Holik Bought-out. Not Jovo, but Ohlund for the 2nd Overall

ESPN Bottomline is reporting that Bobby Holik has been bought out by the Rangers.

TheFourthPeriod.com reports that the Canucks would be willing to trade Mattias Ohlund and the 10th overall for Anaheim’s 2nd overall.

The Ducks re-sign Sandis Ozolinsh.

The Flames trade Commodore to the Hurricanes for a 3rd rounder.

The Atlanta Thrashers declined their option on Shawn McEachern’s contract.

36 Responses to Holik Bought-out. Not Jovo, but Ohlund for the 2nd Overall

  1. Desertdog17 says:

    The Ducks could use a verterna leaders on the D. and with there many young prospects, a 2nd round pick is tradeable for them, and works out well the for the canucks because they also need young players. Expect Brule to be drafted second, i have seen this kid play, if Sidney Crosby played in the WHL instead of the Q, he would only be getting as much credit that Brule does, which is not enough. Bottom line is the Dub is a much harder and physical league then Quebec.

  2. salemnic says:

    Um, I think we’re talkin about the 2nd overall pick, in the first round, not a second rounder…

  3. Token42 says:

    Why on earth would The ‘Nucks trade Ohlund for the 2nd pick? It makes no sense, Ohlund is the type of player who you hope your picks turn into, and is one of the most under rated D men in the league. If Nonis did this trade he would be run out of town.

    “Mmmm, let’s trade Ohlund for the 2nd pick so we can hope that our draftee turns into an awesome, well rounded player with loads of heart and grit. Oh wait…”

  4. muckies says:

    bad trade for nonis, ohlund could shut one of his forwards down in the playoffs, its to much to trade up-maybe brent sopel, but ohlund is their minutes leader on D, i don’t think it will happen

  5. Token42 says:

    Since when do the ‘Nucks need young players? I was under the assumption (though I haven’t looked this up) that Vancouver had one of the youngest teams in the league on average.

  6. masarume says:

    Mattias Ohlund is a strange player. To those who don’t really know him, he is underrated (by them) yet to those who really appreciate what he does, he’s overrated.

    He’s a solid all round player, but I wouldn’t say he has grit. I do believe that that is a lot to give up considering your also throwing in the 10th overall pick.

  7. Desertdog17 says:

    yah sorry i meant 2nd round pick

  8. Desertdog17 says:

    They do have a young team right now, but as far as prospects go, they arent looking at a veryh bright future, and need to improve there future stars.

  9. habfan1160 says:

    I live in Vancouver and have the opportunity to watch Ohlund play on an almost nightly basis. He is one of the most underrated defensemen in the league and trade like that would further undermine, at best, a slightly above average defensive corps with very little or no depth past the top 5 or 6. In fact, I would rather have Jovo go than Ohlund. The only way that I see such a trade occurring is if the Canucks have gotten a 99.9% confirmation that Niedermeyer is going to play in his hometown province. If that were the case I would be more inclined to trade Jovo and sign Niedermeyer and another depth defenseman.

  10. wingerxxx says:

    Vancouver would be very stupid to make that trade. Ohlund is really their number 1 defenseman. Everyone thinks it is Jovanovski, but it is Ohlund. I fail to see how that trade makes any sense. I’d take that deal in a heartbeat if I was Anaheim. Their defense would be bolstered considerably.

    The Holik buy out is no surprise. If he wasn’t so expensive, I’d still love to have him on the Rangers. But, if they do this and don’t buy out Kasparaitis, I will be very annoyed.

  11. wingerxxx says:

    I totally agree. Ohlund is a better all-around defender than Jovanovski. But even Jovo and the 10th for Anaheim’s second pick is pretty ludicrous.

  12. Desertdog17 says:

    Sure, Ohlund is an underrated player, but i think you all are underating the 2nd overall pick, i mean, there are so many players out there, that whoever id drafted second round will emerge to be a better player then Ohlund, and the canucks have a very solid D as well, and can afford to lose a D, and maybe even make room to bring in Scott.

  13. Aetherial says:

    Ahhh… I see we are all still debating the merits of the players right now vs. potential.

    Maybe Ohlund + 10 is not such a great deal for Vancouver? Who knows?

    You are missing one key component here… cap room.

  14. habfan1160 says:

    The Canucks prospect pool is almost thread-bare of talent that could make an impact on the NHL. A majority of their depth is tied up with projected 3rd and 4th liners and goalies. The only players that I see making a difference are Kesler, Auld, Koltsov (if he comes back from Russia), Bernier, and Edler. Other than that, a miracle is required for the remainder of their prospects in becoming top-notch NHLers.

    Moreover, I do not see the current edition of the ‘Nucks as deep team. After Bertuzzi and Naslund there is a modi***** of depth but not nearly enough to win a championship. Where they really suffer is with regards to depth on defence. They only have 5 NHL calibre defensmen and if one of Ohlund or Jovo gets injured than they are placed in a really precarious position. This is not to mention the goaltending situation. As a fan of the team, I like there short-term position but things do not look good for the medium-term and long-term prospects of the team. However, thier fortunate placing in tomorrow’s draft could lessen my pessimism.

  15. beefer says:

    Maybe expand the deal and bring the other Niedermeyer over as well???

  16. iamyee says:

    With all the Rangers Cap Room,which is increased even more with the buyout of Holik,

    Does Anyone know what exactly the Rangers are going for in Free Agents and building their team for next year?

    There hasn’t been much talk on them lately.

  17. Desertdog17 says:

    well said

  18. Kashin says:

    Yeah Snow is back :-(. So am I temporarily after not posting a message for a year 🙂 Funny they would sign a 35 year old backup goaltender to a 3 years when they have a backup goaltender who is better then him.

    At least they tendered their RFA, even if they dont like some of them they could trade them.

  19. WLFHCommishJava says:

    holik’s good but not worth top end money. hes good for the 3r or 4th line but not someone i would stick in the front 6.

    as for ohlund, van 10th for anh 2nd.

    that seems to be alot to be giving up considering your taking a gamble on a draft pick that may or may not turn out. all you have to do is look to the Sedin’s that were taken i believe 2 and 3? correct me if im wrong. they are looking more and more like busts. however, ohlund would fit in to the ducks system and give them a legit threat on d.

  20. Lint07 says:

    What’s the most surprising to me is that they sign Snow for 3 years after everybody knows he’ll be half as good with the new goaltender equipment rule.

    At least he’ll be backup to DiPietro so there’s not much to worry for the Isles fans.

  21. Lint07 says:

    btw, nice to see you back!

  22. Guillemin says:

    I’d say they won’t be going for much, given the amount of room they’ll have under the cap and given the age of some of the players they’ll be keeping. With Jagr, Hlavac, Dunham, and probably Bure they’ll still be spending a pile on a few players. If they go for anything, it’ll be defence, given that they’re gonna buy out both of their top defencemen.

    Gonchar won’t come cheap enough. I see him ending up in Philly, actually. Kasparitis might come bcak for less, and someone like Vladimir Malakhov out of Philly or Dan McGillis out of Boston are possibilities. Not marquee names, but both strong on the d-line, and the kinds of players New York will be forced to rebuild around.

  23. Guillemin says:

    I say it’s worth it…with a little extra incentive from the ducks, maybe. An unremarkable prospect or 4th/5th rounder. The player the Canucks are likely going for is Gilbert Brule, who would be great in a Canucks uniform and played greants for the Vancouver farm team. If they get him and he lives up to his potential (as a scoring forward, not a D-liner) it’ll be well worth Ohlund and the 1.5-2 mill or so they would need to get him back.

  24. NYRules says:

    what u talkin bout hlavac dunham and bure?

    y would we resign any of them

    bure is done and dunham is done in ny

  25. ranger_fan says:

    The admin refused to put my preview of the rangers on. I talked about how if holik was bought out, they are about $7M under the 21.5M floor. It will not be strickly rebuilding.

    Is Hlavac still with us? He’d be lucky to be 5th line of Hartford.

  26. ranger_fan says:

    The admin refused to put my preview of the rangers on. I talked about how if holik was bought out, they are about $7M under the 21.5M floor. It will not be strickly rebuilding.

    Is Hlavac still with us? He’d be lucky to be 5th line of Hartford.

  27. habfan1160 says:

    I agree with your assessment. My point does need clarification. If I had to trade any of Jovo or Ohlund I would trade Jovo because Ohlund is a rock on defense who plays practically error-free hockey, which is clearly not the case with Jovo. If the trade were to happen the Ducks would definatley need to offer another player/picks for the deal to work.

  28. frezz says:

    in all honesty i think brandon reid could be an allstar i just dont think hes been given a fair chance yet i think he could be huge if he gets more playing time this year.

  29. frezz says:

    i agree i could only see that going through if nucks knew they had niedermayer locked up ohlund is worth way more then anyone in that draft with the exception of crosby

  30. GretzNYR99 says:

    Welcome back.

    Long time no argue.

  31. GretzNYR99 says:

    “What? Reducing My Equipment!”

    Haha, classic.

    Boy, no one could see the Holik buy-out coming. Hopefully he’ll come back at a cheaper price to play 3rd line center. It would be nice to have him, just not as a top 2 center.

    Are you kidding me? That’s so much for little promised return. Who knows how Johnson, Brule, Kopitar, or any of these kids will pan out, including Crosby.

    Good acquisiton for Carolina with Commodore, and that could be a big loss for Atlanta, if they don’t resign McEachern.

  32. nordiques100 says:

    holik will probably find his way back to jersey

    the ohlund deal is all so they can sign niedermayer

    the ducks are looking to compete and not go with youth with feds back and same with ozzy

    flames making room with phaneuf

    thrash may be clearing space to get help on D and up the middle

  33. nordiques100 says:

    anyone bought out will not be allowed to return in any way to that team for 1 year

  34. GlenSather says:

    dude you smoke crack Bure is off somewhere in iceland i think. Dunham and hlavac are not even with the rangers anymore. the rangers have pleanty of room under the cap. Look for the Rangers to make a run at just about every big free agent available. I don’t believe that the Rangers will sit and watch forsberg and naslund sign with other eastern conference teams.

  35. CommonSense says:

    Seems like a good deal to trade Jovo. Why wouldn’t you want to trade the heart and soul of your defense. Wrong Decision! That is like saying the Devils should have traded Stevens because Niedermeyer was a better overall player. You should’t wantonly trade your Captains, especially the ones that wear their hearts on their sleeves. Ohlund is a very good defenseman, probably better overall than Jovo, but Jovo means more to this team. Dealing him is a mistake. Personally, i think you keep them both…..

  36. danolax44 says:

    dailynews said that naslaund and forsberg would love to come to ny toi play for the rangers. The rangers have the money to do this

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