Home Improvements Part II

Despite all the disparaging comments about Part I of this series, I’m going to shake that all off and keep going with Part II.

As always, feedback is welcome, but try to keep in mind, people, that I’m not the GM of any NHL team, nor should I be. If you don’t like my ideas, you can always rest in the assurance that i HAVEN”T MADE THE FRICKIN’ TRADE!!!

anyhow, lets be a little more open minded this time…aright???

EDMONTON: These guys need 2nd line scoring help, and they could also use a reliable backup on the off-chance that Salo gets injured.

Possible trade: Dan Cleary and 1st-round pick to Montreal for Donald Audette and Jeff Hackett.

FLORIDA: oh geez…they need everything, pretty much, except for goaltending. They badly need a scorer, buts its unlikely they’ll get one, so i’m just gonna get yelled at again. They might be able to get someone young, so…

Possible trade: Viktor Kozlov, 2nd-round pick to Phoenix for Ladislav Nagy.

LOS ANGELES: 2nd line help to assist Allison, Zigg, and Deadsy. Everything else is doing OK, but they need more scoring to compete in the West.

Possible trade: Bryan Smolinski and Jaroslav Modry to Pittsburgh for Jan Hrdina.

MINNESOTA: Some high scoring forwards would be good, but they should really leave that up to Gaborik for now. Some better 3rd liners will help.

Possible trade: Kyle Wanvig, 5th-round pick to Washington for Andrei Nikolishin.

MONTREAL: Size forwards needed right away. They have the scoring down pat, but they’ll be pushed around again unless they get some big guys. A mean player is all they really need right now.

Possible trade: Andreas Dackell and Stephane Quintal to Philidelphia for Donald Brashear.

NASHVILLE: They need David Legwand to wake up. Plus, about another 100 goals than they’re gonna get this year. One player won’t cut it, but scoring is needed fast.

Possible trade: Tomas Vokoun, Scott Walker and a 7th-round pick to Boston for Jozef Stumpel and a 5th-round pick.

NEW JERSEY: Why do they keep shipping all their scorers for no one??? They shouldn’t have a problem scoring goals, but come playoff time, they just might. Dealing Scott Gomez for someone with more desire wouldn’t be a bad move.

Possible trade: Scott Gomez and Andrei Zyuzin to Toronto for Darcy Tucker.

NYI: They got out-hearted by TO in the playoffs, so expect Milbury to add some more character. Getting Jason Wiemer was a step, but more would help.

Possible trade: Alex Kharitonov to Chicago for Stumper Thomas.

OK, Part III coming up later. Go ahead, I’m ready for it.