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Rangers looking for another defenseman

Chamber of commerce eyes Islanders move to Queens

Kostitsyn reports to AHL; Habs promise trade
Rangers looking for another defenseman


With the Rangers playing their worst defensive period of the season in the first last night against the Devils, no wonder coach John Tortorella was pretty adamant Sunday about acquiring a seventh defenseman to spell his current six.

Mathieu Dandenault is one player whose name has surfaced. Dandenault, 33, is an unrestricted free agent who was released by the Sharks. He was part of the Red Wings’ Cup teams in 1997, 1998 and 2002 and also played for the Canadiens.

The opening occurred after Alexei Semenov and the club agreed to a one-year, $600,000 contract Wednesday. Family issues arose, however, and the 6-6 Semenov, who had been in training camp on a tryout, left the team Friday in Pittsburgh.

Slow start for Anisimov

Artem Anisimov, who is centering the third line, led the team in scoring (4-2-6) in the preseason but is pointless so far. He played only 8:16 against the Devils.

“He’s a guy trying to find his way away from the puck, as all young guys are this time of year who are cracking into the National Hockey League,” Tortorella said. “He needs to be stronger in certain areas, on the puck, and a lot of that is away from the puck. But he’s a promising young guy.”

Chamber of commerce eyes Islanders move to Queens


The luring of the Islanders is officially underway.

Less than two days after Charles Wang said he is ready to explore all his options, the executive vice president of the Queens Chamber of Commerce said Wang’s search should begin in his borough.

“Option number 1 should be Queens,” Jack Friedman said. “We are ready for him.”

Friedman believes a potential new home for the Islanders would fit perfectly as a centerpiece in the city’s plans for the Willets Point area. The project is still in the early stages; Friedman said ground-breaking probably won’t take place for another four or five years.

But the Islanders’ lease with Nassau County stipulates that they must play their homes games through 2015, so the team is still six seasons from a potential move, anyway.

“You’re talking about a property that has access to the Long Island railroad, the subway system, the airports,” he said. “It already has a huge parking lot because of Citi Field. It already has the parkway access. It’s so ready for a development like this. The Lighthouse project would be a perfect fit.”

Kostitsyn reports to AHL; Habs promise trade

Disgruntled Montreal Canadiens winger Sergei Kostitsyn has agreed to report to the team’s American Hockey League affiliate, the Hamilton Bulldogs.

As a part of the agreement, sources tell Sportsnet, the Canadiens will try to move him to a new NHL team.

Kostitsyn split time between the two clubs during the last few years, but refused to report to the AHL just before the puck dropped on the new NHL season.

The 22-year old has played in 108 career NHL games with the Canadiens, scoring 17 goals and 50 points. Sergei’s older brother, Andrei, remains with the big club and has played in both of Montreal’s overtime victories this season.

The native of Novopolotsk, USSR (now Belarus) was drafted by the Habs in the seventh round (200th overall) of the 2005 NHL Entry Draft.

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  1. bbruins37 says:

    i would say san jose is the only team that is at the bruins level.

    my point about lucic is that no one brings that skillset to the table. what doesnt lucic have? speed. average playmaker. but thats almost irrelevant when you consider all that he does bring. there isnt an enforcer in the league with that kind of offense. that is an unbelievable quality.

  2. bbruins37 says:

    oh the "witty" response to cover up for your complete lack of hockey knowledge. classic

  3. bbruins37 says:

    and im deflecting what exactly? based on chia's performance im willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on whatever he does. laugh if you want but he has been "godly" in what he's done for the bruins. for the morris deal i didnt like it but am giving him the benefit of the doubt. for lucic, i love it, and am again giving him the benfit of the doubt; but that goes without saying.

    i really am boiling it down to jealousy. obviously you wont admit it because god knows what would happen if people on HTR knew of your jealousy…

    you obviously would take lucic on your team at that price. from all ive heard from fans around the league, he is easily the most desirable player on the bruins (relative to cost, yes even at 4 mil), and one of the more desiable players in the league.

    if its not jealousy, its the fact that because i gloat so much you feel the need to retaliate. either way, youre masking your true opinion on the matter.

    i am narcissistic but that has nothing to do with me not being able to deal with me being wrong. i can deal with it, but im rarely wrong so its not too big of an issue.

  4. albertateams says:

    Nobody on this entire site is saying that Lucic is not a good player and yes he does have some unique qualities but he is not the most special player in the league.

    Also you have to see your bias. In saying that the only team that is at the bruins level is the sharks, just look at the odds. I'm not saying that the bruins aren't a good team but there is 6 other teams that have a better chance to win the cup according to unbiased experts. Your passion for your team is commendable but right now your bordering on lunacy.

  5. reinjosh says:

    im not jealous at all
    a little envious of the team you have now but not the position your in
    and yah you did post that roster without savard but further down you stupidly suggested you could keep him
    and i will fully admit i hate the bruins solely because of you
    they have joined montreal, new jersey, detroit as my 4 most hated teams
    your picks can only help you so much
    even if you get two players that can jump in right away (unlikely as best) in the first round
    you still have to pay bonus's you cant afford pushing your salary problem to the year after
    you cant ice a lineup with 10 rookies or 10 players under 1 million dollars and stay competitive
    it just doesnt work
    i am really going to enjoy seeing Chiarelli waste assets in a pointless pursuit of a cup you cant win this year
    and then suffer next year when you lose the heart of your offense (Savard) and have to fill the remaining of you roster with 10 – 12 players signed for 1 million dollars or less
    it will be so fun to watch

  6. reinjosh says:

    i would not take lucic at that price it is overpaying for a guy that has scored a career total of 70 points in 151 games. thats not even a half a point per game clip. And yes he brings more to the table than just points (hitting, toughness) but he is not worth 4 million dollars. Chiarelli overpaid.
     and you saying that he is one of the most desirable players in the league is one of the most self obsessed (in terms of teams) things i have ever heard uttered from you
    their are about 50 players i would (and i would bet many experts and other people) would rather have than lucic
    again i am envious of the team the bruins have right now, but not the position they are in
    Chiarelli is walking himself into a corner he wont be able to escape. just watch.
    so far everything i have predicted would happen to the Bruins has happened. And everytime i have you call me insane and then termed it to jealousy, and blah blah blah blah
    The Bruins lost Kessel just like I said they would back in November last year (well I said one of either Kessel or Krejci). They didnt make it past the second round, just like I said they wouldnt before the playoffs started. And they won't keep Savard after this season, they won't win the conference or the cup, and they won't be nearly as good next year as they are this year.
    just remember what i said, bbruins37 . again i will be right and you will be wrong
    because you are more wrong, more often than you know

  7. hockey_lover says:

    Nah. In the face of unrelenting stupidity, I prefer to offer back the same. It seems to be the only stuff you can understand *patting you on the head*

  8. hockey_lover says:

    Just as an addition to your comment about Savard needing to sign for $5mil …

    With Milan Lucic locked up to a new contract, the Bruins are now focused on getting center Marc Savard inked to an extension, reports the Boston Herald.

    Savard, Blake Wheeler, Mark Stuart and Tuukka Rask are in the final year of their respective contracts, but only Savard can become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season.

    Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli admitted that "it won't be easy" to re-sign all four remaining players, however the Herald claims he has started contract talks with Savard.

    "I'd like that," Savard told the Herald, in reference to signing a new contract. "We've got to be patient. This is where I'd like to stay if it's possible. I hope it happens."

    According to the paper, the two sides are believed to be discussing a multi-year contract worth around $6.5 million per season.

  9. paulieplatypus says:

    Yeah no doubt Redden, Rozsival, and Drury are over payed… But at least Sather did not trade away anything for them, like for example Montreal did to aquire Gomez etc.  If the young players develope like expected???  I could see Drury and Rozsival being traded after this season when they both have only two years left on their contracts.  Redden on the other hand could always be sent down to the AHL, and not have his salary count against the cap, if he is no longer one of their top 6 D-men.  But at this point in time right now, the Rangers are counting on Redden and Rozsival to be the only veterens on defense until Gilroy, Del Zotto, and even Staal and Girardi, gain a little more NHL experience.  

  10. Dunski23 says:

    The way the B's are playing right now isn't exactly helping your arguments here bb. The games against Washington and Anahiem were putrid. Thomas is playing the worst net of his career. The Team Defense isn't helping him any. The Team Offense is putting up the points need for victory. Special Teams are playing like they actually are "special". And besides that fight Lucic had against Jay Harrison???(who), he has been virtually non-existent,and not playing like a soon to be 4Mil+ player. I was at the Anaheim game and it was possibly the most horrid game I've been to in a while. Right now the B's are playing like a fringe to non playoff team. Of course as a fan I still believe the B's are going to come out as top of the East and win the cup, (No point of being a fan if you ain't got faith that your team can do it ya know) but Claude really needs to get through to this team and have them start playing better, because even though it's early in the season every game and every point is crucial

  11. KingVilly91 says:

    I dont know about that if the Razor can get back to the way he played when he took the sens to the finals i'll be picking philly to win the cup

  12. HABSSTAR says:

    Dude careful there.  Kadri couldn't take a spot from any of the sad sack leafs forwards. 

    In any event the same rule is in effect for Subban as Kadri.  Both are going to make their teams when they are ready to play significant minutes.  Neither is ready to do that. 

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