Hockeysfuture still a year behind

Popular prospect magazine Hockeysfuture shows leafs nation less credit, but is it justified?The Leafs are ranked 25th. Just ahead of the Senators, who’s best prospect is Josh Hennessey. The 22 year old played 10 games with the sens recording one assist. He’s ranked 7.0B

Just ahead of the leafs are the pens, whose best prospect is a 7.5B (letang).

Now, I think, just statisticly, if the leafs have an 8.0C(pogge) and an 8.0B(Tlusty), why are we ranked around Pittsburgh and Ottawa??? And the 7th ranked Wild have only one player to crack 8(Harding)???

A magazine that just a year ago, said all the leafs have is depth, is now saying we have NONE.

I looked into it, and have come up with an answer. Hockeysfuture is a year behind.

I can only talk about Leaf Prospects, butTlusty and Pogge are future 1st line/ starting goaltender type players. Kulemin scores 27 goals in 54 games in RSL, where scoring is rare, a year after Malkin scores 21 goals. And he’s ranked 7.0C. Jeremy Williams has 2 goals in 2 NHL games, and he’s ranked 6.5C. Brent Aubin scores nearly a goal and an assist per game in the QMJHA, and he gets 7.0D. Anton Stralman is an interesting story. In his talent analysis, Hockeysfuture wonders if he has enough size and strength to play in the sweedish Elite League. Apparently thats more important than the fact that he led that very League in ice time last season. He’s ranked 6.5D.

Now, if this magazine is wrong about the Leafs, the team with the most advertized prospects, I can only imagine the mistakes they’ve made on other teams.