Holland Ready To Pull The Trigger

With Colorado making a bunch of moves it looks like the Wings are finally ready to make their moves.McKenzie Says Yzerman lobbying for Lindros:

TSN’s Bob McKenzie wrote in yesterday’s edition that captain Steve Yzerman is “said to be lobbying for Detroit to make a pitch for (Eric) Lindros.”

Lindros is currently working toward a return to hockey after suffering the 8th concussion of his NHL career last month after being cleared to return earlier this week. Teams are reportedly looking to offer the Rangers a conditional draft pick for Lindros, dependant on his health following a trade

Brooks Says Wings offering ‘B-level prospect’ for Kovalev:

New York Post scribe Larry Brooks appeared on the “Sid and Jody Mac Show” on New York’s WFAN on Thursday and said that the Red Wings are believed to be offering ‘a B-level prospect’ in return for enigmatic but highly-skilled forward Alexei Kovalev.

Wings Asking about Messier?:

According to an NHL official, the Red Wings may have inquired recently about New York Rangers center Mark Messier and whether or not he would be available via trade. The report first surfaced in today’s edition of the New York Times.

My Take: With Detroit adding Hatcher around the deadline this year (March 8th), and Cujo coming back, the only position that might need looking into his a top six forward upfront with size. I personally think Kovalev would be a great pickup for the Wings, and add in either Lindros or Messier for a little more size. Either way it looks like the Wings will be getting stronger no matter what come the deadline with Hatcher returning, the question is how much stronger will they get?

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  1. PanMan says:

    i think they might be able to get more for kovalev than a “B-level prospect”. maybe a prospect and a pick.

    as for lindros and messier, they might be able to get a prospect and a conditional pick for them.

  2. Daytwa says:

    What about Gordie Howe? is he available?

  3. Daytwa says:

    What about Gordie Howe? is he available?

  4. swedishvoice says:

    I agree with PanMan…. The Wings will have to put up just a tad more for Kovy…. A b-prospect and say a 5th or 6th. pic

  5. the_hockey_bandit says:

    The Kovalev deal is said to be almost complete?

    If Holland can pull it off I will be amazed.

    More power to ya Kenny!!

  6. RangerSteve says:

    Brooks..you can’t take a word that man says seriously. Here’s a nice little fact: Kovalev in NY sucks, anywhere else he’s a top 10 players in this league. That being said, do you honestly thing ta ‘B-Level prospect’ and a mid round pick would be accepted by Senile Sather? nm..he’s senile *bangs head against wall*.

  7. Enchilada says:

    Who owns the Red Wings? They must have mad money to be able to have the largest payroll and be able to continue to add to it.

  8. Donovan says:

    Mike Illitch.

    Little Ceasar’s Pizza magnate and head of Detroit’s largest crime family.

  9. Primis says:

    Who owns the Red Wings? They must have mad money to be able to have the largest payroll and be able to continue to add to it.

    Mike Illitch owns the Wings. And the Rangers have the league’s highest payroll, not the Wings. You’d be surprised how low some of the Wings’ contracts are in comparison to some others around the league. IIRC Colorado also has also done fairly well in keeping their salaries down…

    — Primis.

  10. Primis says:

    …and head of Detroit’s largest crime family.

    That’s debatable. There’s another Detroit family that just built a new stadium in Greektown next to Comerica Park that I think qualifies as the largest crime family, since he not only has been robbing Detroit fans blind for the last several decades, btu he also makes crappy vehicles.

    (That’s Ford, owner of the Lions, for those not local…)

    — Primis.

  11. PanMan says:

    actually i was thinking a good prospect and a 3rd rounder.

  12. Enchilada says:

    I saw on ESPN last night during the Thrasher game they said the Red Wings own the highest payroll followed by The Ranger$

  13. Beckfan5 says:

    How come nobody wants Poti or Hlavac?!?!?!


  14. desertdog says:

    That was true until the Jagr deal went down.

  15. flyersfan10897 says:

    Thats probably because pavel bures 10 million a year arent counted in. but you are only kidding yourself if you dont think to redwings are pretty close to the rangers.

  16. flyersfan10897 says:

    no one wants hlavac?what a surprise. the flyers get him, trade him to vancouver, who trades him to carolina, who just lets him go. and the rangers pick him up.

  17. HabsNick says:

    Being let go by Carolina… that says a lot.

    “You’re not good enough to play here”

  18. old_el_paso_Jr says:

    because they are expensive and unrealiable

  19. Synergy27 says:

    I don’t know anything about the validity of the other rumors, but I was listening to Mac and Sid that day and Brooks certainly did not say that the Red Wings have offered the Rangers a B level prospect for Kovalev. He merely said that the Rangers shouldn’t expect anything more than a B level prospect in return for him, he never alluded to possible destinations.

  20. bamboo says:

    what do you mean pull the trigger???Kill himself or start shooting people???? I don’t get it! Is it a paint gun or a squirt gun or maybe duckhunt for Nintendo. Can someone please tell me or I am going to lose my miiiinnnndd!

  21. stoptya says:

    I think someone could likely pick up Lindros for a song and a dance to make a final playoff push. He’d be a good pick up for a team like Detroit. He still has some drive left, but after the season is over, send his worthless ass packing. As for Messier, I’d be very surprised to see him leave NY. Him and Sather are part of the old boys club. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Mess in some sort of a coaching role sooner than later with his grit, determination, desire, and experience.

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