Hockey Trade Rumors – Feb 24

Stars’ asking price to Rangers for Richards is laughable

Rivet waived after trade effort fails

NHL should be terrified of threat to Crosby

Caps interested in Kovalev?

Phillips weighs options ahead of NHL trade deadline
Stars’ asking price to Rangers for Richards is laughable

That Joe Nieuwendyk, GM of the Stars, who knew he had such a sense of humor?

The Post has learned Nieuwendyk told Rangers GM Glen Sather on Tuesday that it would cost the Blueshirts three young studs off the roster, believed to be Marc Staal, Brandon Dubinsky and Derek Stepan, for the privilege of renting Brad Richards.

Never mind that Richards, who has a no-move clause in his contract, has not yet been asked for a list of clubs for which he would be willing to waive it, according to agent Pat Morris in a phone conversation yesterday with The Post.

Never mind that Richards, the elite center the Blueshirts so desperately need and covet, is still suffering post-concussion symptoms from a Feb. 13 Sammy Pahlsson hit that will prevent him from returning before Monday’s trade deadline, though reports are that the impending free agent is having good days.

Three studs — three players who have essentially been quarantined by Sather — that’s the price at which Nieuwendyk started the conversation regarding a lease agreement.

Maybe the Dallas GM believes that Garden CEO Jim Dolan will intervene and invite Isiah Thomas into the conversation.

But seriously, folks: The Rangers, who have no further information to share on Marian Gaborik, their own concussed star, are extremely interested in acquiring Richards, but ideally not as a rental.

Before striking a deal, the Blueshirts, who face the Capitals tomorrow night, would want permission to speak to Morris about a contract extension for the 30-year-old center who won the 2004 Conn Smythe Trophy playing for John Tortorella’s Stanley Cup-winning Lightning, and who has maintained an outstanding relationship with the coach.

It is unknown whether the Stars, whose clouded ownership situation has prevented them from even making Richards an offer on an extension and who may not be in position to do so before July 1, would grant that permission.

Richards could direct Dallas to deal only with the Rangers by informing Nieuwendyk, who said yesterday on NHL Live that he has talked to six clubs about Richards’ availability. That admission he would not waive his no-move to go to any other team is believed to have annoyed the low-key center.

Rivet waived after trade effort fails

Craig Rivet’s career with the Buffalo Sabres might be over after the team placed its captain for the last three seasons on waivers Wednesday afternoon.

Rivet, 36, sat out his 17th straight game Wednesday night as a healthy scratch and will be on waivers until noon today for any other NHL team to claim. He is owed about $865,000 for the rest of the season from his original $3.5 million salary.

If Rivet clears waivers, the Sabres can simply put him back on their roster (like they did last season with Adam Mair) or assign him to Portland. General Manager Darcy Regier said Rivet requested a trade and the Sabres were unable to work one.

“It’s nothing more than giving him an opportunity to play,” Regier said just prior to the 4-1 win over Atlanta. “I spoke with his agent [Pat Morris] [Tuesday] morning and he had expressed a trade [request]. We tried to move him with a trade and unfortunately weren’t able to. This is the next step in helping him resume his career.

“The agent and I had a conversation. The only way we would give him an opportunity to play, and it doesn’t look likely here, is to put him on waivers.”

The move was announced about 90 minutes after the Sabres’ morning skate was concluded and the players had left the building. Rivet played just 23 games this season, with one goal, two assists and a minus-5 rating. He has not been in the lineup since Jan. 11.

“We wish him the best if something does happen,” winger Jason Pominville said after the game. “Everybody would be excited for him to have an opportunity to play.”

NHL should be terrified of threat to Crosby

It has been eight weeks now. Eight weeks since Victor Hedman smashed Sidney Crosby’s head into the glass in Pittsburgh, which was four days after David Steckel ran his shoulder into Crosby’s temple in the Winter Classic at Heinz Field. Which means that it has been eight weeks since Sidney Crosby played an NHL game.

And that should make anybody who cares about hockey nauseous. It should give them a headache. It should cause sleepless nights. In other words, it should make them feel like they have suffered a concussion.

It’s not that Sidney Crosby, as a person, is more important than Marc Savard or David Perron or Matthew Lombardi or Peter Mueller, all of whom have missed most or all of the NHL season with post-concussion symptoms. It’s not that his symptoms are necessarily worse. There were 33 concussions reported in the NHL through Dec. 1. There are a lot of guys sitting in dark and quiet rooms, these days.

But Crosby is different, because he is Sidney Crosby. He is the best player in the world; he is one of the two players in the league who actually have the ability to transcend the league. And since Alexander Ovechkin has spent the season being a more physical Brad Richards — another guy who has the curtains drawn, at the moment — Crosby was, until early January, standing alone.

And then came Steckel and Hedman, neither of whom were fined or suspended for making contact with Crosby’s head from behind. And as the days stretch out, you start to wonder and worry about what comes next.

The precise severity of Crosby’s concussion has not been made public. The Penguins have said he needs to go symptom-free for 10 days before being cleared, and that has apparently not happened. On Jan. 24 he told reporters in Pittsburgh, “People say mild concussion, but I don’t know that there really is such thing. The good thing is the past four to five days have been pretty good, but that’s not to say symptoms won’t come back.”

Caps interested in Kovalev?

#Capitals expressing preliminary interest in #Senators winger Alexei Kovalev, sources say

Phillips weighs options ahead of NHL trade deadline

Phillips has heard his name in trade talks at various points throughout his career, but he says the biggest difference this time around is that he owns the clause, in control of dictating whether he stays or goes.

“Now, being more involved with having to make decisions that effect the outcome is the biggest difference,” he said. “Ultimately, I am (in control), when it comes right down to it, but it has been pretty open communication with Bryan. It’s not like we’re having a standoff and see who blinks first. We’re talking about it. Between us and them, it is a collective decision, but I guess I have the final say.”

Phillips acknowledges it has been a difficult few weeks as he weighs all the p
ossible end games.

“There are a lot of things involved. You go home and talk to your family about different options and scenarios.”

The defenceman also said that even if he doesn’t get a contract extension before Monday, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to be traded.

29 Responses to Hockey Trade Rumors – Feb 24

  1. dumbassdoorman says:

      If Joe gets that price from Sather for Richards extention or not Sather should be fired!!!! That being said good on Joe if he does, he will have fast tracked a rebuild of his team in two trades with a four players making likely around what Richards will want as a UFA.

     I wonder what the Caps will really do? It has to be than just a passing interest in Karvalegov, right? Read they were looking at Arnott, but i don't see the Devils trading him while making a push.

  2. leafy says:

    That Crosby article is bang on. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother watching hockey any more.

    Crosby, Gaborik, Richards, just the latest stars with brain injuries. Who's next? Where does it end?

    So basically, they've taken out fighting from the game and replaced it with star players getting brain injuries.

    This league is now a total joke. What is the damn point watching this sport and discussing trades if there's a good chance your favorite team's best players (and the game's stars) will be frankenstein sooner or later?

    I'd rather take up knitting than watch this shit.

  3. dumbassdoorman says:

    It isn't just that fighting is gone, if that is what you meant. These guys are playing with armor on these days. They come up through the ranks feeling bullet proof and it makes it dangerous. Not to mention the speed of the game is much faster and the players are much bigger……..the end result is what we are seeing.

  4. leafy says:

    True, and everybody nowadays knows how to throw hard body checks.

    Back in the late 80's, it seems that the only player who knew how to throw a decent body check was Wendel Clark. Today, most players body check like Clark.

    But something needs to be done. I for one subscribe to Don Cherry's philosophy. If the players knew they could drop the gloves without getting an instigator penalty, they would resort to using their fists rather than venting frustrations through blind side hits.

  5. dumbassdoorman says:

    Oh, don't disagree with you….lol…and i love a good dust up. Not having the instigator rule would keep guys honest, but not solve everything. Something does need to be done but unfortunately it will take a guy like crosby forgetting how to spell his own name or tie his own shoes. But it shouldn't matter who it is, but unfortuneately it does….which is sad.

  6. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Steve Bernier on waivers, like him, big body, would be an improvement on the third-line but doubt Burke will put a claim

    Toronto has tons of cap-space, he's only making 2 million and he becomes a RFA at seasons end??? What does Toronto have to lose???

    Also, a former first rounder…

    If you want to improve your roster Burke without doing anything!!! SIGN HIM!!! We need depth

  7. nordiques100 says:

    well clark wasn't just all muscle and he went around hitting people with thin, foam shoulder and elbow pads. and he's going around taking 1.5 minute shifts which was the norm back then.

    he was also 5'11. and he was slamming people into boards at old multi purpose barns not really tailored for hockey.

    now, you have say cooke at 5'11 as well, but with no body fat, a full sheet of armor under him made of hard plastic and running at complete full speeds for his 30 seconds. he slams people into state of the art hard plexiglass and stiff boards.

    tell me that doesn't make a difference. it does.

    i'd like to see the willingness of players to go running around then if they wore the thin, foam padding. same goes with blocking shots.

    the hard plastic is good cause they make things so light now and water resistant and that helps the buildup of moisture that keeps the equipment lightweight. its also basically molded to your body to be more form fitting and comfortable.

  8. nordiques100 says:

    I think he was traded from SJ because his inconsistency didn't sit well with Wilson who coached him initially.

    I think he'd help too but its likely Wilson's call here. he'll say no is my guess.

    Montreal i think wants him.

  9. MystifoLeafs says:

    I hate the fact that it took someone like Crosby to go down before anyone started to think this was a real problem.(I may b bias because I am not a fan of Crosby.) If they want to solve this problem they should really just look to the past. Back when fighting was part of the game and what we call "goons" played 15 mins a game just like the rest of the team everything was much better.

  10. mojo19 says:

    Bernier is okay, but maybe a bit over rated. I don't think he'd be a huge upgrade on a guy like Joey Crabb, but I wouldn't mind if we claimed him to have an extra body for the rest of the year.

    Also John Michael Liles and Paul Stastny the only two Avs players to not take part in practice today. Speculate amongst yourselves….

    Here's a wild trade idea if those two are available:
    Toronto – Stastny, Liles
    Colorado – Phi 1st, Bos 1st, Nazem Kadri, Tyler Bozak

  11. hockey_lover says:

    No Kovalev to play with Ovie and Backstrom.

    Pittsburgh picked up Kovalev for a conditional 7th rounder (becomes a 6th rounder if the Pens win round 1 of the playoffs and Kovy played 50% of the games).

    For what they gave up, why the heck not? At a 4th round pick, I was sort of on the fence. A 7th rounder? DO IT. 

    Kovalev with Crosby (assuming he comes back) could be absolute magic … or it could flop incredibly lol     We all know Kovy can be stellar if he puts in the effort. He is 37 so his career is winding down. He hasnt seen the playoffs in two years. This must be the perfect thing to kick him in the butt .. or he will continue to not care and he will suck, like his time in Ottawa.  However, if he can go back to 07/08 form, him and Sid could be devestating.

    Again for what they gave up, you cant really lose.

  12. nordiques100 says:

    Sopel to the habs.

    good depth guy and very good shot blocker

  13. hockey_lover says:

    In other news, Orpik is now gone for 4 – 6 weeks.  So, in total, we now have:

    Concussion club:
    Asham – Concussion
    Crosby – Concussion
    Johnson – Concussion
    Tangradi – Concussion

    Day to day:
    Kunitz – Day to day
    Martin – Day to day
    Jeffrey – Day to day

    Comrie – Hip (Months)
    Malkin – ACL/MCL (Year)
    Letestu – Knee (Months)
    Orpik – Finger (4 – 6 weeks)

    NHL Gods?  FCUK YOU!

  14. dumbassdoorman says:

    I would do that trade. Prefer to hold onto Kadri and give up the other first and different prospects but ya I would pull the trigger. Are we that lucky as Leaf fans….I think no….lol

  15. dumbassdoorman says:

    lol….at least you aren't the Isles, that is a hurting team…

  16. dumbassdoorman says:

    wow you had both firsts in there already, learn to read or what. I would throw a goalie & D prospect there way instead of Kadri as the Avs are thin in goal.

  17. dumbassdoorman says:

    Like I said in another post, I hope for the sake of their fans this is not all they have planned

  18. hockey_lover says:

    I have to disagree.

    Its “worse” for the Islanders cause, at the end of the day, they would still suck even if all their players werent injured. Sure, they’d be a bit better but if you look at the list of injuries, outside of Streit and Hunter, the list is pretty void of any awesome talent (Di Pietro doesnt count .. he’s ALWAYS injured).

    If you look at the Pens injury list, its pretty grotesque the talent level thats out of the lineup. the fact that they are remaining even REMOTELY competitive is incredible. Recently, they have lost to the stanley cup champs (with a full lineup) in the shoot out; lost to the Pacific leaders and 3rd in the west in OT; only let up 1 goal to Washington. All the games have been really close as well. Its really incredible that they are even remotely competitive right now.

  19. dumbassdoorman says:

    Meh not true, Okposo was hurt for a long time and unlike the Pens they are icing though playing well the better part of an AHL team. They are having trouble attracting fans as it is, let alone like that. plus Jurcina, Schremp, Weight(leadership) and Eaton. Unlike Pitts they don't have the depth to have 7regs plus goalies hurt….lol

  20. palindrom says:

    I think colorado would prefer to wait this summer if they was to make this trade!

    Trade deadline = Players able to contribute in the NHL worth more, prospect and draft pick worth less.

    Summer = Draft pick worth a bit more. NHL players worth less because of the many available UFA.

  21. palindrom says:

    and both team would be fixed on the exact position of these draft pick.

  22. mapleleafsfan says:

    Yea maybe but neither team is making the playoffs.. And trading those 2 means the avs do worse and get a higher pick at the draft

  23. MystifoLeafs says:

    I would prefer we hold on to Kadri as well. Maybe something along these lines could work.

    1st BOS (2011)
    1st PHI (2011)
    1st TOR (2012)
    They may have to take some salary back from us just so they can are not under and if so I am all for giving up Komisareak if they are willing to take him. 😀 Also this is possible lines if this did happen.
    Macarthur – Grabo – Kuelmin
    Lupul – Stastny – Kessel
    Crabb – Boyce – Armstrong
    Sjoustrom – Brent – Brown
    Phaneuf – Aulie
    Schenn – Liles
    Gunnarsson – Lebda(Rather put Finger personally)
  24. LeafsFTW17 says:

    Yeah I like that alot, I would really want to keep Bozak though.  But Overall I would do this trade for sure.

  25. TheOnlyIslesFan says:

    Well they wouldn't "Suck"  a 17 *****ing game losing streak in the middle of the season had we won 7 of those 10 we're ahead of the Leafs in the standings – Streit, Okposo and Hunter all missed (or are still missing) time recovering from injury and when you figure that these guys are leaders on our team, and how many teams can say that without one of their top line players and their #1 Defensemen – no real stability in net because of yes the poster child for the Inury Reserve (who I may point out BONED himself during the All Star game!) and tell me that the Isles would still "Suck".

    I'm getting tired of being a fan of a team who gets kicked around all the time – yes Milbury was terrible for the team, Snow is a competent GM that had to sign a contract with a former team-mate that Mad Mike himself drew up and Snow had the dis-pleasure of being the guy who signed it.
  26. NonLeafFansAreGay says:

    why are leafs fans so retarded and pessimistic sometimes, like you?

    leafs are making the playoffs
  27. mapleleafsfan says:

    Well even if I'm fully retarded and the leafs make it.. that has no effect on the avs side of the deal so really makes no difference.. my points still the same

  28. hockey_lover says:

    … and had Pittsburgh not lost Malkin and Sid, they might be in the conference lead. But they arent. So, your 1st line is irrelevant. Also, if you’re setting the goals for your team on “being ahead of the Leafs” …. just fold now.

    Soo the Islanders miss one of their top line players and their #1 dman and they drop to the bottom of the standings? Hmm interesting. Sad to say, but having all those players back wouldnt have made THAT much of a difference. Hunter had 4pts in 17 games, Okposo had 9pts in 18 games. I”ll admit, losing Steit is a big loss but he isnt the guy who is going to magically turn a team into a contender. Without all the injuries, they likely still wouldnt make the playoffs .. but they’d be a few spots higher, for sure. Likely around 10th.

    If you’re tired of being a fan of a team that gets kicked around all the time, be a fan of a better team with better management. Or hope that they make some moves that make sense .. more than one out of every 10. Snow is NOT a competant GM. He is a toolbox. Milbury was even worse. The team, with once a great tradition, has been run into the ground with sheer stupidity and impotence.

    I realize that no one likes having their team bashed and for that, Im sorry.

    PS. This also has NOTHING to do with what happened between the Pens and Isles two weeks ago, btw.

  29. hockey_lover says:

    But thats my point.   How long can a team draft so high and still not be able to put it together? Sure, 80% is management screw ups (with some of the most ridiculous trades and contracts ever), but its not all them.

    They SHOULD have some depth by now, shouldnt they?  Even the last couple of seasons, they havent had THAT many injuries, and they still couldnt make it happen. The team just isnt that good, even with all its players.

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