Holik, Kasparaitis, and Rangers Resolve Problems, NHL Fails to Do Anything


…moreAug 23) tsn.ca – The dispute between the National Hockey League and the New York Rangers has been resolved.

New York Newsday reported Friday that the NHL had reversed course and approved the contracts between the Rangers and free agents Bobby Holik and Darius Kasparaitis.

According to the report, the Rangers did not have to alter any portions of the contracts. The NHL simply dropped the matter.

League officials would not comment on the semantics of the dispute, and would only confirm for TSN that the matter had been “resolved.”

The NHL had earlier refused to approve the contracts because the signing bonuses were spread over the length of the deals, ensuring the players would receive some income in the event of a work stoppage.

Holik signed a five-year, $45 million deal that includes a $10.7 million signing bonus. About $2.7 million of the bonus was to be given out the first season and $2 million each following season for the duration of the contract.

Kasparaitis signed a six-year, $25.5 million deal with $6 million in signing bonuses. His bonus was scheduled to be delivered in annual $1 million payments for the duration of the contract.

After the league refused approval, the NHLPA filed a grievance and the matter was scheduled to be heard by an independant arbiter.

Holik, 31, scored 25 goals, added 29 assists and had 97 penalty minutes with New Jersey last season. The six-foot-four, 230-pound centre is a two-time NHL all-star and was a key member of New Jersey’s 1995 and 2000 Stanley Cup championship teams.

Prior to being acquired by the Devils, Holik collected 42 goals and 46 assists for 88 points, along with 157 penalty minutes in 154 contests with the Hartford Whalers. In 1990-91, he led all Whalers’ rookies and finished fourth overall on the team in scoring with 21 goals and 22 assists for 43 points.

Kasparaitis is only 29 but qualified for unrestricted free agency because he played 10 years in the NHL and earned less than the league average salary of $1.64 million last season. Kasparaitis made $1.15 million with Pittsburgh and Colorado last season while recording two goals, 14 assists and 142 penalty minutes in 80 games.

22 Responses to Holik, Kasparaitis, and Rangers Resolve Problems, NHL Fails to Do Anything

  1. Leb_Boy says:

    Fianlly this ongoing nosense is over..

    who cares how much they are gonna get in bonuses. it should be between players and there clubs. but now hopefully now the posting will stop!..i last thing. i hope holik explodes this year and scores 50 goals!!

    would that make people feel stupid! i think it would!

  2. mikster says:

    heheh 50 goals…

  3. mikster says:

    I said it, this meant nothing…everyone made a big deal about it and it really means nothing. The best part of it is that the Rangers didn’t have to reconstruct the contracts.

    Nice ***** slap to Bettman!

  4. Coldwar says:

    Everyone made a big deal over this for one simple reason…


    and, maybe to a lesser extent…

    We Want Hockey News.

    So, I for one, am a little sad that this couldn’t stretch out until October. Now what’re we gonna talk about … Who’s Jiri Slegr gonna sign with?

  5. MyCaptain11 says:


  6. NYRrule says:

    I knew this would amount to nothing.

    I especially like that comment one user made about “technically their contracts are void and other clubs should be able to try to sign them” or some nonsense like that. Talk about people who know nothing about hockey or common sense.

  7. Glen says:

    Way to drop the ball on saving our sport Gary. You are letting Sather single handedly destroy the sport of professional ice hockey.

  8. Bossy22 says:

    Has anyone heard any news about Peter Schafer from the Canucks? Just wondering what his status is and if he will continue to play in Europe this year.

  9. mikster says:

    Islanders, Leafs, Kings, Avs….maybe Canucks or Boston.

  10. titans says:

    Ugghhh I’m sick of this! Anyone got any news on Andrew Cassells or Cory Cross?

  11. mikster says:

    Sather ain’t destroying anything. In your eyes he is just because he is Rangers management. If the Leafs signed both Kaspar and Holik, no one would say anything.

    Before 2004-2005 season comes, the payroll will be down.

    Bettman was only aiming at one thing, the bonuses that paid Holik and Kaspar during 04-05. But, he was retarded to not notice that there are many other contracts that are structured the same way.

    It’s the players who are ruining the NHL. It’s the players who ruin any sport. Face it…look at Iginla, he is ruining a team.

    Rangers could let both Bure and Leetch walk and their payroll would be down to about $50 million. Would you ***** about that? I hardly think so…

  12. mikster says:

    Cassels is in Ohio “wooohooo” awesome place to be.

    Cross is jacking off because he just loves your pink bubble.

  13. titans says:

    Thats one strike for you mister!!

  14. Forsberg21 says:

    Why are so many Ranger fans so blind. If the Leafs signed them with those contracts people would be making a big deal out of it, but since the Rangers jack up contract prices every year, that’s why it becomes a bigger deal. Now TFP is saying Kovalev wants top dollar because of the contracts signed by Holik and Guerin. You see the domino effect?

  15. aaron says:

    Well, of course Kovalev wants top dollar. He’s one of the best scorers in the league.

    I’ve got a question; how come no one criticizes the Avs for signing players to huge contracts? Its always the Wings, Rangers, Stars, Leafs or Blues. Does no one notice that the Avs have like four 9 million dollar players? ***** at them for a little while.

  16. aaron says:

    Well, of course Kovalev wants top dollar. He’s one of the best scorers in the league.

    I’ve got a question; how come no one criticizes the Avs for signing players to huge contracts? Its always the Wings, Rangers, Stars, Leafs or Blues. Does no one notice that the Avs have like four 9 million dollar players? ***** at them for a little while.

  17. Forsberg21 says:

    You have to at least admit that Holik isn’t worth anywhere near the amount of money he made. He is a great 2nd line two way center, but $45 million over 5 years, and $9.6 M next year, come on? Since Kovalev is a better player and should get paid more than Hoilik he will probably get around $10 million a year.

  18. Forsberg21 says:

    Actually only Sakic and Blake signed for over 9 mil last year. Roy makes 8.5 a year, and even though Forsberg was supposed to make 11mil last year and become restricted, he signed an extension that would split 11 million over this year and next. Sakic, Blake and Roy were RESIGNED by the Avs, which is different than signing players that weren’t on their team. Before last year when did you you hear about the Avs paying top dollar for anyone besides Forsberg? Never, because Pierre Lacoix never signs unrestricted players in the offseason. They RESIGNED those players because they were such intigral parts of their cup run. So that’s probably why no one critizes the Avs, as opposed to the Rangers, who give huge contracts to players not on their team every year. And I would say if anyone deserves $9 million +, it’s Forsberg, Sakic(probably the 2 best centers in the league) Blake(at least top 3 if not best D man) and Roy (best goalie even though he makes 8.5) not Holik.

  19. mikster says:

    History of Holik’s contract:

    1) Sets his price tag at $8 million dollars (the least)

    2) Devils offer him around $8.2

    3) July 1st hits. Rangers, Leafs, and Devils are now battling.

    4) Devs drop out, Leafs make an offer of $8.5

    5) Rangers battle it out with the Leafs.

    6) Quinn also makes $9 million dollar offer, but Holik choose Rangers.

    I seriously doubt that the Leafs would get a lot of criticism for it. Rangers jack up the prices every year? You have no proof of that. You’re just pointing fingers against the Rangers, which is quite foolish.

    Kovalev would have wanted top dollar money anyway. I would say the same thing as well. If the Stars offered Guerin that much money, then i want the same.

    You’re over there in the West. This is the East, you seem to be blind.

  20. Forsberg21 says:

    Actually Kovalev was quoted saying he will be using Holik’s and Guerin’s contracts as examples in his negotiations, so it will give him a higher pay raise than if Holik would have been paid for what he’s worth, around $6 million at most. Yes Dallas is also at fault, but at least Guerin almost deserves his money. Yes, Toronto and New Jersey are also at fault for jacking up the price of Holik’s contract, but in the end who is it again, NYR. I have nothing against your team, at least they chose some character players this year, but do they not pay top dollar for free agents every summer. Can’t you see this is one of the reason’s player salaries have skyrocketed the last few years, because so many players are doing what Kovalev will do, and that’s say I deserve more money than Holik because I’m a better player, so since Holik is overpaid, Kovo will get overpaid too. I’m glad my team can at least keep up a little with their budget, but as time goes on, I can really see why fans of teams with drastically smaller budgets, especially the Canadien teams like Calgary, are so upset. They just have no chance to advance their team because they can’t sign good players, and they usually can’t even keep their own players when they have to resign them.

  21. ManillaKilla says:

    “Why are so many Ranger fans so blind.”

    Looks like Avs fans are just as blind. There is little difference between signing players in the summer and trading for players like Roy, Blake, Kasper, and Fleury, that are holding their club hostage. I am not ripping the Avs for what they have done, but if I am an Avs fan, no way in hell should I be pointing fingers at anyone else. Also, if you think Blake is the best defensemen in the league, you truly might be visualy impaired. Blake is not even the best defensemen on his team.

  22. Forsberg21 says:

    Actually I didn’t say best, I said third best at least. Yes he is the most dynamic defensman on his team. Why do people think he isn’t good. I watched him all last year, he made a lot of game breaking plays, both offensively and defensively. People underestimate how good he is defensively. He started playing tired at the end of the playoffs just like the rest of our defensman. You don’t get nominated for the Norris for nothing, and don’t tell me it was because of his points, because Gonchar had more with more goals, and he wasn’t nominated. Even though Foote is a better defensive defensman, Blake is still the best d-man on the team, and any team would pick him over Foote if they had to pick one.

    Yes there is a big difference between trading for players, and signing unrestricted players. First off since I was talking about player salaries, I should point out we never gave any money to Kaspar or Fleury, so I don’t know why you put them on that list. Second, I think Blake and Roy are paid accordingly, with Blake possibly making a little too much. Third of all, those players (except for Roy) were going to be unrestricted after the next season, and they were due to make more money that their team didn’t want to pay, how is that holding their team hostage? Blake wasn’t asking for too much, neither was Fleury(at first)

    All I was saying is that since Holik is drastically overpaid, it will cause players better than him to be overpaid too. Can’t you see that? It’s not just the Rangers fault, but they do it more than any other team.

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