Home Improvements Part II

Despite all the disparaging comments about Part I of this series, I’m going to shake that all off and keep going with Part II.

As always, feedback is welcome, but try to keep in mind, people, that I’m not the GM of any NHL team, nor should I be. If you don’t like my ideas, you can always rest in the assurance that i HAVEN”T MADE THE FRICKIN’ TRADE!!!

anyhow, lets be a little more open minded this time…aright???

EDMONTON: These guys need 2nd line scoring help, and they could also use a reliable backup on the off-chance that Salo gets injured.

Possible trade: Dan Cleary and 1st-round pick to Montreal for Donald Audette and Jeff Hackett.

FLORIDA: oh geez…they need everything, pretty much, except for goaltending. They badly need a scorer, buts its unlikely they’ll get one, so i’m just gonna get yelled at again. They might be able to get someone young, so…

Possible trade: Viktor Kozlov, 2nd-round pick to Phoenix for Ladislav Nagy.

LOS ANGELES: 2nd line help to assist Allison, Zigg, and Deadsy. Everything else is doing OK, but they need more scoring to compete in the West.

Possible trade: Bryan Smolinski and Jaroslav Modry to Pittsburgh for Jan Hrdina.

MINNESOTA: Some high scoring forwards would be good, but they should really leave that up to Gaborik for now. Some better 3rd liners will help.

Possible trade: Kyle Wanvig, 5th-round pick to Washington for Andrei Nikolishin.

MONTREAL: Size forwards needed right away. They have the scoring down pat, but they’ll be pushed around again unless they get some big guys. A mean player is all they really need right now.

Possible trade: Andreas Dackell and Stephane Quintal to Philidelphia for Donald Brashear.

NASHVILLE: They need David Legwand to wake up. Plus, about another 100 goals than they’re gonna get this year. One player won’t cut it, but scoring is needed fast.

Possible trade: Tomas Vokoun, Scott Walker and a 7th-round pick to Boston for Jozef Stumpel and a 5th-round pick.

NEW JERSEY: Why do they keep shipping all their scorers for no one??? They shouldn’t have a problem scoring goals, but come playoff time, they just might. Dealing Scott Gomez for someone with more desire wouldn’t be a bad move.

Possible trade: Scott Gomez and Andrei Zyuzin to Toronto for Darcy Tucker.

NYI: They got out-hearted by TO in the playoffs, so expect Milbury to add some more character. Getting Jason Wiemer was a step, but more would help.

Possible trade: Alex Kharitonov to Chicago for Stumper Thomas.

OK, Part III coming up later. Go ahead, I’m ready for it.


12 Responses to Home Improvements Part II

  1. G_Hadd says:

    Don’t mind the negativity. You’ve simply posted some ideas to stimulate thought and discussion – some minds are frightened by such things. Note that usually the boo-birds don’t bother to posit an alternative trade scenario(s) to those ideas they find objectionable.

  2. G_Hadd says:

    Interestingly, the Panthers don’t look all *that* bad at the back. Their not going to be winning the Jennings Trophy any time soon, but with Yushkevich and Ozolinsh, they have the possibility of a very potent top pair. Yushky is just the kind of guy Ozolinsh needs – someone to mind the store while he’s doing what he does best which is offensive creativity. Ference is passable, and when he wants to, Ulanov can be quite effective. If Boumeester turns out to be half of what he’s cracked up to be, he could be a serviceable defender this year. That said, if Ozolinsh decides not to show up, ditto Ulanov, and Boumeester turns out to need some more schooling, this year could be much like last….

  3. rooney says:

    Scott Gomez and Andrei Zyuzin to Toronto for Darcy Tucker is a terrible deal for the devils. you would trade a 22yr old player who is one of the best at delivering the puck and a zyuzin for a s***** bag who is a decent player at best. that is a terrible trade than that. if you are gonna put possible trades in your article than put some decent trades down

  4. BCoilfan says:

    AvsMan, it is understandable that you would feel a little disparaged by what happened the last article you wrote, I felt a bit of sympathy for you. But just by reading the first team in your series of rants, the Edmonton Oilers, I feel that most of the posts by others in your other Home Improvement editorial, were worthy of cutting this BS down. You know not enough about the teams in which you speak. Edmonton needs a new backup goalie? Hackett at that? Get real.

  5. edmontonrules says:

    I have to admit it you did pick out what Edmonton needs. But montreal is not stupid enough to make that trade. Hackett does not deserve to be playing for any Canadian team. I say trade him to New York they need a new goalie and he is being paid way more than he should be. A perfect fit for the Rangers. Just kidding please don’t start crying Rangers fans.

  6. Forsberg21 says:

    I hate to say it man, but your trades just don’t make sense. Smolinsky and Modry, the teams best defensive foward and their All Star defensman last year for Hrdina? Why would Boston give up Stumpel for Walker and Vokoun and a worse pick? I don’t think Edmonton really needs a backup, that Jussi Markkanen looked pretty damm good last year. He had 6 wins 4 losses and 2 ties last year with a 1.84 GAA and a .929 save percentage, with 2 shutouts in his first two games I think, that’s pretty good for a backup if you ask me. Come on man, I don’t want to bash you, but when your looking for who would fit in whith a teams needs, look at the trade the other way and see if the other team would make that trade.

  7. Amazingoilers says:

    I almost choked on my Smoked Meat sandwich when I read what you wrote about Edmonton. There is just so much wrong with that comment. A year ago maybe Edmonton needed a backup goalie but not anymore. Markkanen is a solid backup who was good enough to be in the Olympics last year and was great whenever he played for Edmonton. We also have Ty Conklin who was great in the couple games he played last year not to mention. So goaltending is the least of Edmonton’s worries. And even if we did need a backup goalie, which we DON’T, A guy who’s injury prone and makes over $2 million a season won’t be coming to Edmonton, that’s for damn sure. In regards to the 2nd line scoring that we need, Lowe got Dopita to solve that problem. Dopita, York, and Rita/Hemsky or Chimera will most likely end up in that position which will make for a good line. The biggest thing Edmonton needs is another proven defenceman in my opinion. I think a possible trade could be worked out with Ottawa who has tremendous depth on d. Ottawa lacks grit, and heart so a Moreau for Sami Salo deal could end up happening. I’d like to get Chris Phillips but he had a great playoff last year and most likely would not be traded. If he was available I’d trade Moreau and Marchant for him. That deal would help both clubs out. Sorry if I sound like I’m bashing you, but you got Edmonton all wrong man.

  8. Glen says:

    Sorry about getting your panties in a bunch man. Just my opinions and I’m sticking to them. Anyway, part 2 is much better than part 1. I only don’t see the LA Kings trade working out. I see Smolinski for Hrdina. But Modry is the X factor, he was outstanding for the Kings last year. All in all, MUCH better, very creative.

  9. Glen says:

    I’m sure you smoke alot of meat.

  10. infoengine says:

    Well the KIngs lost a valuable player last this past summer to free agent problems. That was Boucher was probably are bust defense men. In that case I don’t see the Kings trading there next best defense men (correct me if I am wronge). But you are right second line scoring is exactly what they need. But i am not sure how they can get it seeing that they kind of need all they players they have.

  11. lander45 says:

    Where do they find you people? IF the Islanders need anything it would be a scoring winger. We got the heart . Do you live in a cave?

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