Horcoff to Montreal????

The Edmonton Sun Reports:

AROUND THE BOARDS: The latest rumor out of Montreal is RW Sergei Samsonov and Rivet will be sent to Edmonton for C Shawn Horcoff.

This trade would be bad for Edmonton IMO. Horcoff is signed for a few more years, and a coaches favorite. Samsonov was not that great in Edmonton the first time around, and Rivet (who will help the Oilers very much) is a UFA.

It seems like 2 teams trading under performing salary.

What do you think??????

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  1. the_purolator_guy says:

    i've heard this rumour before, sounds good but i highly doubt it, lowe wouldn't take samsonov back mainly cause of his contract, and with rivet being a ufa there is no guarantee that he will resign with the oilers.  I would shift my efforts toward getting forsberg, or possibly with florida landing roberts, stumpel, horton, or burtuzzi if he can be healthy

  2. bleedingblu says:

    Adding to the rumor: Kevin Lowe has also said that he has absolutely no interest in bringing Samasonov back to Edmonton. I'm pretty sure Sammy doesn't want to go back either. So scrap this rumor.

  3. bleedingblu says:

    Here is the article that is supported by the Gazette:

    "The latest rumor has Horcoff heading to Montreal for Sergei Samsonov and defenseman Craig Rivet. However, as the Gazette notes, Oilers GM Kevin Lowe recently said he wasn't interested in bringing Samsonov back."

  4. hesaplayer says:

    I know Samsonov has done virtually nothing and Rivet is an UFA, but you don't find d-man like Rivet just at the corner rink. Samsonov is a career 25pts/season player. The only sense this trade would make would be that at least they would be getting a player(s). All HABS fans know their draft record it sucks. Jason Ward, Doug Wickenheiser(RIP),Terry Ryan,Marcel Hossa, Val Bure, and on and on…….

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