six games is too soon, but GM warns his patience has a limit

It’s going to take more than this six-game slide for GM Brian Burke to worry about his Maple Leafs, but he’s not going to wait forever.

“In my mind I see some evolution occurring, some improvement, despite our results,” Burke said Wednesday. “I think the players know how serious I am about winning. I think they know from the moves that have been made that we don’t intend to wait forever.

“I don’t think that needs to be restated. If you’re a player in the dressing room and you haven’t figured that out in Toronto, you’re not paying attention.”

Burke said coach Ron Wilson’s job is safe, calling it “absurd” the notion that Wilson might be fired. He said he’d make the Phil Kessel trade – which seems to get more controversial the more the team loses – again. It cost him two first-round picks and a second-rounder for the injured sniper.

But Burke acknowledged problems throughout the lineup.–burke-won-t-wait-forever-for-shake-up

Can’t give up on Huet just yet

Tim Sassone

It’s way too early to give up on Cristobal Huet less than two weeks into the season.
But the clock is ticking.

Huet has made four starts and been shaky in all of them. His exit seven minutes into Monday’s game against Calgary after he allowed 3 goals on 5 shots was the right move by Hawks coach Joel Quenneville even if the defensive play in front of the goalie was shoddy.

It’s a goalie’s job to come up with big saves after defensive breakdowns, especially the goalie on a team that’s supposed to contend for the Stanley Cup.

Huet has been beaten up high (David Booth’s tying goal in the season opener), to the short side (Kris Draper in Detroit), and through his body (Colorado’s Milan Hejduk on a 5-on-3 power plat last Saturday).
Big saves at big times. Sorry, you’ve just got to have them.
Quenneville has a history of being impatient with his goalies so it’ll be interesting to see how long Huet continues to be supported by his coach.

The Hawks really don’t have much choice than to let Huet play through his early-season problems, at least right now with Antti Niemi still unproven.

Huet has two years left on his contract after this one for $5.625 million a season, which makes him almost impossible to trade.

45 Responses to Hockey Rumors and News – October 15, 2009

  1. mtl_prince says:

    Halak and s. Kostitsyn for Barker and Sharp?

    Hawks need to trim salary so they can sign there big guns…Toews, Kane etc.

    …And they might need an upgrade in goal…did i say 'might'

    …ok maybe it's to early to jump on Huet! lol

  2. HABSSTAR says:

    Well Wilson's done.  He just got the kiss of death.  Anytime a GM offers his coach a vote of confidence it usually means the axe is ready to fall. lol

  3. nordiques100 says:

    sorry bud, as much as they may need to trim salary, there is no need for them to accept the habs lesser lights. this trade is absurdly lopsided in favor of montreal.

    i mean the hawks could easily land pacioretty and subban for those two. they cut costs there with 2 young affordable players. we arent talking guys like blake who are old and cost money, those 2 hawks you mentioned are in the prime of their careers or in Barker's case even still developing!

    sharp is 27, a guy capable of scoring 30 goals a year, versatile, an excellent defensive player, a name high on the list to make the vaunted team canada at the 2010 olympics.

    barker isnt even 25 and is one of the emerging top PP QBs around. he has great size and his whole career is ahead of him.

    Halak is at best a backup and no better than Niemi or Crawford whom the Hawks have now.

    Kostitsyn isnt even the good Kostitsyn. He couldnt make the Habs, what makes you think he makes the Hawks who are actually good.

  4. LEAFS_54 says:

    this is just wayyy to lobsided in favor of the habs… i guess its possible after the season is over but not right now.

  5. bbruins37 says:

    no need for the hawks to make any trades due to cap reasons until the offseason as they should contend and dont want to screw up chemistry.

    if huet continues to struggle and niemi was just a flash in the pan with his first game then i could see them making a play for biron. whatever goalie it is, its essential that he's on a one year deal.

    i think the cap casualties of the hawks will be any combination of sharp, versteeg, and, if possible, campbell in the offseason.

    the thing everyone has to realize is that just because the hawks are going to be forced to shed salary it doesnt mean they have to throw players away for nothing. teams will be competing against other teams to acquire their players. its not like its done in a vaccuum between two teams just for cap reasons.

  6. mojo19 says:

    …and then Lapierre and A.Kostitsyn for Keith and Kane, right guy?

  7. reinjosh says:

    while I agree that no trades will happen anytime soon involving Chicago
    i wouldnt rule anything out for the trade deadline
    and while your right about them not having to give players away for nothing they will not be getting anywhere near full value for anyone they trade
    they are in a really bad position
    they cannot go 10 percent over the cap in the offseason
    they dont want to risk letting Kane, Toews or Keith getting an offer sheet or anyone else that might be considered less but still valuable
    they will be making trades that look bad because they have to clear salary
    there is no question of that
    but the halak and SK for Barker and Sharp is an absolutely ludicrous deal

  8. Kramer says:

    I heard a rumor the Leafs are gonna call a herbal healer to fix the team. This plan worked once for LeClair. One day he was selling mushrooms in Vermont, then next thing you know he was scoring 50 goals.

  9. lafleur10 says:

    sorry man but halak is better than both niemi  and crawford! this deal was mentioned on the team 990 as well they mentioned this these were the name the blackhawks were interested in  ………but i still think we'd have to add a piece like a 1st r.d pick!

  10. lafleur10 says:

    but you and cam think they'd take that stiff ponikarovsky and that useless sieve toskala for these guys!

  11. reinjosh says:

    He is better than them for now
    but he is in no way worth either Barker or Sharp
    and being names the blackhawks were interested in does not make it a deal that was at all discussed
    it would take halak and Subban to get Barker by himself
    To get them both you would need to give up your 1st in 2010, PK Subban (who is not better than Kadri), Halak, Pacioretty at the very least
    probably need to add SK too
    and Poni and Toskala wouldnt get either and mojo and cam wouldnt even mention a deal like that

  12. mojo19 says:

    Nice try, but Toskala would clear waivers.

    But Ponikarovsky – 3 goals, 1 assist, and only player with a plus rating on a winless team, coming off a 61 point season or minor leaguer Sergei Kostitsyn. Who is better?

  13. cam7777 says:

    actually, I suggested either Ponikarovsky or Stempniak, and Exelby, for Byfuglien and Sopel – a far cry from Barker and Sharp.  Sharp is the last guy they want to let go of.  Dreger has discussed this with management in Chicago.  They will let Versteeg and Barker go for much less than market value before they part with Sharp.

    My deal is actually fair.  Stempniak is every bit as offensive as Byfuglien (career numbers say this, and not this season's thus far), but obviously, withuot the muscle and intangibles of Byfuglien.  Exelby would be every bit as useful as Sopel (who they don't even have room for), but cost a million dollars less.  Both players they would recieve are on expiring contracts, allowing them to shed 5.333 million from next year's cap while only losing a minimal amount of talent in the trade for this year (ie. they lose the stemps/byfuglien portion, but win everything else).   

    Honestly, is there really a big difference between the following two sets of forward corps:

    Sharp – Toews – Hossa
    Versteeg – Bolland – Kane
    Brouwer – Madden – Byfuglien
    Eager – Burrish – Skille


    Sharp – Toews – Hossa
    Versteeg – Bolland – Kane
    Brouwer – Madden – Stempniak
    Eager – Burrish – Skille

    especially when you consider that they are overflowing with talent that can replace byfuglien if stempniak does falter (which he won't as he has always been a guy who is more productive as a compliment to better players).  That's a hell of a lot different than simply subtracting Sharp and adding Kostitsyn to the farm team, and then simply subtracting Barker and adding Halak as the third string behind Niemi and Huet.

    In my scenario, their loss actually has a purpose, as they would be allowed to resign one of their big three without pressure.  they could move forward knowing that in the off-season, they will only need to have one more salary dump (plus dumping Huet in the minors to get under the cap.  And I even stated that the Leafs would make this trade with the promise of taking Campbell off their hands (which very few, if any others, will).

  14. cam7777 says:

    no, in fact i mentioned going after Byfuglien and Sopel.  If you look at the guys that could be moved, this would be the Hawks order of preference according to Dreger:

    1.) Campbell (but not till seasons end)
    2.) Versteeg
    3,) Byfuglien
    4.) Barker (but not till seasons end)
    5.) Sharp (as a last resort, should all the others fail to return value).

    the leafs have nothing to go after Barker with.  They would want a top defensive prospect, and a decent pick (late 1st, early 2nd rounder).  Even Schenn wouldn't make sense, as his cap hit could be as high as 2.975 million, while Barker is only making 3.083.

    Really, this all makes perfect sense if you think about what's in the Hawks system.  Campbell is expendable because his contract is an albatross, even if he is playing well.  They have three elite defensemen now in Seabrook, Keith and Barker, and Hjalmarsson looks like he will be just as good.  They'd be much better served with a role-playing d-man, or a shut-down stay at home in their 4th slot – Barker and Ketih get more offensive with each passing game.

    Versteeg is a nice addition, but the most over-priced for what he brings.  He is fast and small, but probably benefits greatly from playing with the likes of Toews and Kane and Havlat from last year.  Just look at the organizational depth and you'll see at least one guy, at a 3rd the price, chomping at the bit to take his spot in the near future (Jack Skille).  Of course Versteeg would be the next one logically on the list.

    Byfuglein is a great piece, and he is having a great start to the new season with 4 goals and an assist in 7 games.  Again though, a huge part of his production comes from knocking in the garbage that Kane leaves behind.  His real worth is in the amount of hits he lays, his net presence, and the swagger a power-forward like him allows his skilled linemates.  This is exactly what Toronto needs.  So why would Chicago trade him?  Well, he's making 3 million dollars next year, and that alone makes him expendable in comparison to the guys who must be resigned.  That said, he isn't irreplaceable for the Hawks by any means.  Troy Brouwer is fully capable of doing all that Byfuglien has done, and he is slowly stepping into that role as we speak.  Aliu and Beach are both going to be ready to try their hand at that sort of thing next year too, so moving Byfuglien might be a quick way to shed 3 million dollars without losing out on a whole lot of offense (especially considering that Hossa hasn't even joined the fray yet).

    Barker is young, locked up for 2 years after this at an extremely affordable 3.083 million, and is capable of having a 50+ point season (maybe more) this year.  He is defensively still on a steep learning curve, but his offense easily overshadows his weaknesses.  The Hawks can come back from any defecit, and in an ideal Hawks system, the forechecking is so strong that Barker never even has to play defense.  If you figure that Keith gets an extension in the same ball park as Mike Green, Campbell gets moved, and Hjalmarsson gets only a moderate increase to the 1.4 million area (maybe less), the Hawks would have an extremely affordable top 4 at only 13.2 million.  Barker is not going anywhere.

    Sharp is going to make Team Canada, and has been turning everyone's heads lately. He is apparently one of managements favorite forwards.  THey will lose all the others for less than they are worth to keep Sharp if they must.  In summer, they thought about moving him for a moderate return, but have since been reminded of why they like him so much.  He's not going anywhere unless the return is enormous and cap efficient.

  15. lafleur10 says:

    i think you are way off base here! the hawks want to get rid of salary not take a bunch back ,also i think s.kostitsyn would be a good fit with the hawks and a very cheap contract he could play on their top 2 lines and would have chemisry with kane like he had in junior, on the team 990 i said it was mentioned tony marinaro who travels with the canadiens like howard burger does with the leafs in contected to a very good source said these were the names that the hawks were interested in and that these are the elements they would need to make a deal so we wouldn't give up subban (plus he's untouchable) pacioretty is a very huge piece for us and the power forward we haven't had since john leclair he's untouchable as well but i could see us giving up either a 1st or a prospect like mathieu carle along with halak so with the haeks adding these 3 pieces from us it gives them their capspace to resign toews and kane and gives them some good young pieces to help their team.

  16. pezzz123 says:

    Question to Cam, Nords, and other TO fans.

    A few weeks (or months?) ago, I came out with the proposal of TO getting Brian Campbell in a trade with Chicago with Kyle Beach or Akim Aliu coming with him as a bait for the 7 million salary. Each of you (or almost) said no, because Campbell was such a liability.

    Now, with your 1rst rounders for the next 2 years gone, would you accept taking Campbell from Chicago's hands if their 1rst rounder was coming with him? It would also allow you to trade Kaberle for another 1rst rounder, thus restocking partially your draft pick cupboard.

    What do you think?

  17. cam7777 says:

    I actually just admitted this on one of the articles below this one, and gave you credit Pezzz.  What I suggested was that the Leafs go to the Hawks in the near future, and offer up a trade of Ponikarovsky or Stempniak, and Exelby, for Byfuglien and Sopel.  Clears 5.333 mil off CHI's cap next year, allowing them to resign one of their stars stress free right now, and doesn't really slow them down too much in the time being.  Exelby would be just as useful as Sopel is in their lineup, and Stemps or Poni are both equally as offensively gifted as Byfuglien (but lack the physical side and intangibles).  So while Chicago loses the trade, Toronto says "yea, but you do this for us now, and we'll take Brian Campbell off your hands next summer".

    So the Hawks are basically free to carry on their business knowing they have freed up alll the necessary space for next year.  At the draft, the Leafs send Finger and a prospect/pick to Chicago, for Campbell and a slightly better prospect/pick.  THe Leafs would trade Kaberle at the deadline to the highest bidder.


    to CHI: Stempniak, Exelby
    to TOR: Byfuglien, Sopel


    to CHI: Finger, 3rd (or Stefanovich)
    to TOR: Campbell, 2nd (or Aliu)

    They save themselves 15 million dollars in cap space.  That is absolutely enormous, and something that has to be considered regardless of the deal.  What other team in the league can afford to just take on 15 million dollars?  Not many, that's for sure….

  18. cam7777 says:

    kostitsyn would get you sopel at this point.  there's no other d-man they would part with prior to next summer.  i don't think you understand how worthless sergei kostitsyn is right now.  he isn't good enough to play on the habs offense, and he demands trades and has a bad attitude.  who would he displace on chicago's top six?  Hossa? Toews? Byfuglien? Bolland? Versteeg?  Sharp?  Hmm….They don't even have enough room for the good top-six they already have….

    How about the bottom six?  Ladd? no. Brouwer? no.  Madden? no.  Oh, oh, Eager? no.  Burrish? no.  Kopecky? no.  Well jeez…there's no room for him anywhere.  Maybe in the minors?  Well yea, I guess there'd be a spot for him there right behind Beach, Aliu, and Skille….

  19. reinjosh says:

    i agree completely
    i was merely taking a shot at lafleur

  20. reinjosh says:

    its so true
    that team has mad depth
    and losing a top 6 banger like Byfuglien actualy doenst change anything
    its really scary

  21. reinjosh says:

    hey hey pezzz
    i thought it was a good idea
    i had thought about it myself
    and i completely agreed with you
    and now your idea seems to be gaining merit among other leafs fans
    though i would say kaberle is worth a 1st and a good prospect
    but other than that i agreed with you on everything when you first proposed it

  22. pezzz123 says:

    you're my boy 😛

  23. bbruins37 says:

    all of these trade proposals are nuts. weve seen what a gm can do when he is forced to trade a player already this offseason. its not like chicago is going to say "oh man, byfuglien and sopel for stempniak and exelby. well, its a horrible offer, but i guess theres no use of shopping him these guys around more because i am only going to do this trade with the leafs."

  24. broc says:

    Not a chance.

    Campbell's cap hit is just over 7.1 mil a year…. for 7 MORE YEARS!!! I can see Toronto helping for a season, maybe 2 tops. But Campbell's is an excrutiating contract that seems to go on forever. It would take a lot more than one 1st rounder (which will likely be in the late 20's) or a mid level prospect to take that length on. It's probably one of the "anchors" Burke has said GM's are throwing at him.

    Next year, when the cap goes down, by let's say, 4 million. That 7.1 mil a year is gonna feel like 11.1 mil a year.

    Would you rather spend 7 mil a year on Campbell.. or would you take the $$ and offer it to Kovalchuk or chase Marleau+ some others?

    Now Patrick Sharp.. I can see the Leafs having definite interest in him. And he's said to be available.

  25. bbruins37 says:

    just wanted to bring the kadri vs. hall/seguin argument here as my internet is too slow to keep switching topics.

    hall, seguin, and fowler are the top 3 scorers in the OHL right now and are the projected top 3 picks.

    seguin – 16/17 – 61 gp – 21 g, 46 a – 67 p
                playoffs – 11 gp – 5g, 11a – 16p
                 17/18 – 10 gp – 14 g, 11 a – 25 p
    hall –      16 – 63 gp – 45 g, 39 a, 84 p
                 playoffs – 5 gp – 2g, 3a – 5p              16/17 – 63 gp – 38 g, 52 a – 90p
                 playoffs – 20 gp – 16 g, 20 a – 36 p              17/18 – 12 gp – 10 g, 13a – 23 p
    fowler, a defenseman has 2 goals, 17 assists and 19 points in 12 games in his first OHL season.

    kadri – 16 – 62 gp – 7 g, 15 a – 22 p
               playoffs – 9 gp – 0 g, 2a – 2p
              17 – 68 gp – 25 g, 40 a – 65 p
               playoffs – 20 gp – 9 g, 17a – 26 p
              18 – 56 gp – 25 g, 53 a – 78 p
              playoffs – 14 gp – 9 g, 12 a – 21 p
              19 – 6 gp – 3g, 2a – 5p

    so please, kadri has no right to be mentioned anywhere near these players…kadri was a one year wonder more or less.

    the tavares argument is a double edged sword. it means tavares was drawing all of the attention.

  26. broc says:

    WTF are you talking about? No one here's even mentioned Kadri, let alone lumped him as some equal to Hall or Seguin.


  27. cam7777 says:

    Part of it is just a matter of preparation.  If you're going to have an anchor on your backend, then you have to start drafting a lot of D-men, combing the waiver wire, making smart contracts, etc…  We already have a good start with Gunnarsson, White, Oreskovic and Schenn who will all be affordable for a while.  Even Beauchemin and Komisarek don't have monster contracts.  In my take on this, they would have to take Finger back in the deal.  So basically our back-end would swap Kaberle and Finger with Campbell and Gunnarsson.  That would only increase the cost of our back-end by about 20, 000 dollars.  Quite irrelevent really. 

    Free up the space for forward signings by dumping Blake.

  28. bbruins37 says:

    read the first line…. if you can read.

  29. blaze says:

    who cares? you're not getting any of the 3 and Kadri is better than any Bruins prospect.

  30. pezzz123 says:

    I'd take Joe Colbourne before Kadri. He has a higher ceiling than Kadri. He's more a boom or bust prospect than Kadri, but I think there's a very good chance he'll make it. Overall, Boston's pool is also better than TO's

    oh, and don't forget Tuukka Rask. He's the best prospect in the NE division with Tyler Myers and Erik Karlsson. Kadri comes right in the next wave with Colbourne, Subban, Enroth and Cowen.

  31. blaze says:

    What exactly makes you think he has a higher ceiling? Kadri actually performed against NHL level competition and put up good numbers. Where has Joe been lately?

    As for the rest Rask is likely to have more impact in the NHL but it's no guarantee. Myers has the potential to be dominant as for the rest I would be shocked if they amounted to more in the NHL than Kadri.

  32. albertateams says:

    Kadri will beat Joe to the NHL, but I agree that Joe has a higher ceiling he's a 6'5 kid the same age as Kadri power forwards often take longer to develop in the system as they have to grow into thier bodies. He may or may not develope into a good player and  like pezz said he has a lot more risk than Kadri, but you can't teach size, if he puts it all together he has a higher ceiling. There is no question that as of right now Kadri is the better player and probably more valued prospect but given his size/skill set Colborne could turn into a Joe Thorton type player. He is playing college hockey in denver for the pioneers.

  33. cam7777 says:

    no one said that chicago is being forced to trade with the leafs you moron.  we've seen chiarlli get good picks for kessel, but we also saw doug wilson get raped on his young defensemen.  i'd say byfuglien falls closer to ehrhoff than kessel, wouldn't you?  it's pretty clear what byfuglien is, and while he'd be nice for chicago to have, he is by no means crucial.  kessel is a potential superstar, regardless of my opinion of him.

    just because an offer is coming from the leafs does not mean that it isn't a substantial offer.  anyone who has been watching the leafs can tell you that stempniak is doing all the little things right, and despite the stats, is playing very well.  his previous stats indicate he is better offensively than byfuglien, and performs better alongside high-skill linemates.  if they are moving byfuglien for an expiring contract, stempniak isn't an awful place to start by any means – especially if the deal also allows for sopel to get moved.

    i know you just want to s-hit on anything leafs, but really, you need to stop trolling these boards looking to be a jackass.  if you don't have anything productive to say, then just don't type it.  you don't know what you're talking about, as per usual, so why even bother commenting?  think before you type….

  34. cam7777 says:

    all those stats show is that hall looks to be a better prospect than kadri (shocking since he is slated to be a 1st overall), and that seguin has done much the same as kadri, except for a slow start this year.  those stats are irrelevent anyways.  there are countles examples of players who outscored someone at one level, but couldn't make the jump to the next.  there are numerous examples of players who performed well in junior with top-notch talent around them, but couldn't do it on their own. 

    stats don't ever tell the whole story.  i know you don't understand this, but sometimes actually watching players is more beneficial than spouting off pages and pages of numbers.  all of those numbers are subjective in someway.  they are all in someway influenced by a certain set of conditions that won't necessarily continue, or carry over to the following portion of said player's career.   watching kadri, you can tell that he is something special.  the fact that fowler is putting up points like that just shows how ridiculous some of the opponents in that league must be.  those numbers will NEVER translate to the NHL, or we might as well just pin the 'Greatest Defensemen Ever' award on his resume right now.  Watch hockey bud, and lay off these ridiculous stat sheets…

  35. blaze says:

    like I said name one thing to make you think he has a higher ceiling? because he's tall?

  36. icehog says:

    Cam… are you the comic book guy from the Simpsons.

  37. albertateams says:

    Its his total skill set not just the fact that he is big that makes him have a higher ceiling. Its just a question of how long it takes him to put it all together or if he does. If he is able to put it all together you would have a Thorton or Vinny type player. That has it all size skill etc.

  38. blaze says:

    So you still havn't mentioned a single worthy point as to how he has a higher ceiling. Other the flip side he's been drafted lower, he's older, played in inferior leagues his stats do nothing to propel him against Kadri yet because he's big and a playmaker that somehow makes him a 100+ pt player?

    If talking skill sets Colborne can dish the puck. Kadri is a much more dynamic skater with a lethal shot and some great dangles and has done this agaisnt NHL level compition.

    Prospects are always a crapshoot and by no means is Kadri a guarantee but Colborne hasn't done a thing to justify a highger ceiling just because you think so.

  39. albertateams says:

    First of all they're both 19. I also said he has a higher risk than Kadri and yes size does have a lot to do with it. There is just fewer guys out there that have size and skill so yes his upside is higher than Kadri's. How many good prospects are there at 6'0 and ho many at 6'5.

    As for him being drafted lower he grew very quickly and was more of a risk factor than Kadri. You can't really compare stats because there is no doubt that right now Kadri is better, thats why people say potential and upside.

    I completely agree that prospects are a crap shoot, but bottom line a 6'5 guy that is highly skilled has a bigger upside than a 6'0 do to physical limitations. 

  40. reinjosh says:

    so basically your saying that size makes a player better
    nothing else
    thats your man argument and its a very flawed argument
    Kadri is more highly skilled than Colborne
    he may be smaller but he plays like a guy that is 6 foot 3
    Colborne has good skills and good size
    but he is just like a lot of bigger players with good skills
    he doesnt use his size
    lots of players have size and dont use it
    a player that is 6 foot 1 can hold his own with a 6 foot 5 guy
    its not that hard.
    and a 6 foot 1 guy has the ability to be a better all around player than a 6 foot 5 guy
    Kadri has a higher ceiling that Colborne though in my opinion not by much

  41. albertateams says:

    I'm not saying that size is the be all end all quality of a hockey player, but bottom line if you have two players with the same skill set and one is six inches taller which one would you take.

    Yes Kadri has more skill than Colborne, your comment about him not using his size is exactly why I think he has a higher upside. You teach him how to use his frame, reach and strength the sky is litterally the limit and of course there are 6'2 guys that hold there own but like the old adage says you can't teach size.

    Kadri is better no doubt but I like colburns upside better.

  42. reinjosh says:

    yes you cant teach size but its incredibly hard to get a player who has size to use it properly and use it well
    you dont find many coaches who are 6 foot 5 or bigger and can teach players how to use their size

    so i guess i can understand that between the two if colborne can figure out how to use his size that he could be a very good player
    though i dont think he could be better than kadri even if he does
    thats why you dont see many truly dominating power forwards and why you also find a lot of big players who have skill and size but dont use their size very often
    and im not just speaking

  43. blaze says:

    The mistake your making is 6'5 guy that is less skilled than a 6'0 guy that is more skilled does not have a bigger upside just because he's tall.

  44. albertateams says:

    The point Im making is that the overall discripancy in skill potential between kadri and joe is not as great as you mkae it out to be. Thier fore with his size for me joe has the higher upside.

  45. blaze says:

    well I like Kadri, you like Colborne, we'll just have to wait and see

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