Hockey Trade Rumors – Feb 23, 2011

Should the Caps trade Alexander Semin?

On Phillips and Kovalev

Is anything else brewin’?

Avalanche Defenseman John-Michael Liles Trade Rumors Fly

Rangers scouting the Wild and Caps?
Should the Caps trade Alexander Semin?

Despite the high level of activity around the NHL as the Feb. 28 trading deadline approaches, the Capitals have been awfully quiet.

General Manager George McPhee hasn’t ruled a trade out, but he also hasn’t given any clues as to whom he might go after — be it a second-line center, a defenseman or something else.

The past few seasons for the Capitals have been about winning, and winning now. Entering the playoffs with that in mind, should McPhee consider taking a big risk and moving skilled winger Alexander Semin, who was essentially a non-factor in the last postseason and may be even more out of place now with the new defensive system?

Maybe so, writes Craig Custance of the Sporting News:

After watching the Capitals shut down the Penguins behind solid defense and strong goaltending, it’s easy to wonder where sniper Alexander Semin fits into the equation.

As his rival general managers make bold moves, it may be time for McPhee to make the biggest – trade the talented Semin for the kind of impact center or defenseman who would complete the transformation in Washington.

Semin has three goals since Nov. 28, all coming in Washington’s 7-6 shootout win over the Ducks.

On Phillips and Kovalev

With the trade deadline now less than a week away, there is still little movement on the Chris Phillips front. Murray met with JP Barry late last week. The two briefly discussed the possibility of an extension but little progress was made. The hope was that if nothing else, the two sides could find out if they were close on a number moving forward.

Would be very surprised if they are.

As long as Filip Kuba remains in the picture, there really isn’t room to bring Phillips back and it really has nothing to do with money.

The team wants to have spots open for David Rundblad and Jared Cowen next year and with Gonchar, Kuba, Lee, Karlsson and Carkner all under contract for next season, decisions have to be made.

I really get the sense that while this is coming down to the wire, Chris Phillips will be put in a position where he ends up waiving that NTC.

Is anything else brewin’?

The Bruins remain without an elite scoring/playmaking center. Marc Savard is not walking through that door, and it remains to be seen if he’ll ever again be in uniform.

They still don’t have anyone who could be characterized as a marksman on the wing. Michael Ryder was hired for that spot in July 2008 and has filled the role only in fits and starts. Nathan Horton began the season roaring like a lion, quickly morphed into a lamb, and only lately has shown a stubble of his mane.

On the blue line, where Friday’s import of Tomas Kaberle provides a huge upgrade on the power-play point, the Black and Gold could used added depth. Long playoff runs can extract many pounds of flesh, and typically they get taken out of the backliners’ hides.

“I’ll take any help I can get, to be honest,’’ coach Claude Julien said following yesterday morning’s brief workout at Ristuccia Arena, when asked if he’d prefer Chiarelli bring in help at forward or defense. “The one thing you want is some depth, and that’s the one place we might have hurt ourselves a little bit last year. [David] Krejci was hurt and Savvy was just coming back [from concussion]. We got thin pretty quick and I think that really took away our chances and hurt us a lot in that area. So I think we are trying to cover that right now and if he brought people in it would just mean more depth.’’

Avalanche Defenseman John-Michael Liles Trade Rumors Fly

ust like clockwork, the rumors surrounding Colorado Avalanche defenseman John-Michael Liles pick up momentum every single trade deadline. This year is no exception.

With the acquisition of Erik Johnson from the St. Louis Blues, many clubs view Liles, 30, as available for the right price. Monday afternoon, Twitter was filled with false reports that Liles had been traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs — a team that has been high on Liles’ skillset for some time. Other sources have reported that Toronto has indeed asked about Liles, but deemed the cost too great.

Just this morning, Luke De***** of the Raleigh News & Observer stated that the Carolina Hurricanes may be a possible destination for Liles.

Rangers scouting the Wild and Caps?

two ranger scouts at oil game in minny and washington. Hemsky? Smid, Penner? take your best guess.

27 Responses to Hockey Trade Rumors – Feb 23, 2011

  1. dumbassdoorman says:

    You know everytime I sit and think the deadline is going to be boring, I realize that it may not be. With all the names nobody has expect to get trading going it puts tons of pressure on other teams.

  2. nordiques100 says:

    LA and Wash are the two teams i think have to get off their a$$ and do something.

    Wash is ok, but could use a boost at any position. They may be ok on D, but they have to stay healthy.

    Should they get a veteran goalie? yes.

    Do they need a centre? yes.

    As for the Kings, they need a major boost too. Can't really afford to miss the playoffs and be irrelevant even more in LA. They have the kids and the cap space to do something. Lombardi is a chicken bleep though.

    He is too risk averse. While people are claiming now how tanking and drafting doesnt work and use LA as an example, its true if your GM is a *****.

    You have to be aggressive in acquiring some other guys to supplement your star draftees.

    Ray Shero has constantly tried to do that in Pitt with Kunitz, Gill, Pony among others acquired and now Neal.

    But Lombardi is too afraid to give up on anyone.

    Moving prospects wouldnt have killed them with the depth they had. Not moving them at the right time could cost them the kind of roster boost they sorely need.

    No, Marco Sturm is not enough.

    its why i have always said Lombardi is good at starting a team but someoen else needs to take over to take them to the next level.

  3. reinjosh says:

    I honestly have the same feelings. Its a little odd but I think that GM's are going to go a little nuts. Maybe some cross-conference blockbusters?

  4. reinjosh says:

    Things are getting dicey in Avs land. Peter Stastny (Paul's dad) just ripped the Stewart trade and the Avs. Indicative of anything?

  5. dumbassdoorman says:

    That would be sweet…..just wondering what our Leafs are going to do? The more I think of it the more I like Stastny over richards. 5yrs is a lot younger and while he would need to be acquired he would be probably 2mil a year less.

  6. dumbassdoorman says:

    Seriously? Wow that could cause some friction for sure…he may have stir the pot too much for the Avs liking

  7. dumbassdoorman says:

    Like I said in the kings article by the time lombardi realizes he should have made a trade next season will be over….lol. The man has to be putting his job in jeopardy at some point one would think? He is one of a few GMs in the league with the assests to go after and get guys named, Staal, Malkin etc. but he won't lol……cause he is a pu$$y

  8. reinjosh says:

    I definitely like Stastny over Richards. The only thing is the price tag might be more expensive in assets.

  9. dumbassdoorman says:

    Like you said assets cost but I think Richards is gonna want about 8.5 per yr so 2 mil in cap replaces some assets……and then if you get a guy like Stastny you offer sheet another guy and WOOOOOOO….lol

  10. reinjosh says:

    I would hope it causes a rift between Stastny and management but I doubt it. It's probably more like the Kabby and his Dad thing.

  11. reinjosh says:

    Stastny would immensely help the build. At that point yeah, why not use the offer sheet. Go after Bogosian or Weber to solidify the defense and there you have yourself a to4 with Schenn/ Phaneuf/Bogosian or Weber and a top 6 of Stastny/Kessel/Kulemin/Grabovski and a potential starter in Reimer (here's hoping).

    I would be fully for going hard if Stastny were acquired. At that point, what's the use of letting u the gas pedal. I would say Bogosian. Force Atlanta into a trade by threatening to overpay Bogosian and only give up 1st, 2nd, 3rd for him.

  12. dumbassdoorman says:

    I would go for webber for sure he IS the BEST damn in hockey….period

  13. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Wonder what it would take to get Bobby Sanguinetti out of the Carolina system…

    Big body, offensive, defencemen

  14. Kramer says:

    There's a conspiracy to keep talent in the western conference and sun belt.

  15. dumbassdoorman says:

    I don't know if i want him, have read mixed opinions on him.

  16. dumbassdoorman says:

    Kotalik reported on waivers today, it should be reentry no? If so would you take a chance on a guy with lots of talent but has trouble putting it together?

  17. albertateams says:

    Kotalik is on reentry waivers. There are some interesting names on the waiver wire today.

    Nik Zherdev (Phi)
    Craig Rivet (Buf)
    Marek Svatos (Nsh)

    I think a team is going to take a chance on Zherdev and maybe even Rivet. Both contracts expire at the end of the year so there's not really much risk. Zherdev in particular 15 goals this year could be a decent pick up.

  18. dumbassdoorman says:

    lol…….ya ubber talented but no heart………who do you think takes him? Rivet can you say warrior?

  19. albertateams says:

    Maybe  St. Louis or Dallas in the west. If he makes it to Calgary I wouldn't be surprised if they took a shot. In the East Florida Atlanta or Buffalo. I doubt that he goes unclaimed but I didn't think Hagman would go unclaimed either. This is a bit different though given its an expiring contract.
    Rivet I don't know who would take him 3.5 million is pricey but again its only for the rest of the years.

  20. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Montreal has an apprent interest in Brad Richards…

    As a rental, it makes sense and could make Montreal a contender

    Long-term wise, I doubt Richards can be signed so theirs no point of Montreal throwing away draft picks or prospects

    Montreal currently has 32 million tied up in 8 players for next year…

    -Some players will get raised and need to be resigned, also Montreal needs to prepar for when Price and Subban ask for raises after next season…

    I think it would be wise for them to not make a long-term move

  21. Kessel_Leafs48 says:

    i think burke would pass but i wouldnt mind giving him a shot in to, he could help the team and we have a tun of cap space and it expires at the end of the season.. why not? most nights were looking for scoring and he can very well do that, he may like the attention from the media… or not..

  22. reinjosh says:

    I agree. He is a monster.

  23. dumbassdoorman says:

    lol… way i see Burke picking him up………but hey he and Nonis could get drunk and dare one another to do it!!!!

  24. NonLeafFansAreGay says:

    Why not sign Stamkos to an offer sheet?

  25. reinjosh says:

    The thinking would be with Kessel/Stastny on the top line, we would focus on defense instead.

  26. dumbassdoorman says:

    Exactly… could you imagin really Phanuef would be the smallest of the bunch…..scarey

  27. JoelJoel says:

    Totally agree. They have too many inflated contracts as is, the last thing they need is another Gomez.

    Best thing for them is to try and go deep again, make some money and ship out players at the draft. They have a decent pool of talent and could potentially put together a good team in the next few years.

    I hate to say it, but they rely too much on good goaltending and blocked shots. Cut back on the over paid under achievers, acquire some cheeper first liners, and lock up the talent they have.

    Going after Richards, or any other C with a big contract is a bad idea. Go the Detroit route and build from within.

    3 good lines are way better then 1 great line…

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