Horcoff agrees to six year contract extension!

Edmotnon Oilers have locked up Center Shawn Horcoff to a six year extension. Horcoff was an All-Star and at the skills competition was named “fastest skater”. Horcoff had 21 goals and 50 points in just 53 games last season. Horcoff will be under contract until the 2014-2015 season.



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  1. oilcountry88 says:

    BTW Horcoff makes 5.5 million per season

  2. sundin_500 says:


  3. sundin_500 says:

    they got ripped, i dont think horcoff will put up 70 points again.

  4. oilcountry88 says:

    well i desinetly thought Horc would take a discount at about 4.5-5 million but last year he was on pace for 80 points until he got injured.. he is probably the most underrated player if not top 5 at least. plus is one of the fastest skaters in the league.. im just glad we got him locked for long term..

  5. oilcountry88 says:

    I hope the Oilers make a huge trade soon i really want a star forward that can play with Hemsky. He really deserves someone to play with him that he can really set up and rack up the points with.. I heard Kovalchuk was rumored to almost ask for a trade..  Edmonotn also needs a franchise goalie for the future.

    to EDM:                    
    to ATL:
    1st 2009
    1st 2010
    Petry (top prospect)

    to EDM:
    to VAN:
    3rd 2009

    The Oilers are serious about the cup this year and they already have enough young players that they dont need to draft any more in the near future. The picks are worth using for a 25 year old 52 goal scorer that may soon request a trade. I could definetly see Edmotnon going for Kovy.. if he requested a trade.. other than that everyone can forget about this post until he does request a trade.

    Ilya Kovalchuk-Shawn Horcoff-Ales Hesmky
    Robert Nilsson-Andrew Cogliano-Sam Gagner
    Erik Cole-Kyle Brodziak-Dustin Penner
    Ethan Moreau-Gilbert Brule/Marc Pouliot-Zach Stortini
    Ryley Nash-Rob Shremp-Jordon Eberle

    Lubomir Vishnovsky-Tom Gilbert
    Sheldon Souray-Taylor Chorney
    Ladislav Smid-Denis Grebeshkov

    Mathieu Garon
    Dwayne Roloson
    Cory Schneider

    Salary Cap = 54.938/56.7

    This is just a thought if Kovalchuk did request a trade so plz dont bash me..lol

  6. canuckstocup says:

    If the Oilers did get Kovalchuk They would be the most exciting team in the west but I really can't see it happening.
    I would be surprised if Kovalchuk didn't want out of Atlanta but I think they would need to get a couple of elite (possible franchise) prospects along with a couple of 1st rounders to build around in any deal. He may be a fine player and this isn't a diss on him but I have never heard of Petry and I'm sure most people haven't either so I can't see him being a big sell to the Thrashers. Pisani and Staos are more spare parts that are good players but not the kind of players the Thrashers would need. Edmonton should also stick with trying to get players from Alberta that would be willing to live in Edmonton like they did with the Brule trade.  

    Not that the return is bad but I can't see the Canucks trading Schneider until they decide what they are doing with Luongo at the end of this coming season and Lowe said that he wouldn't deal with Gillis after the Nylander fiasco.

  7. prospectiv says:

    No bashing… but I'm 100% sure some other team would offer a better deal than yours for Kovalchuk.  You would have to consider moving either Gagner or Cogliano for sure, plus maybe Schremp and Grebeshkov.  Atlanta would ask for NHL ready players as they can't really stand losing for too long anymore.

  8. oilcountry88 says:

    Well you havent heard of Petry:
    -2nd round draft pick 2007 45th overall
    -recorded 95 mph slap shot at All-Star game with his USA team
    -last season: 20 goals,45 points 55 games
    -6'3 200 great size!
    -compared too Alex Pieterangelo IMO hes a very fast and offensive payer.
    Edmontons top prospect! Hes great

  9. canuckstocup says:

    He sounds like a good prospect but still not exactly the level that Atlanta would need for someone like Kovalchuk. I think the other poster that commented to this trade was right about Gagner or Cogliano would need to be part of any deal plus the two 1st rounders and maybe this Petry guy. I'm not slamming you but the point is you need to give up a lot more than what you posted as a suggestion.   

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