Holland Gone Senile: Keeping Players Near It Too

What the heck is going on, or should I say is wrong with Ken Holland all of a sudden. The league has known him to be a deal maker and top-notch stealer in the past years but lately his choices are questionable.

Take for instance his priorities this offseason. You’d think he would go after a few decent free agents right away like Markov or Samsonov, ones that could speed and toughen the team without breaking the bank. Or filling the two wholes that are in the top 2 lines at winger with RFA’s like Gagne or Havlat via trade.

But who does he consider to be most valuable and dangerous to lose? Chris Osgood, Chris Chelios, and Brendan Shanahan. Is this a cruel joke? Apparrently since he is just about done to signing all of them back. All old and just plain second rate knowaday’s.

What about Shanny and his 80pts and 40pts you say? Well think about this, he had one of the best and most creative centers, Datsyuk, doing all the work for him. Don’t believe me? Just look at his numbers when Pavel wasn’t centering him in the playoffs or was still recovering from injury. A meager 2pts in six games. If hes getting older, he’s only going to get worse.

The fact is this team is probably going to only be worse next year despite the improved financial breathing room. Detroit started off with around $31 million committed to players. Then they singed Osgood for two years. Add another mill. Then Chelios’ pay raise. Add another mill. Belfour is added to the senior’s team for another mill. And now most likely shanahan for an outrageous $4 mill. So that makes the grand total now……$37 million. Leaving a plentiful 7 million. Wait. Carry the four, add the 5, crap. Only 7 million.

The Red Wings Lineup Looks Like this right now….









So what is he going to do with the other 7 million (well should be 11) he contends is supposed to be dedicated towards a physical defensman, a goalie (not since we got the eagle), and who knows what else? That’s anybody’s guess.

What should he do? Well if we retract the mentally insane $4million for the Irishman here’s how I think it should be handled. Sign Danny Markov for $3 million. That’ll leave 12. Then go for Havlat and sign him for 4 million. Next Gagne for $5-6 million. If Gagne takes $5 then that’ll leave $3 million for Samsonov, who by lives in the Detriot area during the summer. Now that would sound and likely work perfectly. Whether it could or would be done is another matter.

Now here’s the lines.









Sound good? Go Wings and good luck fans.